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Fresh Peach Fragrance Oil

Fresh Peach Fragrance Oil

Fresh Peach Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a juicy fresh ripened peach. The best Peach you will ever find!   A Best Seller! 

NG Recommended Fragrance Usage:  Fresh Peach Wholesale Fragrance Oil:  The percentages listed below reflect our maximum suggested fragrance usage in the corresponding finished products.  To review the IFRA Certificate of Compliance for this particular fragrance, please refer to the link at the bottom of this page.

    Vegetable Waxes & Paraffin Wax Maximum Use 10%
    Potpourri & Incense Maximum Use 50%
    Bath Oils, Soaps, Bath Gels Maximum Use 5%
    Lotions & Perfumes Maximum Use 5%
    Cleaning Products Maximum Use 5%

Please Note:  Due to the fact that our fragrances are 100% concentrated, we suggest that you test our fragrances in finished products before you make any conclusions about our fragrances.  Since our fragrances are so strong, we suggest only using 1/2 ounce to 1.0 ounce of fragrance per pound of candle wax.

Coloring Suggestions:   Fresh Peach Wholesale Fragrance Oil:

    Candles 4 drops orange liquid candle dye or a small amount of shredded orange color block per 4 pounds of wax.  Never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.
    Bath/Body Products Orange liquid soap dye in the amount you desire.  Never use candle dye in any body products.

Important Fragrance Specifics:   Fresh Peach Wholesale Fragrance Oil:

    Phthalate-Free & Nitro Musk Free Fragrance  Yes
    Flash Point of Fragrance  240F
    Vanillin Content of Fragrance (In the event that a fragrance contains vanillin, it may tend to discolor bath and body products and soap.  Please test thoroughly.)  0%
    Gel Wax Compatible Yes

 Fragrance Testing -Performance in Various Applications-   Fresh Peach Wholesale Fragrance Oil:  Note: Our testing notes should never take the place of your own personal testing.  Always test fragrance in all applications.  We do not take responsibility for our test results differing from your test results.  Natures Garden is not responsible for any finished products made with our raw ingredients.  These cold process soap results were done by hand mixing.  Stick blenders can help to incorporate fragrance back into the soap in the event that it rices during the mixing process.  Fragrances containing vanilla ingredients may discolor soap. Vanilla White Color stabilizer may help prevent discoloration due to vanilla.  However, there are more than 40 ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing that may contribute to discoloration of products. 

    Candles Performs perfectly in joy wax, wow wax, and is nice and strong in soy wax.

    Soap (Cold Process Results)

    Very well behaved, no acceleration, no discoloration. 
    Perfumes Performs perfectly
    Bath & Body Products Performed well
    Room Scenting Nice and strong in aroma beads.

Fragrance Oil Specifics
View MSDS Sheet / IFRA Certificate
EU Allergen Data Sheet

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Write an online review and share your thoughts with other viewers! Please review fragrances after you have put them in a finished product. Fragrances smell differently in finished products than they do in the bottle. All reviews that follow our rules will be posted.

Avg. Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 46

5 out of 5 stars Strong and peachy!! 05/20/2013
Reviewer: Autumn from Pittsburgh, PA
I love peachy scents and this one is super peachy! It is nice and strong too. I had one customer say it smelled like watermelon jolly ranchers but they still liked it. Everyone that smells it loves it. I cant wait to try it in CP but in the soy lotion base it is killer and same goes for bath salts. This scent is a keeper.
4 out of 5 stars A juicy peach! 05/11/2013
Reviewer: Liz Holding from Vandalia, IL US
I would have to agree with reviewers that said this morphed in CP ... Smells amazing OOB, but smells kinda strange in the soap, even after curing for 4 weeks now. I will probably have to give it another shot for lotions and body sprays, and I imagine it would fare well in HP or rebatch soap. It behaved well, just didn't last
1 out of 5 stars No scent at all 04/26/2013
Reviewer: Georgina Church from Oshawa, Ontario CA
This has no scent whatsoever in my CP soap. If anything it has just given the soap a 'strange' smell. It barely smells in the bottle either ? I couldnt be more disappointed.
3 out of 5 stars Do NOT use for CP Soap! 01/02/2013
Reviewer: Andrea Susak from Surrey, BC CANADA
This is a truly lovely Peach scent. It made a great lotion, unfortunately the scent morphed big time in my CP soap. It almost smelled minty - quite strange. It was the first time I had tried a faux-funnel pour, and while it looks great, it does NOT smell so great!
3 out of 5 stars Not impressed 10/07/2012
Reviewer: Mary Ann Gordon from Pawleys Island, SC US
I used this in CP at a rate of 1oz/lb of soap. Can BARELY smell the peach. Smells GREAT OOB. I put a small swirl of vanilla buttercream in the top and it overpowers it. I made it last night and cut today, so will have to see if the scent comes out while curing. Going to do some lotion, so hope it does better in that.
5 out of 5 stars Yummy! 05/29/2012
Reviewer: Craftologist from West Memphis, AR US
I did know that Peach was such a popular scent to customers! I sell out everytime, whether it's in a lotion or room spray!! Great job NG!
3 out of 5 stars Not the same in Cold Process Soap :} 03/18/2012
Reviewer: Jennifer T from Sand Springs, OK US
I love this in everything I make it in and it is one of my best sellers but in CP soap you lose the fresh cut peach smell. It still is very peachy but not the same.
5 out of 5 stars Nice 01/30/2012
Reviewer: Tasha from Central, SC US
I think this scent could be a tad bit stronger. I like how it smells in my finished product but I have to put my nose up close to gather the scent. May just need to use the highest percent of FO in my lotion/butter.
5 out of 5 stars Scook 01/16/2012
Reviewer: Sylvia Cook from Douglasville, GA US
This is a great makes you want eat it. I made a peach pie candle for my mom for Christmas and had to make a real one because it made us hungry for one. I am ordering another bottle because I have more orders.
5 out of 5 stars Fresh Peach Punch 12/28/2011
Reviewer: Mitchell from Peoria, AZ
This is the best peach fragrance you can get. Imagine biting into a peach pulled right from the tree…. THIS IS IT! It’s not some sweet fake peach. It’s a fresh, invigorating, and vibrant scent! I’ve used it in solid lotion bars and MP soap. CP soap is next
4 out of 5 stars I call it Soft Peach 09/21/2011
Reviewer: Naomi Terry ~ Quadra Island Soap ~ from Quathiaski Cove, BC CA
It is wonderful OOTB but faded somewhat in CP soap. It has been a month and scent is still there and still very nice. Might add more scent next time!
4 out of 5 stars Wish it was stronger 08/05/2011
Reviewer: yummystuh from Ontario,Canada
In my quest to find a true peach, this one is very close. It smells wonderful but i wish it was a bit stronger. Still the soap turned out wonderfully and is a big hit!
5 out of 5 stars Just Peachy 07/27/2011
Reviewer: Jennifer Pike from Laguna Niguel, CA US
I love this scent in lotion, I want to eat out of the bottle. It literally smells like the freshest peach you have ever smelled. I cannot wait to put it in other products.
5 out of 5 stars Best seller by far!! 12/20/2010
Reviewer: Jennifer T. from Sand Springs, OK US
Had a customer ask for a peach and naturally turned to NG for the oil and was I inpressed. Very nice and a perfect peach scent. Smells like a fresh cut peach, you can just taste it. Great OOB and in tarts/candles. The best by far!!!!
5 out of 5 stars Amazing! 03/23/2010
Reviewer: LT from California
This is the best Peach scent I have ever smelled. I have bought some from other companies and they ended up being tossed out. This scent is dead on! No artificial smell at all - it truly smells like a fresh peach! Thank you NG!
4 out of 5 stars Just Peachy 02/05/2010
Reviewer: Erica Fitzgerald from Akron, OH US
This is a genuine fresh peach scent. There is no "fake" peachy smell to me at all. It ended up having a great cold throw and an okay hot throw for me, at 1 1/2 oz per pound in soy, but this may be b/c of my testing. I will probably try another sample to test with other wicks, b/c this is definitely one for peach-lovers.
5 out of 5 stars Just like a real peach! 08/13/2009
Reviewer: Daphne Wang from San Jose, CA US
Wow, this one smells soo juicy and delicious!
5 out of 5 stars Love it! 05/21/2009
Reviewer: Meagan from APO, AE US
Smells exactly like a ripe juicey peach picked right off the tree!
5 out of 5 stars Excellent! 03/12/2009
Reviewer: Kali from Arkansas, US
This is NOT a sickly-sweet so called peach fragrance I'm used to. It's exactly like a real peach, and smells so delicious you almost want to bite into these soaps!! It's also one of the few fragrances that has stayed 'true' in bath salts, which tend to change the scents of FO's slightly. This will stay a part of my bath and body line from now on!
5 out of 5 stars Very Realistic Juicy Peach Scent! 02/26/2009
Reviewer: Diana from Pennsylvania
Wow--What A GREAT SCENT!!! I had received a peach fragrance oil from another supplier that smelled so chemically and artificial I had to look for a replacement. Then I thought of Nature's Garden for NATURAL smelling fruit fragrance oils and am so glad I ordered the fresh peach! It smells EXACTLY like a sweet, ripe, juicy peach after you've bitten into it. It is awesome in lotion, body splash and shower gel (I do not soap or make candles). I only wish it were a bit stronger simply because I can't get enough of this scent. No artificial or chemical notes at all. Thank you NG--I've found exactly what I was looking for in a peach scent.
3 out of 5 stars not for CP but great for other applications 11/13/2008
Reviewer: Kristie from Cando, ND US
I used this in RTCP soap and the scent was extremely faint at the rate of 1 oz PPO. I don't think I would waste the oils on doing another batch. BUT on the plus side it's a great fragrance and smells wonderful when it's used for other products. Bath salts, lotions/creams, scrubs, etc. I would buy it just for those items alone. I don't do MP so I can't say how it would work, but I believe it would work great because of the nature of how MP works.
4 out of 5 stars Just like a peach 09/06/2008
Reviewer: Lori Earle from Indiana, US
I have gotten other peach FO's from another supplier and they did not smell anything like a real peach, this one smells just like a fresh peach it's amazing. It is so strong in my wickless candles and tarts.
5 out of 5 stars Wonderful fragrance! 04/12/2008
Reviewer: A viewer from Knoxville, TN US
This is such a great peach scent! It works very well in the NG aroma beads! I can almost smell the peach fuzz in this oil!
4 out of 5 stars Yum! 03/27/2008
Reviewer: Krystina Murray from Lithonia, GA US
i liked it, and have had success with this scent.
2 out of 5 stars Very disappointed with this for CP soap 02/07/2008
Reviewer: Mary Moeggenborg from Alma, MI US
I have mixed feelings about this fragrance. I ordered it to make CP soap. I used it at .7 oz. per pound. The peach smell disappeared as soon as the lye hit the oils. Now, it is a very nice fragrance and I ended up using it in some candles. As a candle fragrance I would give this 4 stars - not very strong throw. But, I didn't order it for candles. I ordered it for CP soap and it didn't do very well there.
5 out of 5 stars Very peachy 12/08/2007
Reviewer: Maya from St Paul, MN US
This soap was very peachy. I made it into an oatmeal bar an it smelled good enough to eat.
3 out of 5 stars Good cold throw 11/06/2007
Reviewer: Stephanie Cox from Boonville, MO US
I thought this one would be better. It smells just like a fresh juicy peach, but it's not very strong. Had customers complain. I added more fragrance oil, but it didn't help much.
5 out of 5 stars Great Fragrance 10/06/2007
Reviewer: Mary Kilgore from Tennessee
This smells so much like a fresh peach I wanted to bite the bottle. It has to be the best peach I have ever smelled.
5 out of 5 stars Wonderful 08/28/2007
Reviewer: Zelphia Plunk from Texarkana, TX US
This has the Best Fragrance throw. Very strong
5 out of 5 stars Just like the name 07/09/2007
Reviewer: Lynda Smith from Birmingham, AL US
Smells like Fresh Peaches. Strong enough. Very yummy in bath products.
5 out of 5 stars True Peach Smell 07/02/2007
Reviewer: A viewer from Sandy Ridge, NC US
I can't begin to tell you how good this is! I did this scent for my Aunt, who says every peach she had ever bought in a candle had an undertone of floral. But this oil is a very true, just like slicing into a ripe juicy peach and taking a bite, it's awesome!!!
5 out of 5 stars Great fragrance! 06/01/2007
Reviewer: A viewer from Kansas City, MO US
Great fragrance! Great cold throw!
5 out of 5 stars JUST PEACHY!! 05/05/2007
Reviewer: Annie from Forked River, NJ US
This is a wonderful peach scent ... very true to its name...very strong hot/cold throw in candles!! Just Peachyyyyyy!!! (((smile)))
5 out of 5 stars Good Enough To Eat! 04/04/2007
Reviewer: Tina Reid from TN US
This is a fabulous peach scent! It is wonderful in 100% soy. Love it! It is a great seller too!
5 out of 5 stars Incredible!!!!! 03/01/2007
Reviewer: Kristen Brown from VA US
Incredible! This scent smells JUST like a peach!!! I'm loving this scent, and it's definitely being added to my line! I've had several people ask me for a peach, and I've found a winner! Used ratio of 1.5 ounces per lb. of soy wax.
5 out of 5 stars Yummy! 02/20/2007
Reviewer: Helene Tapp from Las Vegas, NV US
Good enough to eat. Made a soap with this and when my daughter used it the whole bathroom smelled like an orchard. This one's a keeper.
5 out of 5 stars It really is FRESH PEACH! 12/06/2006
Reviewer: Christy Collins from Willits, CA US
A great version of peach. None of that perfumy smell. I used it in CP soap at .5 ppo and will probably bump it up a bit next time.
5 out of 5 stars SMELLS LIKE A PEACH 10/04/2006
Reviewer: A viewer from IL US
This smells just like a peach. Great scent throw hot and cold. Used in 100% Soy wax.
4 out of 5 stars Just Peachy!!!!! 08/16/2006
Reviewer: Annie from New Jersey
My peach pie candles and peach preserve gel candles fly off the self!! This is a keeper!!
5 out of 5 stars Heavenly 07/14/2006
Reviewer: Tina Reid from Tennessee
This is the very best peach scent around! It smells good enough to eat. I love this scent and so do my customers. You can not go wrong adding this one to your line. I use 100% soy and the hot and cold throws are awesome!
5 out of 5 stars WONDERFUL 02/08/2006
Reviewer: Dena Elliott from Killeen, TX US
I can't believe this scent,,,unbelievable! I also use this one as a mixer, on occasion. Peachberry,,peach mixed with strawberries and raspberries,,fresh! But great by itself~
5 out of 5 stars Superb! 11/30/2005
Reviewer: Stephanie DeChant from Elyria, OH US
The only thing I can say about this scent is like being surrounded by nothing but peaches! A must have!
5 out of 5 stars Must have! Best seller! Must Have! 11/16/2005
Reviewer: Darlene Renna from Philadelphia, NY US
You have to get this scent! The best way to describe this scent is go to the market pick up a fresh fuzzy peach, cut it open and take a sniff. This scent is the best peach scent ever! Best seller and a favorite of mine also. Great scent throw hot/cold and a must have for me!
5 out of 5 stars Great Scent 09/28/2005
Reviewer: A viewer from Scottsboro, AL US
This FO really smells like fresh peaches. Most fruit FO have a fuel/plastic smell, not this one.Reminds of a peach orchard of very ripe peaches. A must have, if you love fresh fruit smells.
5 out of 5 stars excellent 09/06/2005
Reviewer: Darla Leiker ( from McPherson, KS US
The best peach you will ever smell...I make soap, and no one can believe how much it smells exactly like a fresh soft over-ripe peach
4 out of 5 stars Really Nice Peach Scent 08/31/2005
Reviewer: Karen N from midwest
Very nice peach without that plastic smell that some peach scents have. Scent throw is excellent in my soy blend.

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