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Bella Bath & Body - Yuzu Hot Process Soap

Yuzu Hot Process Soap

   Bella Bath & Body Yuzu Hot Process Soap 

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Hi I am Lou. I am a Mom to two beautiful girls, and I am a Rock Band addict. Ok, to be clear, I am a Beatles Rock Band addict. Pretty much anything to do with the Beatles, I love.
I have lived in the beautiful and very green Pacific NW for most of my life, although I did do a brief stint, few years, in the beautiful and green NW of England.
Being surrounded by trees, beautiful mountains, the amazing coast here really inspired me to call my shop Bella, means beautiful in French. My cat is also named Bella!

I make cold and hot process soaps. Cold process is the old fashioned way of soap making. Lye and water, combined with fat,oils and butters produces soaponification, and like magic, it becomes Soap! When making hot process, the only difference is I cook the soap until the soaponification process is complete. It is a great method when I want to preserve the benefits of essential oils or special ingredients. The soap also needs less curing time with this method.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as gathering my raw materials together, mixing them up and watching them change before my eyes. It really never ceases to amaze me! 
Besides soap my other specialties include, bath bombs, body lotions and butters, sugar scrubs, bubble bath, body spray, cream soap and perfume oils.

I use Natures Garden fragrances almost exclusively! I love them so much! The fragrances are strong and long lasting. I always get compliments on whatever scent I happen to be wearing, and I know the scent of my products is a huge factor in how much my customers love them! The customer service at Natures Garden cannot be beat! They ship fast, and are all super friendly. I love that Natures Garden has started to carry more packaging, I have started buying jars and bottles there too! I also get my Melt and Pour glycerin soap base from NG. It is by far the best base I have ever tried! Moisturizing, long lasting, easy to scent and pour and it does not sweat out moisture beads! Natures Garden is my favorite supplier by far!

The attached picture is of my hot process Yuzu scented soap. I used the Yuzu fragrance oil from Natures Garden in this soap, and it is one of my customers favorite scents! It is the perfect Yuzu! It has been a big hit with friends and family too!

Louann Tibbs

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