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Stainless Tart Floater Candle Mold


Tart  Floater candle mold made of stainless steel. Seamless. 2 1/4 inches diameter. Sold Individually.

How to maintain and clean metal candle molds:

1. Never wash metal candle molds with soap and water; this will damage your molds, and will cause the bottoms of candles made in these candle molds to have a rusted or black look.

2. In order to maintain your metal candle molds, you will need to place your empty molds upside down on a cookie sheet in the oven at between 150 and 175 degrees.  Allow the wax that is left inside your candle molds to melt onto the cookie sheet.  Remove cookie sheet from the oven. Using a pot holder or fabric gloves, individually pick up each metal candle mold and wipe them out with a clean paper towel.  You will not want to use this cookie sheet for food preparation in the future. 

3. Avoid storing metal candle molds stacked inside each other.  Metal candle molds tend to have very sharp outer rims, and can be very difficult to pry loose.  Whenever trying to pry metal molds apart, you will want to make sure that you use fabric gloves.  Do not pry them loose bare handed; this may cause injuries to your hands.

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Nice mold

Reviewer: A viewer from Arbovale, WV 09/18/15

These are nice molds. I recommend them.

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Reviewer: Scarlet Krempetz from Michigan 08/25/15

Easy to use for wax melts and even MP soaps!

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Tart Floater Candle Molds

Reviewer: A viewer from Pittsburgh, PA US 06/14/14

These are adorable. Tarts are a popular item and I already make a couple kinds in my line. I thought it would be great to add these classic little tarts and I can't wait to start listing them for sale. Packaged nicely and great price, whether you buy a whole bunch or just a few.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Rochester, MA US 12/01/11

Love this. I wanted to add Tarts to my line, and these were perfect. After they have cooled and set I place these in the freezer and the tart pops right out. No cracking! I'll be ordering more of these.

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love them

Reviewer: A viewer from Puyallup, WA US 03/15/12

I am making candles for the first time for my daughters bday party these molds are wonderful. I am using the pillar wax and after letting them set for 3 hours I can just slide them out with know problems. Will be getting more of them.

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Easy to Use & Good Price

Reviewer: A viewer from Akron, OH US 05/07/10

I love that you can order these in any quantity that you want and still get a good price. Very easy to use! I spray mine with Pam, pull on the very top edges to loosen a little, flip over and they pop right out! I use soy and just wipe them out really good with a paper towel and they're ready for the next batch! Very handy!

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keeping it clean

Reviewer: A viewer from Waleska, GA US 02/04/09

I love these molds, they are the perfect size to burn. But I have found out the hard way they will RUST pretty quick. I accidently left 2 of them in my sink, and before I knew it there was rust on the inside...leaves a mark on light-colored wax, so please dry right away, and then use hair dryer to make sure it's dry...

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Reviewer: A viewer from MS US 04/30/07

These make awesome tarts! Just the right size!

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Tart Chef

Reviewer: A viewer from Eglin AFB, FL US 05/03/06

These particular tart molds seem a bit traditional, but it's hot on the market for making melting wax tarts right now. Customers love it when you get creative, so keep that in mind and you'll fall in love with these seemingly traditonal molds... I ordered a 100, to help move my production along!

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Great little mold makes cute tarts and floaters

Reviewer: A viewer from Lumberton, TX US 08/01/05

I just love this little mold, these tarts are so popular right now and great idea for that little bit of left over wax! Mold releases easily!

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