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Reed Stick Diffuser BASE

 Reed Stick Diffuser BASE


Reed Diffuser Base

Reed Stick Diffuser Base:  Especially formulated by our perfumist to allow Natures Garden Fragrance Oils to work wonderfully with reed stick diffusers. Add our reed stick diffuser oil to any of Natures Garden fragrance oils to enable our fragrances to travel up the reed sticks and enhance scent throw. Our reed stick diffuser oil may be added to essential oils as well. It will work with most fragrance oils, however, very thick fragrance oils do not work well in reed diffusers. The additive should be used at 75% to 50% diffuser oil to 25% to 50% fragrance oil. Thick fragrances such as most vanillas should only have 25% fragrance to 75% additive. You should test levels based on the strength of your fragrances and the viscosity of your oils.

Note:  Please be advised that this diffuser base does not include reeds, bottles, or fragrance.  In order to make reed diffusers, you will need to purchase those supplies separately. 

Gallons of this product are sold by volume, not weight.  However, a gallon of this product is approximately 8 pounds. 

NOTE: We have read some websites that tell people to use a combination of DPG and fragrance oils with their reed sticks. DO NOT DO THIS! DPG will clog your reed sticks and will not allow the fragrance oil to be volatile.


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Simply Amazing

Reviewer: A viewer from Brooklyn Park, MD US 06/10/10

I just love this base. I've bought finished products in the store that didn't fragrance a room as well as making my own with your base. I used this in a small 1oz bottle with NG's Red Velvet Cake and everyone wants dessert. Great product. Will be buying more.

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Great product

Reviewer: A viewer from CT US 03/11/10

I have bought oils from here a lot and never knew about this product. I was speaking with Karen one day and she suggested this product for the thicker oils. Well she was right. This helps the oil run up the reeds better and makes the scent lighter in some cases. I would recommend for ANY oil not just the thick ones.

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Reviewer: A viewer from HAYWARD, CA US 03/29/14

this stuff work the best! i added 1/4 oil to 3/4 base and it filled the hallway an living room...better than any diffuser i bought at the store!

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Great product

Reviewer: A viewer from Wiltshire GB 05/05/13

Yes this is a great product, I use 50/50 and the scent throw is fab. The price is the best I have seen a great line and an excellent price can't beat it

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Simply Amazing!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Greensboro, NC US 06/16/10

I'm a first time Reed Diffuser user of any kind..bought or made and I am simply amazed with this product & the Reeds NG sells. Did not expect such an amazing (I'm using this word alot!) throw. Used 2 oz of base & 1 oz of the new Champaka FO and it fills my bedroom, part of my hallway and the computer room across the hall. Way to go NG...I am soooo impressed! Yum-O

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Keep it in Stock!! Another Fabulous Product from N

Reviewer: A viewer from Akron, OH US 05/07/10

NG is amazing! This diffuser base is fabulous, to say the least. Amazing scent throw! The thinner oils can be done at 50%, but make sure you try smaller amount FO % with the thicker ones, as they instruct. Definitely a product you need to add to your line, if you haven't already!!!!!

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Best stuff out there for reed diffuser base!!!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Kansas City, MO US 06/14/08

I have been making reed diffusers for several years now and this is the ONLY base I buy. I have tried many many others and this is the best base. Your customers will love their diffusers and come back for more. I do 50% rational and I get great customer feedback!

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Reviewer: A viewer from Ohio, IL US 03/10/08

I recently purchased this reed diffuser kit. Little skeptical on how well it would work. Not anymore. This is awesome!! Why have I waited so long. Placed in a 20X16 room it is strong as any candle. Amazing! Must have to any line. Nice packaging NG. Well done

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Excellent Product

Reviewer: A viewer from US 02/22/13

I've bought different oils and never knew about using a base for them. After using it to make a cabernet diffuser, would recommend it for any oil.

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Does the job right!

Reviewer: A viewer from Austin, TX US 12/14/09

This is my first experience with diffuser base. I ordered it on the strength of the reviews, and I am really glad I did. It is performing beautifully!

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