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Melt and Pour Soap Kit

Melt and Pour Soap Kit

Each kit comes with 1 slab (2 pounds) of your choice of melt and pour soap. Choose from Opaque White, Goat's Milk or Ultra Clear. You also receive 4 samples of fragrance oils (Sweet pea, Best Friends, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, and Lavender). 2 liquid soap dyes (red and purple). 2 Soap molds (oval decorative & Angel/Heart). Complete instructions are included!

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Avg. Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 11

5 out of 5 stars Perfect 01/02/2014
Reviewer: Heather Fulmer from Arkadelphia, Arkansas US
I am a crafty person, but never have been into soaps.This is a perfect kit!!! It really started me out on the right note and I have a new favorite hobby! My little boy helps too! Great for family and starters like me!! Thank you for this product!
5 out of 5 stars Great Product 01/01/2014
Reviewer: September Adams from OaK Harbor, WA US
This was such a fun kit! I bought the goat's milk kit. The instructions were super easy to follow. The fragrances were superb! I had no trouble getting the soap out of the molds due to using Pam. And when I used the soap it is so nice especially compared to other homemade soaps I have used.
5 out of 5 stars great 05/25/2013
Reviewer: Bryce Jenkins from Hobbs, NM US
I got the goat's milk option. The other reviewers are right that the lather was less than expected. But commercial soaps have stuff to increase lathers, and this was still a great soap. This kit was so much fun. It made my first experience with soap a great one. I didn't realize how easy it was. The scents were great too and perfect for Mother's Day gifts. I was able to make 4 soaps (using the included molds) with each fragrance. I did use Pam, and the soap was a bit hard to unmold. I just worked it until an air bubble separated the soap from the mold. It just took a few minutes, but nothing along the lines of thinking my soaps or molds would break. Also I didn't have any alcohol, so they did have bubbles on the flat part (bottom once made), but it added to the homemade charm. It would be great if this kit included a mini spray bottle of the alcohol.
5 out of 5 stars So Easy 04/30/2013
Reviewer: Cassondra Cox from Spindale, NC US
This kit was so easy. The directions were easy to understand. After I made a batch, I then let each of my 5 year olds have a turn at making a batch..(under the direct supervision of me of course.) All of the soap turned out wonderful! We've been using it ever since.
5 out of 5 stars no more itching! 10/25/2012
Reviewer: Consuello Washington from Manassas, VA US
For the first time i tried the goats milk melt and pour soap kit. very easy, the soap could use more lather, but my skin felt great, and there was no itching after toweling off!
5 out of 5 stars Great 08/14/2012
Reviewer: Shelisia Shannon from Hazel Crest, IL US
I originally ordered this kit because Iwas afraid that I would mess up. It was very easy to do and the scents are great. This will be added to my exta activities.
5 out of 5 stars luv it 08/29/2008
Reviewer: Nychole Utter from Hannibal, NY US
I love this kit. I used it for the first time and it was amazingly easy and i used up all the 2 lbs of soap in about 1 hour so you might want to order more soap.
4 out of 5 stars tcmenger 06/14/2008
Reviewer: Tania Menger from Arcanum, OH US
I made soap for the first time last night. It was amazingly easy. I bought the Goats Milk Kit. The directions were easy to understand. The soap has a lotion feel to it when handling. It leaves a great scent on your body after showering. Skin feels soft and moisturized. The only thing I though could have been better was the lather quality.
5 out of 5 stars Excellent Kit for Beginners 03/07/2008
Reviewer: from El Paso, TX US
I'm new to soap and lotion making. This kit is wonderful for beginners. The instructions are easy to follow. Did LOTS of pricing and Natures Gardens had the best price. It came nicely packed, the FO are very strong. The oatmeal milk and honey is a favorite so far. I received such great service and product, I'm placing another order. Thank you very much.
5 out of 5 stars Awesome Kit 09/28/2007
Reviewer: from Cahokia, IL US
I finally made my first soaps last night. This may be the easiest product I've ever made. I’ll be quickly adding these great little soaps to my line.
3 out of 5 stars OK kit for first attempt at Melt and Pour Soap Mak 01/18/2007
Reviewer: auroramn from Buffalo, NY US
I purchached this kit to learn more about soap making and now I'm already making plans on how to do more in the future. The base product quality with this kit is great and the soap produced (I ordered the Goat's Milk) is excellent. My only complaints are that the directions were a little vague and the molds included were for guest sized soap rather than bath size. The scents included are not what I would personally choose, but my husband did really like the lavender (I liked the Oatmeal Mild and Honey Scent) ;) This is a nice kit for a beginner (like me) to start but I wish the directions were more detailed as to optimum melting temperature, how much, how to & when to incorporate additions (i.e. ground apricot, oatmeal or herbs)and tips to ensure a good pour into the molds (without natural additions sinking to the bottom of the mold). I added ground apricot seed to one batch and it all sank to the bottom off the mold. But I am glad I ordered the Goat's Milk kit :) With a wood burning stove heating the entire house during the winter months, our skin does dry out a lot and this soap left us both feeling soft and moisterized (but with no film or greasy residue)! This is a nice kit for someone (like me) who is interested in learning more about soap making.

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