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Fractionated Coconut Oil- 1 pound bottle.  Although this oil is sold at a discounted price if you buy 7 or more pounds, each pound will arrive to you in a 16 oz. bottle.

Fractionated coconut oil contains only the medium-chain triglycerides of coconut oil, making it a liquid at relatively low temperatures.  It is a very stable oil.  Fractionated coconut oil has indefinite shelf life and is a light, non-staining,  non-greasy, colorless oil. It is great for use in massage, toiletries and soap. Fractionated coconut oil is a great carrier oil for essential oils. Fractionated coconut oil can be used in lotions, lip applications, cosmetics, creams, bath oils, massage oils, bath salts, and soap. Fractionated coconut oil can easily substitute sweet almond oil in recipes.

SAP VALUE KOH / NaOH: .334---.237

Coconut Oil, fractionated contains the following essential fatty acids:
Lauric- 2%
Myristic- 1%

INCI name:  Fractionated Coconut Oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride)

See our recipe for Lava Lamp Lip Gloss using fractionated coconut oil.

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See our recipe for Bling Lip Gloss using fractionated coconut oil.

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