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Natures Garden Cotton Candy Flavoring Oil (unsweetened)-  The aroma of freshly made cotton candy.  For use in lip balms, massage oils, body sprays, perfumes, bath/body products, and pet bath products.  Phthalate Free. None of our flavorings contain any gluten, formaldehyde, or formaldehyde releasing agents.

Flavoring oils are different from fragrance oils. 

Flavoring oils are regulated by the FDA because they are designed to be used for consumption or for cosmetic products that may be ingested. The ingredients contained in flavorings are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA.   Flavorings developed for lip balms smell, but do not taste.  It is only when sweetener is added to the flavoring that you can taste the flavoring.  Since lip balm, lip gloss, and  lipstick are worn on the lips, flavorings are used to scent them. Our flavoring oils are created using distilled, fractionated coconut oil as their solvent. Some of the ingredients in our flavorings are natural, while other ingredients are not considered natural.  Flavorings typically do not have as strong of a scent throw as fragrances do.  Therefore, it is not advisable to use flavorings in candles, porpourri, or smelly jellies. Some people choose to use flavoring oils in their pet bath products as opposed to fragrance oils because flavoring oils are considered safe for consumption.

Fragrances are regulated by IFRA (International Fragrance Association), and typically are not safe to use in applications that are worn on your lips.  However, if a fragrance oil is listed as safe to be used on the lips under category #1 of the IFRA Compliance sheet for that particular fragrance, it can be used in lip applications. Fragrances are made using solvents which allow for better scent throw than flavorings.  Therefore, we suggest using fragrances, as opposed to flavorings, in candles, smelly jellies, potpourri, soap, and most other bath products.

If you require that your product is sweetened, add powdered stevia extract with maltodextrin.  Stevia powdered extract with maltodextrin is an all-natural sweetener that mixes nicely with lip balm base without producing the excessive gritty feeling that most sweeteners produce. Stevia is approximately 10-15 times sweeter than sugar, and a little bit of this product goes a long way. You will notice that maltodextrin is added to the stevia powdered extract.  Maltodextrin is an all-natural carbohydrate obtained from grain products, and it gives the stevia better flow/dispersion in lip balm bases; reducing the gritty feel.

Suggested usage of flavoring oil in lip balms range from .4-4% in the finished product.  

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Reviewer: A viewer from Behind you. 09/27/10

This smells a bit like soft, pink, slightly browned spun sugar. It would be absolutely fantastic if it stayed that way.

Unfortunately it ends up smelling like carrot peels, at least in lotions.

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Loved the flavoring

Reviewer: A viewer from Des Moines, IA US 08/10/13

Mom thought this smelled just like cotton candy. She didn't even know what kind it was. She picked it up and guessed the scent. WTG NG

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Too weak

Reviewer: A viewer from California 01/26/14

It smells nice OOB, but weak once mixed. I melted my NG's base, added a couple drops of color and the cotton candy flavor. I started adding the flavoring little by little. I ended up using 2 bottles of 1 oz each to flavor it all. The smell is barely detectable. I used so much flavoring the lip balm base didn't solidify completely, it stayed mostly liquid with some lumps. It was very frustrating bc I ended up having to empty out all 50 tubes. I remelted it and added beeswax, then poured it all again. Finally it solidify but it is a little mode waxy that I would have liked. The flavor is still weak.

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New fave!

Reviewer: A viewer from WINNFIELD, LA US 04/22/12

I love this as a lip balm flavor, pairs pefectly with a shimmery light pink. Love it!

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Perfect Cotton Candy or Birthday Cake

Reviewer: Matt from Rancho Cucamonga, CA 08/12/15

This smells exactly like cotton candy or birthday cake ice cream. It's so perfect. Very sweet.

I used it in bath bombs and the scent wasn't too strong or overpowering. Just right.

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Reviewer: A viewer from TN 08/12/15

Love this and use it in a blend for lip balm. Very popular and can't keep it in stock!

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Cotton candy, really true to the name

Reviewer: A viewer from Stockholm 02/11/14

I really liked it, OOTB it has a really strong scent of cotton candy, more so then the fragrance oil. I used it in a lip balm and a lip butter, it took a few more drops then other flavor oils (such as black cherry boom) but it was well worth it, tastes really good!

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