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Nettle Leaf Cut & Sifted

Nettle Leaf Cut & Sifted

Natural dried, Nettle Leaf (cut & sifted)-  INCI (Urtica dioica).  More commonly referred to as stinging nettle, this plant is known to treat rheumatism, arthritis, and muscle tension.  Nettle has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-fungal properties, and has been known to promote hair growth.

Country of Origin: Hungary


1.  Nettle Leaf can be used in natural bath tea recipes to soothe painful joints and muscles.
2.  Nettle Leaf can be used in soap recipes to provide better cleansing for oily skin.
3.  Nettle Leaf can be infused and added to lotion, cream, and ointment recipes.
4.  Nettle Leaf can be infused and added to shampoo and conditioner recipes to help promote hair growth, thicken hair, and prevent dandruff.
5.  Nettle Leaf can be used in foot treatment baths
6. Nettle Leaf can be infused in oil and added to lip balm recipes
7. Nettle Leaf can be ground and added to facial masks
8. Nettle Leaf can be ground and

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