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Loyalty Rewards Program

The Natures Garden Loyalty Rewards Program allows you to earn points that can be used for discounts on purchases! Best of all, earning points is easy. Here's how to get started earning discounts for your purchases at Natures Garden:

Become a registered user.

Simply select "Become A Registered" user during the checkout process for your first order. Fill out the form, submit your order and you'll earn 2 points!

Buy Quality Products.

Earn one point for every dollar spent while logged into your account. The more products you purchase, the more points earned.  Reward points will not show up in your account until the order is paid for and shipped.  Reward points are not earned if you place your order without being logged into your Natures Garden account.  If you place your order as a guest, or place your order via Paypal Express without logging in first to your Natures Garden account, you will not earn reward points on your purchase.    

Write product reviews.

Share your thoughts about products you've purchased with fellow Natures Garden shoppers while logged into your Natures Garden account. Write about the pros and cons of the items. Approved product reviews earn 1 point.  Reviews are not automatically posted.  They are reviewed first.  There are several things that will cause your review not to be approved:  Not posting your name, not choosing a rating between 1-5, posting a website address or any other kinds of advertisement for another company, any blantantly rude and obnoxious reviews, or any reviews purposely made by competitors to downgrade products.  We offer this review program as a service to you, and we reserve the right to take it away at any time for any reason without notice.

Refer friends and family to Natures Garden!

Getting things for free has never been easier! Simply
refer your friends to our site and we will give you 2 points for each user who registers and places a paid order with us!
Note:  If you refer friends who are already registered at Natures Garden, you do not earn points on these.

You earn $1 off for every 100 points you accumulate!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my accumulated points?

To view your current point balance, click on the "My Account" link at the top of the screen. Log into your account. Your point balance will appear on the first page.  Please note that when you earn reward points on your purchases, these reward points will not show up in your account until you have paid for your order, and your order is shipped.  Once your order is shipped, your reward points will show up in your account, and can be used on upcoming purchases.   

Do I have to become a Registered User to take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program?

Yes. We know many people have concerns about sharing information with online companies and understand your desire to keep personal information just that, personal. However, our system can only track, assign, and apply points for users who are registered and logged in when they placed they orders.  Rest assured, however, that we do not sell, rent or distribute customer information to any third party. 

I returned an item. Will points be deducted from my account?

Yes. The points earned for the purchase of an item are deducted if the product is returned.

How do I redeem points I've earned?

Just shop as you normally would, being certain to log into your account.  Do not checkout as a guest or by using Paypal Express without being logged into your Natures Garden account.  During the checkout process, you'll see an option to apply your points to the current order. Check the box, and the discount will appear in the receipt e-mailed to you and when you view your invoice online.

Are all reviews accepted and posted to your site?

All reviews are reviewed prior to allowing them to be posted.  99% of all reviews are posted to the site.  If a review contains a website address, or any other type of advertisement, it will not be posted.  Customers must choose a rating of 1-5 from the drop-down box; putting in ratings that are not between 1 and 5 will automatically cause an error and your review will not post.  Reviews must contain your name or they will not be approved. 

This sounds great! But what's the "fine print"?

Points may only be earned or applied for orders originating from the Natures Garden web site while customers are logged into their accounts. Customers must choose to apply point discounts to orders during the checkout process. We are unable to apply point discounts to orders after they are submitted to Natures Garden for processing and shipment.  Orders that are placed as a guest or through Paypal Express without being logged into your Natures Garden account will not receive reward points.  This program is void where prohibited by law.  Natures Garden reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time and without cause or notice. Points are not redeemable for cash.

More questions?

Do you have any other questions about our Loyalty Points Program that weren't answered here? No problem, just send us an e-mail or call our toll-free number!
866.647.2368  Monday through Friday, 9AM - 4:30PM