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Concentated Powdered Dye- 1 Ounce

Concentated Powdered Dye-  1 Ounce

Clearance!  Once we sell out of these dyes, we will not be restocking them.  Natures Garden includes color suggestions for each of our fragrances in the description area of each fragrance.

The most concentrated form of Candle dye! Available in 4 colors: Yellow, Blue, Brown, and Black. Use these dyes in very small amounts for rich coloring results. For better dispersion, melt in stearic acid first before adding to your wax. Colors can be easily mixed to create any color in the rainbow and more!  Never use powdered candle dyes in cosmetic products!

How to Mix Your Own Colors

Blue-  A primary color, you cannot mix this one.
Yellow- A primary color, you cannot mix this one.
Black-  You cannot make black.  To get a black candle, use black liquid candle dyes or black powered candle dyes. 
White-  Add no color.
Orange-  Mix yellow and red to your specifications.
Pink- Simply use red, but in small quantities in your candles.
Ivory-  Use a small amount of brown in your candles.
Burgundy- Use mostly red and add a small amount of black.
Brown-  A mix of yellow, blue, and red.
Plum- A mix of red and blue to your specifications.
Purple- A mix of red and blue.
Teal-  A mix of blue with a little yellow.
Green- A mix of yellow and blue.
Cinnamon-  A mix of brown with a little red added.
Sage- Green with a little brown added to it.
Navy Blue-  Blue with a little black added to it.
Fushia-  Red with a little blue added to it.
Peach-  Simply use small amount of orange.
Hunter Green-  Green with a little black added to it.
Burnt Orange-  Orange with a little brown added to it.

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Avg. Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 4

5 out of 5 stars Excellent Color 09/16/2012
Reviewer: Cynthia from Illinois
I bought this in brown to make a chocolate covered cherry apothocary jar candle. Oh, it's perfect. I did add the powder to some melted stearic acid and it mixed right in with the wax, not specs, no crazy stirring. I just used a little and the color was perfect looked just like chocolate. I absolutely love this and if you need a darker color use this it's awesome!!
5 out of 5 stars Works Well 04/26/2008
Reviewer: Nathan Young from Fortuna, CA US
I used 2 ounces of the blue dye in about 200lbs of wax. As I use crock pots to melt the wax there is no exact way for me as the pace I produce candles to measure just how much is needed. So I guess and make them a bit darker then needed.
5 out of 5 stars miracle 03/01/2007
Reviewer: Jetrice Gardner from Houston, TX US
with the powder, you have to continue to stir, which is not so bad because you want everything to be well blended. they are so concentrated i mean you really have to pour a few specks and it would look as if you poured two spoons full or something. i love this way better than the liquid dye. a little goes such a long way one ounce will last about a year or more.
3 out of 5 stars Brown dye review 09/02/2006
Reviewer: Martha Wilson from Milan, OH US
Brown contains small specks of red and possibly other colors. It is a nice chocolate brown color, however, you must stir, stir, stir!! Then when you think you can pour, stir again. Used in pure soy wax. Note from NG Customer Service: You might want to try putting the powdered dye into melted stearic acid prior to adding it to your wax. The brown color is made up of red, blue, and yellow dye pigments, and needs to be "wetted" in stearic acid so that they disperse nicely in wax. Try that and see if it doesn't solve the issue you are having. Have a wonderful day!

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