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Reed Stick Diffuser KITS


Gorgeous Reed Stick Diffuser Kits! These kits are for manufacturers of aroma reed diffusers. The reed stick diffuser base and fragrance are not included with kit. Each kit comes in a professional glossy box with clear plastic cover, one 4oz glass bottle with white cap and plug, a wood cap to hold 8 twelve inch reeds. The wood cap does not fit snuggly on the bottle because this allows the reeds to breathe. The box measures 13 inches tall, 4 inches wide by 1.75 inches deep. There is no printing on the kit so you can custom design to meet your specifications. Reed diffusers are sometimes called Bamboo Reed Diffusers because the reeds resemble bamboo.

Simply mix a Natures Garden fragrance oil of your choice with our reed stick diffuser oil, fill the glass bottle, and add your own decorations, label, and warning label. Your customers will love them!

Fragrance oil will remove the finish from tables if spilled. Fragrance oil may also eat through most plastics. Once the reeds are placed into the fragrance oil solution, the fragrance will travel up the reed sticks and begin scenting a room. Tell your customers that once they place the reed sticks into the fragrance solution, they should not remove them. This would likely cause the fragrance oil to drip onto furniture and damage it. Remember to add warning labels to the products you sell.

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