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Hippy Christmas Fragrance Oil

Hippy Christmas Fragrance Oil

Hippy Christmas Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is an earthy blend of fresh patchouli, herbal sandalwood, with hints of strawberry and raspberry with a down of fresh vanilla and peppermint leaf. An NG Original Fragrance!


NG Recommended Fragrance Usage:  Hippy Christmas Wholesale Fragrance Oil:  The percentages listed below reflect our maximum suggested fragrance usage in the corresponding finished products.  To review the IFRA Certificate of Compliance for this particular fragrance, please refer to the link at the bottom of this page.

    Vegetable Waxes & Paraffin Wax Maximum Use 10%
    Potpourri & Incense Maximum Use 50%
    Bath Oils, Soaps, Bath Gels Maximum Use 5%
    Lotions & Perfumes Maximum Use 5%
    Cleaning Products Maximum Use 5%

Please Note:  Due to the fact that our fragrances are 100% concentrated, we suggest that you test our fragrances in finished products before you make any conclusions about our fragrances.  Since our fragrances are so strong, we suggest only using 1/2 ounce to 1.0 ounce of fragrance per pound of candle wax.

Coloring Suggestions:  Hippy Christmas Wholesale Fragrance Oil:

    Candles 5 drops red liquid candle dye or a small amount of shredded red color block per 4 pounds of wax.  Never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.
    Bath/Body Products Red liquid soap dye in the amount you desire.  Never use candle dye in any body products.

Important Fragrance Specifics:  Hippy Christmas Wholesale Fragrance Oil:

    Phthalate-Free & Nitro Musk Free Fragrance Yes 
    Flash Point of Fragrance 200F 
    Vanillin Content of Fragrance (In the event that a fragrance contains vanillin, it may tend to discolor bath and body products and soap.  Please test thoroughly.) 1.75% 
    Gel Wax Compatibility
    (It is your responsibility to test each fragrance purchase.)

 Fragrance Testing -Performance in Various Applications-  Hippy Christmas Wholesale Fragrance Oil:  Note: Our testing notes should never take the place of your own personal testing.  Always test fragrance in all applications.  We do not take responsibility for our test results differing from your test results.  Natures Garden is not responsible for any finished products made with our raw ingredients.  These cold process soap results were done by hand mixing.  Stick blenders can help to incorporate fragrance back into the soap in the event that it rices during the mixing process.  Fragrances containing vanilla ingredients may discolor soap. Vanilla White Color stabilizer may help prevent discoloration due to vanilla.  However, there are more than 40 ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing that may contribute to discoloration of products. 

    Candles Performs perfectly in joy wax, wow wax, and is nice and strong in soy wax.

    Soap (Cold Process Results)

    Some acceleration.  Discolors  to a medium tan.  Scent holds very well!  
    Perfumes Performs perfectly
    Bath & Body Products Performed well
    Room Scenting Nice and strong in aroma beads.

Fragrance Oil Specifics
View MSDS Sheet / IFRA Certificate
EU Allergen Data Sheet

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Write an online review and share your thoughts with other viewers! Please review fragrances after you have put them in a finished product. Fragrances smell differently in finished products than they do in the bottle. All reviews that follow our rules will be posted.

Avg. Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 28

5 out of 5 stars Love This Fragrance 09/23/2013
Reviewer: A viewer from Santa Rosa, CA US
This is a comforting scent, in cold process soap it is holding very well. I don't smell the patchouli, for me it is a complex scent that is difficult to describe. I took a small sample to work, and everyone loved it, I have 75% of my log sold and it still has to finish curing. I really think this scent would be good any month of the year.
5 out of 5 stars Nice 09/18/2013
Reviewer: Christine from Kensington, MD US
I'm not a fan of patchouli, but this one's good. Peppermint really brightens it up. Very nice in CP soap. I love unusual Christmas scents!
5 out of 5 stars Yum! 07/09/2013
Reviewer: Bryce Jenkins from Hobbs, NM US
OOB I really wasn't sure about this. Once poured, it reminded me of something but couldn't quite place it. In the middle of the night I awoke with a start (heehee, Christmas joke), and remembered what it smells like. Peppermint Patties. Those yummy chocolatey covered peppermint delights. So I'm not really sure this is specifically a Christmas scent...but it is a nice twist on it. I like it!
4 out of 5 stars For the patchouli lovers 03/21/2013
Dominating scents are patchouli and peppermint. If you are a die hard patchouli fan then you will like the twist on this fragrance. Hot and cold scent throw very nice.
5 out of 5 stars Love, Love, Love this scent 12/28/2012
Reviewer: Bonnie Jackson from Everett, WA US
If you were to ask me if I thought peppermint and patchouli would be a great mix I would have said no! But as they are two of my favorite scents separately I just had to try it. This is my new personal favorite! I sold out my first batch of candles by Christmas eve! Great scent throw! This is a year round keeper!!
5 out of 5 stars love this one 07/09/2012
Reviewer: Bohemian from Wichita, KS US
I sell this scent year round, of course giving it a new name. The peppermint blends great with the other scents making it very comforting. Great for candles and bath bombs. Very gypsy like :)
5 out of 5 stars The best chrismas scent ever! 02/10/2011
Reviewer: Dutchy from Vlissingen, The Netherlands
This one is both very peculiar and intoxicating at the same time. Very complex, potent and soaps wonderfully. Absolutely no discoloration whatsoever!
4 out of 5 stars Best seller 01/25/2011
Reviewer: June Churchill from Oneonta, NY US
I have used this fragrance in soy tarts as well as goats milk soaps. It did not turn my soap black as someone else has stated. Lovely throw in soy. This fragrance is so popular for me I have changed the name to Hippy Time for an all year round scent
5 out of 5 stars A calming fragrance 01/17/2011
Reviewer: Ravens from Northeast TX
I was reluctant to try this fragrance, but I'm glad I did. Customers love it. They tell me it's a very clean, fresh scent that promotes relaxation. Strong throw in my parasoy. Thanks NG!
1 out of 5 stars Odd Smell 01/01/2011
Reviewer: Tom Jackson from Austin, TX US
This fragrance smelled complex and interesting in the bottle, but once put into soy candles, it smelled very medicinal. I gave a candle to a friend who said it smelled like soap when she burned it.
1 out of 5 stars Very minty, not for milk soaps 12/07/2010
Reviewer: Brenda E. from Yucaipa, CA US
This oil has a very pepperminty scent. It also turns milk soaps almost black.
5 out of 5 stars Another keeper! 10/31/2010
Reviewer: Christine Hobbs from Toledo, OH US
Really like this one, it has a very strong throw in para/soy blend, very calming with the peppermint and patchouli. I also mix it with Sugar cookie to give it a little sweeter throw.
5 out of 5 stars something different 02/21/2009
Reviewer: Robert Dembinsky from Manassas, VA US
You can really smell the mint and vanilla here, but they are not overpowering. A nice calm scent.
5 out of 5 stars Great seller for soy candles 12/01/2008
Reviewer: A viewer from tx
I've been using Hippy Christmas for a couple of years now. The only thing I was doing wrong was making a small quantity. The more candles I make, THE MORE I SELL! This f/o has great throw hot and cold! Customers love the name and the aroma after they pick it up! This is an all year seller....just rename it. I'll order more after the holidays. Thanks NG. This will be a permanent fragrance in my soy candle line.
4 out of 5 stars Unique 11/03/2008
Reviewer: Melissa Bradley from Palm City, FL US
I like it, it's different, in a good way.
5 out of 5 stars nice 12/21/2007
Reviewer: Khanh Nguyen from San Jose, CA US
This is a very calming smell, I rename it to sell year round. Great for the winter season.
5 out of 5 stars My New Favorite!!! 12/02/2007
Reviewer: Katherine Baker from Las Vegas, NV US
I made incense with this scent and it smells incredible burning. I sent out samples of this and everyone has come back for more. Will be carrying this year round.
4 out of 5 stars Another great one! 10/10/2007
Reviewer: Leann Oppel from Pennsylvania, USA
Unique for a patchouli option. I can smell the patch with hints of mint and vanilla. Soft and understated. Growing steadily in popularity. Will rename for after the holidays. Does discolor to an off white/slight beige. Good job NG!
5 out of 5 stars I've fallen in love 10/07/2007
Reviewer: janicat from Utah
I honestly wasn't sure what to expect after reading the reviews, I am charmed. I made soy tarts for friends to sample and everyone loves it, and the name! May change the name to candy cane wishes and sugar plum dreams to make this fantastic scent more accessible to the general public. The patchouli is hardly noticable for you patchouli haters, I found it to be more of a soft vanilla mint with a hint of pine and berry. intriguing!
5 out of 5 stars Got as gift and love it 08/06/2007
Reviewer: Pamela Green from Orlando, FL US
I received this as a gift and used it today in soy candles it was wonderful. I do not really like patcholi but this has changed my mind. Will make this one of my staple fragrance. Thank you for this unquie fragrance.
5 out of 5 stars soy candles 06/03/2007
Reviewer: A viewer from texas
I've been using this f/o in 100% soy candles for a couple of years. People are asking for it all year long now, so it is remaining a permanent part of my soy candle line. It's a wonderful blend that is very appealing and is light on the patchouli. I have renamed it for the rest of the year, keeping the Hippy in the name. That alone makes everyone pick up the candle. Thanks NG for this fragrance!
5 out of 5 stars Truly gorgeous 06/01/2007
Reviewer: Nikki Bond from Robinvale, Victoria AUSTRALIA
I absolutely ADORE this scent. It's like a snug and cosy soft peppermint. Feels really soothing and homely. The other additions to the peppermint compliment it perfectly serving to tone down the iciness and make it kind of snuggly and warm. Both hot and cold throw in soy is fantastic -nice and strong. And the scent in tart form seems to last forever. Just re-light over and over. It seems to cling to all your furnishings and keep scenting long after extinguishing. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.
5 out of 5 stars Sold out again-Hippy Christmas 100% Soy Candles in 11/11/2006
Reviewer: A viewer from Pflugerville, TX US
You'll not find anything like this Hippy Christmas anywhere else! I've sold out at two market shows, and am ordering more. Thanks NG for another unique fragrance that has proven very popular again and again!
5 out of 5 stars Interesting.... 11/07/2006
Reviewer: Kristen Goble from Rantoul, IL US
This is not your normal x-mas scent but it is nice. You can really smell the patchouli. I have a couple customers that like just the patchouli so I am sure they are going to love this one. Have to wait and see. Used in 100% Soy wax. Great hot and cold scent throw.
5 out of 5 stars Great fragrance! 02/06/2006
Reviewer: DeAnna Outlaw from Evansville, IN US
I renamed this fragrance and sell it year-round. It has a wonderful scent throw in soy candles. The note that really stands out for me is the peppermint. If you have never tried this fragrance, don't be afraid of the patchouli. It isn't overwhelming and seems to compliment the mix.
5 out of 5 stars A great one for the flower child in everyone! 11/14/2005
Reviewer: Suzanne Chaney from Nicholasville, KY US
This scent is a great seller for me at the Holidays. I had people asking for it in September!
5 out of 5 stars takes me back in time. I love it and so do my cus 11/02/2005
Reviewer: Rhonda Harper from Carlsbad, NM US
Great fragrance!! I love the earthy hint found in this unusual fragrance for the holidays. Different than most....that's what makes it so great!
2 out of 5 stars Great hot/cold throw in Joy.... 09/11/2005
Reviewer: A viewer from elyria, OH US
I just didn't care for this fragrance. It throws great, but just a little too "earthy" for me I guess!

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