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Gingers Garden - Cannabis Flower Soap

Cannabis Flower Soap

   Ginger's Garden- Cannabis Flower Soap 

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Gingers Garden is an environmentally conscious, handmade, artisan soaps and natural skin care company. All products are made in Palm Springs, CA. Irena from Gingers Garden has been in business since 1991. Irenas mother and grandmother made soaps, lotions, potions and creams. She used to think that her family had magicians because to a child what they made was just magic. People would come to buy the lotions, balms, salves & creams from their kitchen. Irenas mothers kitchen was full of herbs drying upside down, jars full of steeping herbs or dark glass bottles filled with wonderful liquids. She is now following in their footsteps.

Tell me what ingredients from NG were used in the picture of the product. Cannabis Fragrance Oil

Natures Garden is my go to company for quality fragrance oils. They have great customer service and my supplies get to me fast.

Irena, Owner of Gingers Garden

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