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Pedestal Cups- BULK BUY (1320)

Pedestal Cups-  BULK BUY (1320)

CLEARANCE!!!!  ONCE WE SELL OUT, WE WILL NO LONGER BE CARRYING THESE!   Try some of our Polycarbonate pedistal cups/molds! Our polycarbonate pedestal cups were designed with special pedestals on the bottom of them to help prevent counter surfaces from getting too hot. These molds produce 1 oz. candles which have a burn time of approximately 7 hours. Polycarbonate allows votives to set up faster, and provides a glossier finish than metal molds. You can use these as attractive tea light holders, or as molds. Spray molds with Pam cooking spray to help wax release. Available in the following colors: Red, blue, green, and clear.   Please note:  never leave wicks unattended.  When using as a tea light holder, make sure that you maintain your wicks.  Burn candles for 1/2 hour at a time.  Never use a wick that burns too hot for the diameter it was designed to be used for.  These cups can indeed get hot enough to melt if the heat becomes intense enough. 

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