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Natural Soy Body Butter

SAVE MONEY ...BUY BY THE CASE!  Each case contains 18 pounds of base.

Natures Garden's Natural Soy Body Butter Base:  All natural soy body butter base that can also be used to make multiple body products!!  Now you can create multiple natural lotion based products by simply adding distilled water!  Create products like face cream, body lotion, body frosting, body mousse, body butter, massage lotion, and spray lotion mist all from this one base!! 

Natural Soy Body Butter Base Ingredients:  Distilled water, sunflower oil, soya oil, vegetable glycerin, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, emulsifying wax, palmitic acid, tocopherol (vitamin E), potassium sorbate, meadowfoam oil, jojoba oil, soya milk, aloe vera, vitamin C, citric acid, Germall Plus.

Making natural creams and lotions could not be easier or more affordable! Create up to 6 different products simply by adding warm distilled or deionized water! Our multi-use cream base can also be colored with soap coloring, and fragranced with Natures Garden's Body safe fragrances.  When using fragrances in the multi-cream, we suggest using 1-3% fragrance in your finished product.

Custom create up to 6 different products simply by adding warm distilled or deionized water! PH balanced, fully saturated, not prone to rancidity. Multi-Use Cream base is easily emulsified in warm distilled water. It yields stable emulsions with a light texture, showing a very good emolliency without any greasy after-feel. Being fully saturated, it is not prone to rancidity. Simply disperse our Multi-use cream base in warm water, add fragrance and any special ingredient if desired. As it can emulsify up to 2% of additional oily components, more elaborated skin care products can be easily produced with Multi-use cream base. No Ph adjustment is required.

 Makes 6 different products. (1) To make heavy cream, add 16 oz. water per 1 pound of cream. (2) To make a light cream, add 32 oz. water per 1 pound of cream. (3) To make lotion, add 48 oz. water per pound of cream. (4) To make light lotion, add 64 oz. water per 1 pound water. (5) To make Body Milk, add 96 oz. water per pound of cream. (6) To make Body Mist, add 128 oz. water per 1 pound of cream. Note:  Body mist will be milky in color.

Please Note: Multi base cream contains 1% germall plus perservative. According to the chemist who helped to create and patent Germall Plus, the recommended percent of Germall Plus in cosmetic products is .1 to .2% to effectively preserve the cosmetic product (considering that sanitary measures are taken when making your products). Germall Plus has also been scientifically proven in lab tests to show no adverse skin irritations when using up to 5% of Germall Plus in cosmetic products. When diluting the multi base to create your cosmetic products, it is important that you have a sanitary work environment. The percent of Germall Plus in our multi base is effective for the dilution rates we discuss. Some customers desire to add extra Germall Plus to the lotion spray, but according to the chemist, the recommended percent is only .1 to .2%.

IMPORTANT: We have been receiving many questions about using distilled water in our multi bases.  In our recipes, we are assuming that you are using warm distilled water in these recipes, since this is what we say is the type of water you should be using.  If you are not sure if your water is indeed distilled, then follow these instructions carefully:  Heat your distilled water to 185F and keep it at that temperature for at least 5 minutes.  BEFORE YOU USE THIS WATER, you must make absolutely sure that it is not added to our multi bases at temperatures above 120F (which is considered HOT water). In fact, water that is 100-105 is a perfect temperature to add this water to our bases.  If your water temperature is above 120F when added to our multi bases, it will begin breaking down the Germall Plus (the antimicrobial agent in these bases).   Therefore, using HOT distilled water could break down the Germall Plus, and the base would then be prone to bacterial growth.

Fragrance oil is composed of many ingredients, other than just vanilla components, that may discolor our bath and body bases.  We suggest testing each fragrance in our bases in small sizes.  If our fragrances discolor, thin, or separate in any of our bases, we are not responsible for any finished products you produce with our raw ingredients/bases.  In the event that you see that a fragrance contains vanilla components, and it discolors your finished product, we suggest using vanilla white to reduce the chances of your finished product from discoloring.  We do not guarantee that vanilla white will prevent finished products from becoming discolored due to the many fragrance components other than vanilla that can cause discoloring.  Also, vanilla white will not correct discoloring that has already occurred; it simply helps to prevent discoloration due to vanilla ingredients in fragrances from happening. 

Shelf Life:  2 years

Natures Garden Candle Supply is not responsible for products you create from our bases.

Tubs of multi-base will weigh between 15 and 16 oz. each. We do not guarantee that exactly 16 oz. of this product is contained in each tub, but it will be very close to that amount. 

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Reviewer: BeautifulT from Balto.,Md 11/20/15

I love the thickness of the base, but it came without any instruction. I would like to add some Cocoa, Shea or mango butter for extra nutrients, but I'm not sure if it will set well in this base. Will adding my choice of other butters ruin this base & can you please email me some instruction.

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Love This Base!

Reviewer: A viewer from Metropolis, IL US 06/04/14

OMG...This is an Awesome Base. My Customers Just Love it, in our Retail Store and our Website. These Bases really help the profit Margin too!

1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no

Easier than I thought

Reviewer: A viewer from Colorado Springs, CO US 11/03/13

I purchased this product and made a lighter body butter, a massage milk product, and a facial cream
It really
I added some coconut oil and grape seed oil and it still was not sticky and absorbed right into the skin.

It took scent well but I would wait until lotion cools to add the scent as it did not throw well when I added oil into the hot lotion, it took well once it cooled down a little

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Loving the Butter

Reviewer: A viewer from Marietta, GA US 10/04/13

I am loving this butter and so are the customers! I takes fragrance well and I have gotten some great reviews! I am now using a smaller tin for my packaging and they are flying off my little shelves!

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Lovely and light

Reviewer: A viewer from Pittsburgh, PA 05/20/13

I used this as the lotion and it was light while still making my skin feel smooth and soft. I will be getting more. I love that the ingredients aren't scary and my customers love that too. Thanks for offering such a great lotion base that is vegan friendly and priced just right.

Did you find this review useful? yes no

Very easy to create all 6 products.

Reviewer: A viewer from , WA US 07/13/12

I was easily able to create a thick cream all the way to a very light spray lotion. I liked this base best thinned out as a spray. Very nice absobtion. Holds fragrance oils well

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nice glide

Reviewer: A viewer from Jackson, TN US 05/26/12

This base is not sticky. Followed directions for the heavy cream and it came out fine. Held the scents i used fine.

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Great product

Reviewer: A viewer from Monroeville, NJ US 03/06/12

I made spray lotion with this and I love how it comes out!

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Wonderful Product

Reviewer: A viewer from Idaho, USA 01/20/12

I have used this product for awhile now, and have repurchased it a few times. It is so great! I love that I have control on whether to make a butter, or thin it a little into a lotion! It leaves my skin so soft!

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SO light and creamy!

Reviewer: A viewer from Warner Robins, GA US 12/11/11

I have bought and used the Goat's Milk version in the past loving how rich it was. So I was expecting this to be thick and almost butter-like, as is, as well. It was creamy, but lighter somehow and it was wonderfully absorbent. This is great for making creams and lotions that aren't as heavy.

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