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Skeezix's Creations - Creamy Jar Candle

Creamy Jar Candle

   Skeezix's Creations-  Creamy Jar Candle 

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My company is called "Skeezix's Creations" Skeezix is the nick name my grandmother gave me when I was little. I started Skeezix's Creations in 2009, and the first few months of business were really great. I get a majority of my scents from Nature's Garden. This year I started making homemade soaps, and its turned out to be a blast. I love making candles, it started out as just a personal hobby but I have found a new joy making candles for others.


I do not list prices on my site due to flux in the cost of supplies to make the candles. But I do accept emailed orders. Payments are accepted either COD when products are delivered, or through paypal. Customers must notify me if they want paypal so I can set it up. (picture) in picture I have a 16oz jar, creamy yellow/white color scented with "Better than sex cake fragrance oil" from Natures Gardens Kama sutra line.

When it comes to the customer service and business relations with Natures Garden, the staff is fantastic. Service is prompt; if a problem arises they contact customers immediately and let them know. I think there is only one time that I have had a minor problem when placing an order, the credit card on file was expired and I had forgotten to change it when I placed the order. Someone from Natures Garden contacted me immediately and let me know the problem, and I fixed it right away. I really appreciated the notice that something was wrong with the card, and the ability to fix it as quick as possible.

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