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Use this thermometer to monitor the temperature of your wax. May be used for Candy Making as well. Free sample of time.

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Should Have Read the Reviews

Reviewer: A viewer from Bridge City, TX US 04/19/12

The thermometer arrived with a bubble in the fluid. Temperature is way off. Waste of money.

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Good item

Reviewer: A viewer from Cedar Rapids, IA US 02/20/14

I do like this thermometer. It is a little hard to read, but once you get the hang of it, it does its job. There is an added plus, it comes with a cover!

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Adequate at Best

Reviewer: A viewer from Lancaster, CA US 07/31/13

This thermometer is getting the job done although I had this nagging suspicious that the readings are slightly off. I do plan on purchasing another thermometer in the future.

One good thing is that it comes with a cover , thats a plus :-)

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Reviewer: A viewer from Hagerstown, Maryland US 07/23/12

I used this thermometer the first time I tried to make candles with a candle making kit from this site. It broke the first day (just completely busted at the bottom) and I only made 3 small candles. Suggest purchasing higher quality thermometer elsewhere.

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Find A Different One

Reviewer: A viewer from Akron, OH US 12/30/10

Find another thermometer if you need one, b/c this one is a waste. After first use & wash, the insert got "wavy". After 2nd use it was filled with water. Drained it upside down for a few days. Used it two more times and on the 4th use, it broke in my aluminum pouring pot with my fragranced wax in it.

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do not buy

Reviewer: A viewer from LONDONDERRY, NH US 11/19/11

whenever I purchase products from Natures Garden I always value the reviews and often buy things because of the great reviews. even though this thermometer had 1 bad review, like a fool I purchased one. Big mistake, the liquid had air bubbles inside so it was giving an incorrect reading, way above the temperature of the wax. there is a hole at the top of the thermometer, so when you wash it it allows water in, ruins the cardboard temp guide. very bad product, I threw it in the bin after 1st use. Natures Garden you can do better.

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