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ScentSational DeLites - Swirled Pillar Candle

Swirled Pillar Candle

   ScentSational DeLites - Swirled Pillar Candle

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~ Scented with Natures Garden's Jack Frost Fragrance Oil

ScentSational DeLites candles began as a quest for creating a quality candle that would burn evenly, would not leave hang-up on jars, and not soot excessively like many of the popular mass produced candles on the market today.  I became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of candles on the market (wicks not centered, half of the candle burned or tunneled down the center leaving excess wax in the jar, not enough scent throw when the candle was burning, etc), not to mention the price of what I was paying for what I was getting.

As a disappointed consumer, I began my journey six years ago working with various waxes, wicks and fragrances, testing and retesting until I was comfortable enough to give my product to family and friends as gifts.  It was their excitement and encouragement about my candles that prompted me to begin selling them locally at craft shows and now on the World Wide Web. 

Our candles are made from the finest paraffin and all natural palm waxes on the market today.  The fragrance oils are 100% Grade AAA pure uncut scents, which result in a highly fragrant candle that will fill your room with aroma.  The wick is 100% lead free and each candle fragrance is extensively tested with different families of wicks to eliminate soot when burned correctly.  Every ScentSational DeLites candle is hand poured...not mass produced like most major candle company candles.  This means you are certain to have a candle that will burn clean to the edge of the jar and down to the bottom without tunneling or wax hang ups on the sides of the jar.  We guarantee that every candle is personally inspected for quality of finish.

Ann Bick is the master chandler and owner of ScentSational DeLites.  She and her husband Larry are both employed full time by Xcel Energy.  Ann is the mother of 4 children and grandmother of one with another grandchild on the way.  When not making candles, Ann likes to spend time with her family at their cabin on the Gunflint Trail in the BWCA of northern Minnesota, reading, gardening, picking wild blueberries, water color painting and physical fitness.

The ScentSational Swirl Pillar Candle created by ScentSational DeLites is a white pillar candle with three different color coordinated rings throughout the candle when lit illuminates the rings to show the artistic beauty of the candle.  The colored rings are scented the same scent throughout the candle.  This candle was made with Jack Frost fragrance oil by Natures Garden.

I discovered Natures Garden when I purchased a clam shell of melts at a craft fair.  I was intrigued by the scent  Tropical Blast and did a name search on and discovered Natures Garden carried this fragrance.   This was over 4 years ago and I have been purchasing the majority of my fragrance oils from Natures Garden since then.  They fill their orders and ship them very quickly and I have never had a problem with anything being damaged or destroyed during shipping.  Their fragrance oils blend very well with the waxes I use and have an awesome hot and cold throw.  Two of my best selling fall scents are Pumpkin Crunch Cake and Cranberry Cobbler, and I think they are both to die for.  In addition, their duplication scents are true to the real thing!  I have never been disappointed with a product I have purchased from Natures Garden.  Thank you Natures Garden for taking such good care of us and providing superior supplies to make our own handcrafted products!


Ann Bick

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