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Brooks Mountain Soaps - Gardener Soap

Gardener Soap

   Brooks Mountain Soaps-  Gardener Soap 

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My name is Sherri Brooks and my company is Brooks Mountain Soap.  My company is fairly new and I have jumped into soapmaking must like I have jumped into everything; full speed ahead. When we were in Denver a few years ago, I took my first soap making class at the Denver Botanical Gardens and fell in love with the art. That year I made a batch, wrapped up it all pretty and gave it as Christmas gifts to my friends. Everyone loved it and wanted more. They loved the moisturizing qualities as well as the scent. That winter I used my soap for handwashing and one day realized that it was winter and I did not need hand cream. My ahh haa moment; it must be the soap! I then made soap favors for my sons wedding. The soap bug had bit!!  So I decided, that I would venture out and launch my own line of soaps. With the help of my sons friend, a computer engineer, and many manpower hours from me filling the site with content and pictures and making soap, soap and more soap, my website was launched. My friend Abbie, introduced me to Natures Garden fragrance oils. I told her I wanted a company with reasonable prices, quality FOs and good customer service. Now NG FOs are the mainstay of my line. My first order before I even created my website was from my girlfriend who ordered 55 bars of gardeners soap for her garden club. I quickly needed to find several fresh scents and knew I could find them in the NG line. Lime cilantro, fresh cut grass, fresh bamboo and white grapefruit and bamboo fragrance oils from NG were used for her gardener soaps. The garden club loved them and I acquired 55 if not new, but interested customers!! One of my favorite things about NG is they give reduce the price of the 16oz bottles if you buy 5 or more and I LOVE getting 10 small sample bottles at a reduced rate too!
Sherri Brooks

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