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Bacon Fragrance Oil

Bacon Fragrance Oil

Bacon Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is the authentic smell of fried bacon. 

Did you know?
  The average American consumes 17 pounds of bacon each year.  And yet, another fact about bacon is that it is actually used to flavor a variety of beer, vodkas, and bourbons.  Interesting. 

NG Recommended Fragrance Usage:  Bacon Wholesale Fragrance Oil:  The percentages listed below reflect our maximum suggested fragrance usage in the corresponding finished products.  To review the IFRA Certificate of Compliance for this particular fragrance, please refer to the link at the bottom of this page.

    Vegetable Waxes & Paraffin Wax Maximum Use 10%
    Potpourri & Incense Maximum Use 50%
    Bath Oils, Soaps, Bath Gels Maximum Use 5%
    Lotions & Perfumes Maximum Use 5%
    Cleaning Products Maximum Use 5%

Please Note:  Due to the fact that our fragrances are 100% concentrated, we suggest that you test our fragrances in finished products before you make any conclusions about our fragrances.  Since our fragrances are so strong, we suggest only using 1/2 ounce to 1.0 ounce of fragrance per pound of candle wax.

Coloring Suggestions:  Bacon Wholesale Fragrance Oil: 

    Candles Use 4 drops brown plus 1 drop orange liquid candle dye per 4 pounds of wax or shred a small amount of brown and orange color block into your melted wax. Never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.
    Bath/Body Products Use orange soap dye in the amount that satisfies you. Never use candle dye in any body products.

Important Fragrance Specifics:  Bacon Wholesale Fragrance Oil: 

    Phthalate-Free & Nitro Musk Free Fragrance Yes
    Flash Point of Fragrance 260F 
    Vanillin Content of Fragrance (In the event that a fragrance contains vanillin, it may tend to discolor bath and body products and soap.  Please test thoroughly.) .003%
    Gel Wax Compatibility
    (It is your responsibility to test each fragrance purchase.)

 Fragrance Testing -Performance in Various Applications-  Bacon Wholesale Fragrance Oil:   Note: Our testing notes should never take the place of your own personal testing.  Always test fragrance in all applications.  We do not take responsibility for our test results differing from your test results.  Natures Garden is not responsible for any finished products made with our raw ingredients.  These cold process soap results were done by hand mixing.  Stick blenders can help to incorporate fragrance back into the soap in the event that it rices during the mixing process.  Fragrances containing vanilla ingredients may discolor soap. Vanilla White Color stabilizer may help prevent discoloration due to vanilla.  However, there are more than 40 ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing that may contribute to discoloration of products. 

    Candles Performs perfectly in joy wax, wow wax, and is nice and strong in soy wax.

    Soap (Cold Process Results)

    Perfect Pour, no ricing, no acceleration, smells just like real bacon.  Discoloration to a slight beige. 
    Perfumes Performs perfectly
    Bath & Body Products Performed well
    Room Scenting Nice and strong in aroma beads.

Fragrance Oil Specifics
View MSDS Sheet / IFRA Certificate
EU Allergen Data Sheet

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Write an online review and share your thoughts with other viewers! Please review fragrances after you have put them in a finished product. Fragrances smell differently in finished products than they do in the bottle. All reviews that follow our rules will be posted.

Avg. Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 30

4 out of 5 stars omg bacon 07/11/2014
Reviewer: Nebojsa Panic from Petaluma, California US this smells like bacon. kinda. It definitely smells like bacon bits in our CP soap. No discoloration. People love the novelty but when it comes down to washing with it some people will pass.
2 out of 5 stars Definitely Bacon! 06/02/2014
Reviewer: Mrs. Daniel Young from Independence, KY US
We used this with a maple FO in our CP and it smelled pretty good when soaping it. No problems at all. The next morning when I unmolded it I found it to be overwhelming and ended up throwing the batch away, outside because I couldn't stand the smell. I think if I used it again I would go lighter on the amount and maybe try it alone. I knew it was probably a scent you either hate or love and with my soap recipe it was not a keeper!
3 out of 5 stars Bacon Bits 02/01/2014
Reviewer: Samantha from Evergreen Park, IL US
I gave this fragrance oil 3 stars because it smells more like bacon bits to me than cooked bacon and it is a very overpowering scent. Definitely can't complain with the hot or cold throw because it is great for both. Makes great gag gifts!
2 out of 5 stars hmmmm 12/10/2013
Reviewer: Shelly Ogilvie from Taylor, PA US
I used 1 oz of oil to 1lb of wow wax. Yes it did smell like bacon. But it had an over powering smell of smoked hickory bacon. I would have been much happy with just the bacon scent. Sorry NG :(
2 out of 5 stars Strong cold scent, NO hot scent. 12/06/2013
Reviewer: Croaky from Ridgway, PA US
I used 1oz of oil to 16oz of soy wax. The cold scent was decently strong and smelled more like smoked pork than an actual sizzling bacon that I was expecting. During testing, I had no hot scent throw at all. Was pretty disappointed in that. I won't buy this one again because of the lack of hot throw.
5 out of 5 stars For Bacon lovers 09/26/2013
Reviewer: Michael Catron from La Porte, TX US
This smells just like bacon bits. Its been 8+ weeks in my products and smells like the day I used it. I give this a 5 star for quality.
4 out of 5 stars Smells like bacon bits 09/07/2013
Reviewer: Laura Harris from Rossville, GA US
It's great as a novelty fragrance, definitely no acceleration, slight discoloring, but I didn't get an authentic "smokey bacon" scent from it either OOB or in CP. Still smells like the fake bacon bits. I mixed with a syrupy fragrance and the Bacon totally overpowered it, so if blending with another I would go lighter with the Bacon.
4 out of 5 stars Bacon Bits 06/25/2013
Reviewer: Sarah Warren from Walstonburg, NC US
Out of the Bottle this scent smelled like Bacon Bits. After mixing it with some maple and other fragrances it mellowed out and smelled great without being overpowering in a tart. It might be a little much on it's own.
5 out of 5 stars Great Man Candles in soy!! 06/20/2013
Reviewer: Barbara Smith-Soup Kitchen Candles from Newport, RI US
Very strong scent-I cut it with Maple or Vanilla. Super strong hot & cold throw in C3 Soy at .5oz/pound. I have to pour this, and then pour another scent to get the extreme bacon smell out of my nose! Very popular as the "man gift" candle.
2 out of 5 stars artifical bacon bits 03/25/2013
Reviewer: Sherry- XOXO's by Sherry Rene from Jackson, MO US
I was wanting this scent for my guy's line of soy candles. Very disappointed! I made 1 batch of candles and will not use this one again! You have to like super strong fake bacon bit smell in order to like this one! It made me sick to my stomach with its' smell. But I love NG's products, just not this scent!
5 out of 5 stars Bacon Approved! 03/23/2013
Reviewer: Autumn Burgess from Kansas
You guys nailed it with this one. Smells just like bacon and has quickly become my best seller among men and kids. I didn't notice any discoloration and it soaped really well (cold process). Will be ordering again.
4 out of 5 stars Smoked bacon 03/02/2013
Reviewer: Laura Cooper from Wellington, FL US
This is a smokey bacon fragrance, a bit strong OB but great in CP. I choose to mix mine with some of the sticky licky buns and oh so good- Maple bacon! This fragrance preformed great and allowed for a natural bacon look for coloring :)
5 out of 5 stars true to smell! 02/24/2013
Reviewer: Keri Lynn from Leominster, MA US
love this scent! smells just like a smokehouse. used it in palm wax and the hot/cold throw is wonderful.
5 out of 5 stars TIME FOR BREAKFAST! 02/12/2013
Reviewer: Karen Cabrera from Spanaway, WA US
This is an amazing scent. A very good seller for me. When I first got a whiff from the bottle, I thought.........Oh yuck! But I made soy melts from it and it is selling like crazy. Very true to it's name once it is incorporated into the wax. My daughter even came downstairs for some bacon when I was making them. Sorry! It is wax melts, not the real thing. She was very shocked to know it was not the real thing. This is a keeper in my stock always.
4 out of 5 stars Smells like bacon 02/09/2013
Reviewer: Autumn from Pittsburgh, PA US
This smells just like smokey raw bacon. I only gave it 4 stars because I was hoping it would smell like cooked bacon. Probably better this way as I am less likey to take a bite. My customers get such a kick out of this one. I used in HP soap and it is sticking nicely. Thanks NG for another great one!
5 out of 5 stars Great Scent! 12/17/2012
Reviewer: Linda from Jefferson City, TN
I made CP soap with this FO and gave a bar to a friend who told me, "your soap ROCKS!!!! I smelled just like bacon this morning and the dogs didn't seem to be bothered at all!" I think I'll be adding this one to my regular line of soaps.
5 out of 5 stars SO HUNGRY!!! 09/02/2012
Reviewer: Chris Koway from Morton, PA US
This scent is AMAZING!! I absolutely love it. If you like the smell of bacon, you'll get lost in this scent. I used it for candles in joy wax and it smelled....well...delicious!!!
5 out of 5 stars Fooled Hubby! 06/03/2012
Reviewer: Lawayne Williamson from San Francisco, CA US
I got this Fragrace on friday, made a batch of M&P saturday morning, my hubby came down stairs and said MMM your cooking bacon, I laugh and said nope, its the soap. It smells just like smoked bacon.
5 out of 5 stars Smoked Bacon anyone?! 03/19/2012
Reviewer: Aimee Anderson from Roswell, GA US
So very true bacon, so very smokey. My kids went..."ugh" at first whiff but now they are addicted to the soap I made! A truly fun scent to try.
5 out of 5 stars Crazy! 02/27/2012
Reviewer: Andrea Hart from Hot Springs, AR US
Wow! I love this! I used it in CP soap and sold out the first time I offered it! bacon is very popular right now, and people think it's a funny idea. Will buy again!
5 out of 5 stars Who Knew? 12/04/2011
Reviewer: Aunee from Hot Springs, AR US
I love this! While I would never wash it with myself, it is a BIG hit at shows! I used it in CP and it performed perfectly! Everyone loves it...They buy it for bacon lovers as gag gifts, and the teen crowd loves it.I'm going to have to order more in order to satisfy all my customers!
1 out of 5 stars not makin bacon 09/25/2011
Reviewer: Rob And Cindy Gardner from Hood River, OR US
out of th bottle was very faint...used it with soy at 1/2 oz. strength and ended up remelting adding the other 1/2oz...and still nothing...:( very disappointed as we were wanting to do a sort of theme
5 out of 5 stars Smells like the real thing 08/09/2011
Reviewer: Kayleen from Wellington, OH US
I made a candle with this scent and I have to say that right out of the bottle it is a very strong bacon scent. But after it was in the candle form, the cold throw of this scent smelled more like bacon bits. As a side note: do not start to make a candle with this scent if the other people in the house don't like it. Once I had the fragrance melted with the candle wax the whole house smelled to the point where the other people in the family were complaining about it and opening windows just to make the smell more bearable for them.
5 out of 5 stars Not my favorite 07/23/2011
Reviewer: Tammy from Jasper, IN US
I used this in CP soap & it performed perfectly but the scent kind of grossed me out. I like to make sweet, fruity or bakery scents in my soap & this one just threw me off! It does smell like bacon so it does justify the name. I do have people asking for it. It's not the fragrances fault it's just me. Like I said it smells dead on & performs perfectly.
3 out of 5 stars As long as the customer liked it... 04/16/2011
Reviewer: Trinity Candles Plus from Kenton, OH US
When I added the scent I was amazed at how it really smelled like bacon. After curing, I was very disapointed cause it smelled like artificial bacon bits or beggin stripes for dogs. Was bummbed, but the customer paid for it, so I delivered it. They contacted me 3 days later and said they absolutely LOVED it! Might not have been an appealing cold throw to me, but somewhere someone went right cause I had one very pleased customer :) Thanks NG!
4 out of 5 stars Does smell like pork 04/07/2011
Reviewer: Duae Cat from NC
I made this in soap and found the finished product smelled more like deli ham than actual bacon, not smokey enough, at least to me. However, it was a big seller and all the people sniffing it said it smelled just like bacon.
5 out of 5 stars Was curious 03/21/2011
Reviewer: Rebecca Sandlin from Williamstown, KY US
We had many customers ask about getting the Bacon scent. We bought a sample made it up in our soy wax tarts and it was a huge success. The customers commented on how it smells like bacon and when using it how it makes the house smell like they are actually cooking bacon! We are keeping this in our scent choice!! Thanks NG for another great one!!
5 out of 5 stars for the bacon lovers! 01/28/2011
Reviewer: Janet Singsank from IOWA USA
I used this in 100% soy candles and it has a strong throw cold & hot. My son loves bacon and when I burn it he is dissapointed to find out that I'm not really cooking bacon! Another dead on scent NG!!
4 out of 5 stars RAW Bacon 12/13/2010
Reviewer: Christina from Fox River Grove, IL US
This is super strong in soy wax. The smoky notes of this are dead on, but the meat part smells more like raw bacon rather than cooked bacon. Most people cringe when smelling it straight. I blended it with maple sugar... just after the pour, the maple got lost and I was very disappointed, but after a week cure, the maple bounced back and the blend is quite appetizing. I may actually keep that test candle to burn myself.
5 out of 5 stars Rustic Charm! 11/28/2010
Reviewer: Summer Collard from Algoma, WI US
OOB smells just like bacon. I made a candle out of this and it reminds me of a rustic cabin, fire burning in the fireplace, with a hickory smell to it. Very Rustic!! Love it!!! I like to burn this and maple sugar, smells like hickory maple syrup in my house very cozy!

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