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What Are Our Customers Saying?

"No machine to ask you a choice, For when you call Nature's Garden, It's a live friendly voice. Everyone's really helpful and that's a plus, when most days everyone's in a rush. Sales and helpful hints along with colors and tints. All the supplies a candlemaker could wish, the wax, the wicks, and even the dish. When having trouble with a certain task, the message board is a good place to ask. When online watch Dreama wiggle, she'll save you money and make you giggle. These are just a few of the reasons I like Natures Garden. It's easy to see that Nature's Garden is a fast growing, innovative business. Good luck in your future endeavors and may your wick burn eternally."
Posted by Mary Shields of Candles D'Light
"I buy from Natures Garden because I am new to the candle making business and after searching the internet for several days and thousands of candle supplies websites, Natures Garden by far is rated number one in my opinion. Natures Garden has a wonderful staff. They respond to your emails very quickly and are very helpful if you need to call them. Their message board is very resourceful for beginners like myself as well as the pro's. Last but not least, if you order from Natures Garden, you will receive high quality products at a cost well below their competitors. Natures Garden will continue to be my number one candle making supplies company. Thank you Natures Garden for a job well done. "
Posted by Yvette Maynard
"The reason why I choose to buy from Natures Garden is the customer services is excellent! If I have any problem or question that comes up and I call in for help they always seem to have the right answer. They are very good at what they do and know their products quite well. They always have a very positive attitude when answering the phone. They make me feel important no matter how big of an order that I put in. I am also very happy with there products and service, and I only order from Natures Garden. They make sure that their products meet every quality of service so when I make candles with their products, I know it is the best quality candle that money can buy so I can make sure my customers are very satisfied. I've been making candles now for 5 years and I order all my supplies through Natures Garden. I will always order through them for the up most customer service and support on any and every candle need. Thank you for the great business and keep up the great work."
Posted by Ruth Evans of Angelic Candles
"Oh, where to start. When I started to do research on candle making, I wanted to find a supplier in Ohio to buy my supplies from to save on shipping. Once I found Natures Garden, I couldn't believe the great prices and variety of supplies they offered, then I discovered that they were less than an hour drive from me! I have been hooked ever since! I remember our first trip to Nature's Garden. Debbie's mom is the greatest! She was so helpful and pleasant to deal with, what a joy! Mike is such a great map drawer, he showed us how to get to Nature's Garden a lot easier. At the time I first found Natures Garden, they didn't sell soy wax, but it wasn't long after I asked about it that they started to. In my opinion, that's what makes Nature's Garden the best supplier around. They take their customers suggestions and requests into consideration, most companies don't do that. It has been such a pleasure dealing with EVERYONE at Nature's Garden, the staff are always so helpful and very knowledgeable. Keep up the GREAT work."
Posted by Barb Dorsey of Cold Creek Candles
"In the beginning when I first started to make candles, I was buying all of my products off of Ebay and never really had the true security if I was getting what I was actually wanting. Then one day, I was in desperate need in finding the scent of watermelon. I couldn't get it in time through the mail, waiting for an auction to end nor did any retail hobby store carry the scent until someone told me about a candle/soap supply on Rt. 82. That following day, me and my son ventured out to find Natures Garden and I couldn't believe the supplies that they had out for their customers to sample the scent and view in sight what they could order. When walking into the store and talking to the staff that was there, the knowledge that they had possessed about the products and the sincere devotion of helping me find what I did need was shown. As it is continued throughout the time that I was in the store front. From there, I had gone to their website and just simply thought that I was in heaven looking at all of the products that they had and when I had ventured to the candle gossip message board, the different candle/soap/b&b advice that I had found. Everyone on there was helping one another, regardless of being new to the board or a regular. And any question that was asked, majority of them were answered by other customers of NG or the NG staff themselves. Over the past few months, I must admit, I have become a sincere loyal customer to NG as they have become a loyal supplier for me. Always adding in new scents and products, giving the customers the incentive of voicing their opinions and consistently building onto their website to help the candle/soap/b&b in quest of coming up with a certain color, scent or different ideas to add to their profession/hobby. There is nothing that comes to mind that NG should do to change. They are constantly changing to make their customers happy. Giving them more choices and importantly, the owner and staff of NG is the definition of customer service."
Posted by Stephanie DeChant
"When my husband and I made our first foray into the candlemaking business, NG was the first supplier that we purchased from. We have had nothing but good experiences and fabulous customer service since then, serving to entrench our loyalty to NG. The candles we have been able to create with the aid of your products have wowed our customers to the point that they seem to think we are employing a bit of prestidigitation to produce them! So, our loyalty to you, NG, and your products has in turn engendered a loyal customer following for us. We've found a winning combination. You have our gratitude and appreciation for your wonderful products, fabulous customer service, and maybe most important of all, your attentiveness to your customers' needs and desires. I have never experienced a company so attuned to its customers and so willing to openly communicate with those customers. In this day and age, when it seems to be increasingly difficult to reach a "live" person rather than a recording or a computerized voice, it is indeed refreshing to know that when we contact NG we will get a personal response via phone or e-mail. I believe that your products are superior, but it is your personalized attention to your customers that puts NG head and shoulders above the rest of the suppliers out there and inspires your hard-earned customer loyalty. Thank you NG!"
Posted by Wendy Fisher
"The reason I choose to buy from Natures Garden is because when I placed my first order, I was treated with kindness and consideration. I found a company who is dedicated to sell me the highest quality products. They've shown that they actually care about the customer by giving support and information with their products. I feel as if their first priority is taking care of me and making sure that I receive the best information available."
Posted by Lisa Sharp of Backroad Hobbies
"We love the customer service. The products and the price are the best. The orders are shipped quickly and shipping is adjusted and when we receive our packages if they are damaged, all we have to do is call. We really like the invoices being checked twice before our order is shipped. Purchasing from Natures Garden make us and our customers happy. Overall you could never ask for a better company to order from."
Posted by Tammy Sheets
"We started pouring candles just 8 years ago, how they would turn out, we did not know. Our candles were popular and would be burned through the night, that we knew our business was starting to take flight. Everyone was soon asking us to fill his or her container, so we had to work fast to make our business a gainer. Our friends loved them dearly both near & far, that soon we knew we would be out of jars. The orders filled up our space left & right, that I knew if I kept this up, I was looking for a fight. The candles soon took over our kitchen and house, that I was not able to make dinner for my kids & spouse. We decided it was time to build a shop in the back, this is where we pour & keep all our supplies in stack. It was not easy to start, but has been a lot of fun, we hope to keep succeeding so we will not be out done. I want my supplier to know how much I am heartened. We could never have done it without Natures Garden!"
Posted by Kris Call
"I like Natures Garden because I know I'm getting a true fragrance oil, not a diluted oil. The list of supplies has everything I need for my candlemaking. I enjoy the added manual and all it's help. Deborah has done a wonderful job making this manual and it's so easy to follow for new candlemakers. That is where I began. Their customer service can't be beaten. I have been ordering from them for more than a year and only had one mistake. I sent one email and the missing item arrived two days later. Their shipping is faster than anywhere I have ever ordered from. And most of all Deborah mingles with the customers on the message board. She is a busy person but still takes time to answer questions and join others in the chat room. I also think it's wonderful that Deborah would ask for requests from her loyal candlemakers. Most companies are "take it or leave it" and you get what you pay for. Natures Garden is number one and continues to strive to be number one for years to come. Thank you Natures Garden for all your staff."
Posted by Patricia Peebles
"I buy from NG because they have the most outstanding customer service, fantastic products, fastest shipping around. The employees and owners are the best people to work with, they are a wealth of information, fantastic ideas, and the friendliest bunch around. If it were not for Natures Garden, then I would not have the finest candles in my area. Because of NG, I can succeed at something I love doing and stand proud knowing that my final products are made from the finest ingredients out there. Thank you Natures Garden!"
Posted by Paula Ray
"Why do I buy from Natures Garden? I think they're the best all-around company. It doesn't matter if you're a huge company or just someone starting out, you can be rest assured that you will be treated the same. The products and staff are unsurpassable. You just don't find companies like this anymore. They have an unbeatable message board, live chat, and helpful hints all over their website. That's why I'll always purchase from Natures Garden."
Posted by Laurie Del Vecchio of Best Botanicals Around
"My friend and I decided to give candlemaking a try and ordered from Natures Garden, knowing nothing of this company. We started from home in late October and thanks to all the useful information from NG, we're turning out beautiful wonderfully smelling candles. By January we had opened up a shop and are doing a wonderful business. What a great life! Thanks Natures Garden!"
Posted by Nancy Villines of Uncommon Scents
"We choose to buy our fragrances from Natures Garden because our gel candles aroma is overwhelming. Fragrances from Natures Garden to our home is shopping with Great Pleasure and very rewarding. It gives our customers many hours of scented pleasure and in turn they rave about our great product."
Posted by Barbara Peickert of Flames of Aroma
"Many candle makers use large wholesalers as suppliers, buying everything from fragrance oils to bath and body products from the same supplier. After months of research and testing with many other suppliers, I have found Natures Garden to be superior to all other suppliers. My success in the candle making industry is a direct result of Natures Garden's professionalism and dedication to customer service."
Posted by Melissa Anne of Oak Island Soy Candles
"I order from Natures Garden because I love your soap base. It's the best base I've ever gotten. I also buy from Natures Garden for the great price. I've had good comments on my new soap from my customers with this base. Shipping is great every time I order, and in a day or two it gets to my house. I plan on buying some soy wax for candles. Thank you Natures Garden!"
Posted by Elizabeth VanMeter of Mystical Soaps
"Taking pride in the products we sell was our number one priority when starting our business. Supplying customers with sootless candles that provided a lasting scent to the bottom of the jar was our goal. Natures Garden has proven they take pride in providing the highest quality service and products, in which they stand behind. Without Natures Garden's willingness to share their expertise with others, our businesses wouldn't be what they are today."
Posted by Laura C. of Savor the Scent
"I buy from Natures Garden because I know the scents I receive will be the best and fresh. They ship quicker and cheaper than any other company and I can depend on them. The staff is very knowledgeable about candles and scents and can answer any questions you have. Mike, Deborah and their staff really CARE about us, the customer, and it shows! Thanks guys! You are the best!"
Posted by Peggy Johnson of Alabama Folk Art
"There are many reasons why I buy my supplies from Natures Garden. They offer high quality products at competitive prices. The fragrances they sell are highly concentrated. However, it is not only the products that keep me coming back. Natures Garden offer many helpful resources for their customers. From candle and soap making manuals to a message board for customers to post questions. I will continue to buy from Natures Garden for years to come."
Posted by Jonelle Derk of Nel's Country Candles
"I buy supplies from NG because along with the best products, they also offer the best customer service and the best prices. There is no better than Hot Apple Pie and Cinnamon Buns, oh and Christmas Splendor, Sweep Potato Pie, well I could go on forever but I won't :) Thanks NG for your wonderful products, and awesome customer service!"
Posted by Tami Loewen of GrubbyLand Candles
"I want to offer my customers the finest candles on the market; therefore, I buy my supplies from Nature's Garden. Natures Garden offers high quality products with a wide variety of choices for their customers. Deb and the rest of the crew seem to go out of their way for their customers. If you are looking for a product that Natures Garden doesn't carry, Deb will do her best to find it for you. The girls in customer service are always a pleasure to talk to too. When you cal Natures Garden to place an order, you don't just feel like another number. They seem to take the time to get to know their customers and make them feel like family."
Posted by Tammy Thompson of Scentsational Candles
"My number 1 reason I chose NG as my favorite supplier is their customer service! When I first started thing about making candles, I searched the internet and the first website I came across was NG's. I bought a kit, and the kit came with COMPLETE instructions! (Actually the manual should be renamed Candle Making for Dummies...LOL) I checked the message board many times during the day asking for help, and most times it was Deborah who answered my questions. I've been a loyal customer for 3 years now, and have never been disappointed. The second reason I buy from NG is their prices. I can buy most products from NG and have them shipped to Wisconsin, cheaper than I can buy right here in Wisconsin! The third reason, is fast shipping! So those are my 3 reasons why I chose NG as my favorite supplier!"
Posted by Tamie Kautzer of Candle Classic's By Tamie
"Nature's Garden is the greatest...I am married to mister penny pincher. In February I wanted to start making soy candles because besides myself, my extended family was also into soy candles. Before buying anything, Bill will research, compare prices, ect....Well...guess what! He found you & was very impressed with your site & feedback. I checked it out and fell in love right away! We, along with our customers love your scents & how authentic they are to the brand names, also your own creations are great. The timely shipping (the extra mile that goes into each box is appreciated too), extra savings on bundle orders, help boards, ect..., I could go on & on. Keep up the great work & don't change a thing! (Except for adding more scents!)"
Posted by Becky Anderson of Lowry Candle Co
"I choose to buy from Natures Garden because they have a wonderful selection of products and everything that I have tried has been fabulous! I found Natures Garden right after starting on my journey down the addicting road called "candle-making" and they have an extremely informative site for those who are just starting out. They have everything that you could possibly need right there on the site and that is a big PLUS. I have recommended them many times and will continue to do so. Simply put, Natures Garden is a wonderful company to buy from, great scents, friendly folks and wonderful customer service. What more could you ask for?"
Posted by Crystal Matthaei of Reflections
"I choose to buy my supplies from Natures Garden because I've always received my orders quickly and I absolutely love the variety of fragrances that they offer. I know that I can count on them to get my order to me promptly and I never have to double check on it like I had to do with previous suppliers. I also really love that they take requests for fragrances. Just that alone shows that they're willing to go that extra mile beyond and it has made me a lifetime customer for sure!"
Posted by Angela Halsey
"As a supplier to the retail and wholesale market, we are picky. Suppliers must meet our standards. We can only provide great candles if we have great material to work with. Their customer service is outstanding. They are professional, and yet, make you feel as though you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with them. Deborah and her staff at Natures Garden have not only met our expectations, they have exceeded them."
Posted by Debbie Alexander of Bunny's Burrow
"Natures Garden wants you to succeed! Their website provides a wealth of information for both the beginner and the seasoned candle and soap maker. The customer service is outstanding! If anyone is looking for a company who listens to their customers' needs, look no further. Superior products, excellent selection, fantastic prices, fast shipping, coupled with an awesome staff and an easy to navigate website. They have been the major contributor to my success. "
Posted by Gayle Brossard of Daydream Candleworks
"I was first drawn to Natures Garden because of the wonderful class manuals. When I started my candle business, I followed the manuals and it was such a big help! Then, I started purchasing all of my supplies from Natures Garden, and I haven't looked back! The fragrances are unsurpassed, the selection is overwhelming, and the prices are really great! Not to mention the fast turn around time on my orders. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
Posted by Kristen Graves of Making Scents Candle Co
"I think that Natures Garden is the BEST supplier on the internet! They are wonderful to deal with! The staff is helpful and friendly. They always take the time to help their customers with questions and problems. Their products are of utmost quality with VERY good prices! They take the time to listen to what their customers want and do their best to provide it for them. Their selection of fragrances have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years adding what their customers are asking for. They have very detailed and helpful information on how to use and sell their products to make you the best in your town! I LOVE Natures Garden! Thank You!"
Posted by JoAnne Sharkey
"I order from Natures Garden because I love Joy Wax A friend taught me how to make candles and tarts and would sometimes add a small amount of Joy to her soy flakes to improve the texture and appearance of her products. When I started my business, I began using only Joy and was amazed at the creamy texture. My tarts never flake or mushroom and hold their color and fragrance for months."
Posted by Linda East of Bluegrass Soy Candles
"I like life natural. That's how I think of Natures Garden. I looked for a reputable company from which to buy my supplies. I found Natures Garden, fell in love, and, well, the rest is history. Their website's easy to navigate, VERY informative, and I get answers to my questions yesterday! It's nice to know someone cares about me and my product. After all, their name is on the line, too."
Posted by Dave & Audrey Beaty
"I chose Natures Garden candles after hours of research on the internet. I came to the conclusion Natures Garden Candles had the most comprehensive and wide range of knowledge. This system, I felt, was the best for me to begin with because of the clear directions. After receiving the products, I am so pleased because I don't need to go to any other site or supplier for my needs."
Posted by Regina Hampton
"Natures Garden is our candle company because they offer the best service, thank you Dreama, quality containers, great smelling fragrances and best of all, JOY WAX. Since we began using Joy Wax our sales have tripled. Our candles look, smell and burn nicer than any other soy candles we have tested. Keep up the good work Natures Garden. Wax on Tap and our customers depend on you for all our candle making needs. Thank you!"
Posted by Lynn Davis of Wax on Tap
"I happily buy all of my candle and soap supplies from Nature's Garden. Their products are of high quality, there's a wide variety of materials, and the cheap prices make them absolutely wonderful! The best part about Nature's Garden is they care about their customers. The website that is being created is a perfect example of the generosity that they possess at Natures Garden."
Posted by Ashley Murdock of Common Scents
"Natures Garden is a unique and complete company to assist and supply products to novice and accomplished candle makers. As a newcomer to the fragrance industry, I have already realized the importance to be associated with Natures Garden. They are on the cutting edge of creating and improving all aspects of the fragrance industry. With Natures Garden's assistance and guidance, a fragrance business has the opportunity to become an elite company in serving their industry."
Posted by Albert O. Wilson of Alorins Fragrances & More
"Natures Garden outshines all the companies that I have used in getting our company of Candles & Mor started. They are very helpful with any question that I have and are always delighted when I relate any success that we have. They strive to find companies that will produce the best in everything they sell to us and are always asking for our input as to how they can improve their products. I appreciate them very much."
Posted by Barbara Sharp of Candles & Mor
"The reason I choose to buy from Natures Garden is simple. I love the fact that they are located in Ohio and I can receive my order the very next day. This is very convenient to me and to my customers. I also happen to LOVE their products. They have the best fragrance oils to choose from and they always seem to have them in stock. They are very nice people to do business with."
Posted by Debra Hojnacki of Candle Creations by Deb
"I choose Natures Garden because they are fast and efficient when they receive an order. Anyone in business knows it is crucial to have the product on hand when you need it. Their variety of selection is second to none and they are knowledgeable about the products they sell. Last and most important to me is they are reasonably priced. This allows me to stay competitive in the field."
Posted by Sherrie and Don Benhart of Butternut Hollow Crafts
"Three years ago, I began researching on the internet for a cottage business that I could do at home since I home school my two children. I stumbled across Natures Garden Candles by doing a search on Yahoo. I went to the site, and became very impressed with the wealth of information that the company was giving away (ie: the candlemaking manual, ect.). I printed the information and literally ate, slept and drank candlemaking. And to be perfectly honest, it is because of Natures Garden that I began my quest for testing and ordering candle supplies."
Posted by Sonya Maddox of Candle Cafe
"T C Company first came across Natures Garden while searching for products we would use in our new business. We ordered some different items to try and were soon ordering again. Natures Garden has some of the most wonderful oils for soaps, lotions, and candles. We use the goat's milk multi-base lotion that their company offers, it is awesome."
Posted by Thad & Cassandra Stanley of TC & Company
"I buy from Natures Garden because they help my business grow. NG's products are top notch and their customer service has always been there to answer my questions. Their quality of fragrances are superb and amazingly they seek our opinions on future scent additions. You won't find that anywhere else than Natures Garden. I just wanted to take the time to thank NG for all they do. When customers call because they can't get enough of a scent-that's NG. When I can't keep my nose out of the fragrance bottles-that's because of NG. And when I have returning customers that help my business grow-that's NG. Thank you NG for being an excellent supplier. Keep up the good work."
Posted by Wendy K
"I have been making candles for about 10 months now. When I started, I went to the craft store and bought all my supplies and made my first batch. It only took that one batch to tell me this wasn't the candle I was looking for. So I logged on the internet and found a couple suppliers close to me. As I was looking I came across Natures Garden, I couldn't believe how much information was there, let alone all the lessons. I thought if they take this much time to help people make candles then they have to be good. So, I got on got on the phone and put my order in. I was shocked when they said they'd have it ready for pick up in an hour or so. I was out the door! When I got there; the people were so helpful. They talked to me about all the scents and let me smell them for what seemed like hours! Well, I had to add a little more to my order then. I've been using your products ever since. I've always gotten fast, friendly service and you take extra time to answer all my questions. The only thing I would like to see is a showroom to shop in."
Posted by Kim Bailey
"I purchase the vast majority of my supplies at Natures Garden, because I trust in a company that believes in its' customers and is willing to help them succeed. When I first visited Natures Garden, it was to purchase a candlemaking starter kit. The salesgirl was very helpful in answering every question I posed to her. She made what I thought was going to be an interesting way to pass an hour or two seem so much more exciting! By the time I left the store, I couldn't wait to begin making candles. I followed the instructions given, and my handmade candles turned out beautifully! The instructions provided in the starter kits are very detailed and simple to follow. With my success in container candles, I branched out into testing gel candles, soy candles, and eventually votives. I tested extensively and with the help of the Natures Garden online manual began the process of starting my own candlemaking business. I am still a rather small candlemaker compared to many of my competitors, but I am confident that I am putting an exceptional product out there. I am very confident of this fact because the people at Natures Garden do all they can to help you succeed. The company is constantly asking for input from its' customers on how it can better serve, and in response, they provide the candlemakers with the tools to provide more quality products to our customers! I think this a winning relationship for all involved, and that is why I will continue to purchase my supplies from Natures Garden and support them in all that they do."
Posted by Kelly Croasmun
"Natures Garden is a wonderful company. There are several reasons as to why they are the company of my choice, and why I choose them over the thousands of candle companies on the web. The very first and most important to me is the way they cater to their customers. Being new to the business, Natures Garden was the only company that offered all the information I needed to make candles and start my own business. Everyone on the message boards are more than willing to help anyone with anything. They are more than just a company to earn a dollar, they really care about their customers. Another reason they are the company of my choice is because of their outstanding service. The fast reliable delivery is just amazing. I have never had any delivery as fast, as I have had with them. My last but not least reason for choosing them is because of their prices and quality of their products. The shipping charges are the cheapest I have been able to find on the net. I did alot of searches and even if I did find products cheaper, the shipping made my order more than what I would pay at Natures Garden. The quality of the products are just outstanding. I could not ask for better. Natures Garden is all in all just a fantastically run company for all these reasons and more. For as long as I continue with my business, I will be a happy customer of theirs. Thank you for being a great company."
Posted by Tammy Fisher