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Customer Service

Hello! I normally do not take the time to review products, but feel compelled to because Nature's Garden has exceeded my expectations. I bought several items in two orders. Not only do my fragrance oils smell wonderful and exactly as described, they were in my hands within two days! Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service! I will be back for more!

A viewer from Burnside, KY US

High Quality, and Superior Customer Service

Finally!! I have found a dependable Wholesale Candle, and Soap making Supplier. I have been purchasing from NG for over a year and a half, at this point, I am close to 50 orders. EVERY order has gone out the same day. For me, in NW Pa, i get my order the very next day (week-ends excluded). I have never been let down. Their M&P products are superior, Their Soy Wax Prices are competitive, and their FO's are Super strong. I have a small soap and candle shop, and with everything I have ordered, I have NEVER been displeased! Keep up the good work NG, you have a life time customer- Sudsy Wick, Butler Pa

A viewer from Butler, PA US

Message Board for NG's Customer's and Employee's t

Unless I have overlooked it, and I have been all over NG's site looking for it, I would like to see a message board for us, your customers.

Ask questions, answer questions, compare notes, just about anything candle/soap making.

Employee's of NG can jump right in and correct any "mis-information." Or they can offer their experience on whatever subject they are good at.

Yes, WordPress is there, but, there is no content. If I click on ANY link, it just sends me to a NG page that has noting but product.

Message Boards are easy to insall, maintain, and control who can and cannot get into the board. EX; Current ustomers only.

What say you?

A viewer from Knoxville, TN US


I am new at candle making. I have purchased some starter items from other companies what a waste of money. A kit I purchased had crisp clean air in it. I did a search and found you. Wow I am thrilled everything I received is top shelf, shipping is quick. The site is easy and so informative. I have gotten lots of tips on your candle making class link. Reviews of the products is a great help. Your little tin slide top lip balm containers make great fragrance samplers. When I make a new fragrance I put a few tbs. in there and I always have a way for customers to smell the fragrance in wax. Thanks to great company

A viewer from Torrington, CT US

Great place to buy

I ordered fragrance oils for my wife's new business and we just recieved the oils yesterday. She had ordered a few fragrances from another company and they weren't mixing that well. She went right to work with the NG oils last night because they smelled so good! These are a MUCH better quality than what she had previously ordered elsewhere. The variety of scents has her customers begging to get some more inventory! The shipping was also amazing. It took half the time for the order to come from across the country than the other company took to get them to us from a couple of states away.

A viewer from Summerville, SC US

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