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Silicone Soap Mold- 4 Loaf Molds

Silicone Soap Mold- 4 Loaf Molds

Silicone Molds:  4 Cavity Loaf Molds- Simply pour your soap into these molds, and once they set up, slice them into bars of soap. Can also be used to make candle loaves:  Simply wick the candle loaf while the candle wax is setting up, allow to completely set up, pop out of the mold.  Bingo...that was easy!!   Each cavity makes a 1 pound loaf of soap.  Each cavity measures:  5.75"L x 3"W (at its widest point, a narrows slightly towards the bottom) x 2"deep. 

Silicone allows for easy release.  Oven safe up to 500F. Resists stains and odors. Freezer, refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

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Avg. Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 7

5 out of 5 stars Nice size 04/02/2014
Reviewer: Brooke from US
I don't think I'll use anything other than silicone. This mold is a great size especially for tester batches. It unmolds CP & HP easily. I do wish NG would carry a larger single cavity silicone log mold.
5 out of 5 stars Nice 08/07/2013
Reviewer: Nicole from Newark, OH US
I use this mold a lot for testing 1 ounce fragrance bottles. Makes a cute little loaf! I can usually get 4-5 bars out of one mini loaf
4 out of 5 stars In between sizing 07/31/2013
Reviewer: WisteriaCA from Lancaster, CA US
I use this mold to make either small 4 0z sample/mini soaps or large 1 lbs soap bars.
5 out of 5 stars Convenient and quick! 07/25/2013
Reviewer: Angel Frye from Lakeland, FL US
Pros: It’s so convenient when making tester bars or even just small batches for personal use. I tend to get bored with scents quickly so I make a loaf, cut one bar for myself and then give the rest away. This is perfect for my needs. I’m glad I bought it from Nature’s Garden. Great price. As I’m gearing up to make Christmas gifts this year I’ll probably buy a few more. Cons: With heavier hot process soaps(that’s pretty much all I make) it does bow out a tiny bit. Not badly, but enough for me to notice. I tend to use superfatted soaps and with some of my recipes I have to wait two to three days before popping out the loaf. It’s just not firm enough. I don’t mind waiting, though. I also live in an extremely humid climate so that probably has a lot to do with the difficulty I have. The pros FAR outweigh the cons with this soap mold. If you make a standard soap then you wont have any problems. I just make super dense, rich soaps with far more heavy oils than really necessary because of skin issues. I’ll be using this mold for years.
5 out of 5 stars Love this mold! 10/17/2012
Reviewer: Tasha Fitzgerald from Chesapeake Bay, USA
This mold really is perfect for making test loaves of CP & MP. Also perfect for making mini loaves for sale. It works like a charm. Would love to see a bigger version of this mold as well.
5 out of 5 stars Love this mold! 08/05/2012
Reviewer: Laura Harris from WINNFIELD, LA US
I love this mold, perfect for testing the 1 ounce bottles of fragrance I buy like crazy from here! For cold process soap, I placed this mold into a cardboard box (the one it arrived in) with kitchen towels on each side to help insulate and try to prevent bowing. I found that it only really bowed with thicker soap batters. Very happy with this mold!
4 out of 5 stars Nice mold 04/14/2012
Reviewer: A viewer from Portland, OR US
This is a nice mold, silicone is so easy to work with. The sides of this a reinforced for strength, keeping the edges of the soap nice and straight. Wish the cavities were just a little bigger.

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