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Cookie Cutter- Candle

Cookie Cutter- Candle
 Cookie Cutter- Candle


Made in the USA by a small business! 

Candle shaped cookie cutter-  4 inch  Use these cookie cutters to make hanging air fresheners!  See our hanging air freshener recipe/instructions. 

Our cookie cutters are made of tinplate steel and may rust if these steps are not taken:

How To Care for Your Tin Cookie Cutter

Hand wash your tin cookie cutter with a dishcloth or sponge.
Never use abrasive cleaning materials, such as metal scouring pads on tin cookie cutters.
Mild soap and water is ok.
Dry thoroughly and immediately after washing to prevent rust.
Store tin cookie cutters in a dry location.
If you follow these steps and remember that moisture and water are not metal's friend your cookie cutters should last a long time.

ALL of our all metal-tin cookie cutters can be recycled. Once your cookie cutters have lost their life for baking you can use them for the kids. They can use them to trace and make great pictures for all those around them. They can decorate them with beads and glue and use them for gifts or tree decorations. And once they can't be used anymore in your household please remember to recycle them. Tin can be used again and again, so don't let them hit a landfill.

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5.0 1 Cookie Cutter- Candle

Cute for Air Frsheners!

5 Cookie Cutter- Candle

Reviewer: from Thurmont, MD US

I loved this candle cookie cutter as a way to make an air freshener! I love using these for my aroma bead air fresheners!

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