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August 2014 Newsletter

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Natures Garden Product Highlights

1. Our store is now open! - YEAH!!! It is located at our current address of: 42109 State Route 18 Wellington, OH 44090. Same wholesale prices you see online. Sniff more than 800 fragrances. Free recipes & samples of products we've made when you come visit us! Our store is open Mon-Friday 9 am-4:30 pm.

2. Cosmetic Clays - We've added to our cosmetic clay line. We now offer Dead Sea Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Rose Clay, Kaolin White Clay, French Green Clay, Red Moroccan Clay, and Bentonite Clay. You will love our prices!

3. Homemade Laundry Detergent Ingredients - We now offer Borax, Sodium BiCarbonate, all the soaping oils you need to make homemade soap, and tons of fragrance oils. Whether you want laundry detergent that smells like your favorite fabric softener, or you want your clothes to smell like a hot fudge brownie, we have you covered!

4. Base ingredients for mineral makeup now available - We now offer kaolin white clay, other cosmetic clays, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide. Yes, we are still working on getting an array of colorful mica pigments in soon. Currently, we offer diamond mica pigment, and the 24K Gold mica pigment.

5. Products for usage in baby care products now available - Zinc Oxide, Corn Starch, Arrowroot Powder.

6. Epsom Salt is now available!

7. Ground Pumice is now available for adding natural exfoliation to your bath products.

8. Titanium Dioxide (Water Soluble) is now available! - We also offer the titanium dioxide oil soluble.

9. Polysorbate 20 is now available, in addition to our Polysorbate 80. This product is used to make body sprays, as it emulsifies fragrance oils into water bases.

10. Lye for soap making is now available at wholesale prices! We offer Sodium Hydroxide- Bead form. It is sold in 2 lb. containers so that you can avoid the extra hazmat shipping charges associated with shipping lye in containers larger than 2 lbs. Lye is packaged in approved, durable, plastic containers with child proof lids. Lye can only be shipped using ground shipping, and will require that you agree to a Hazmat Waiver before it can be purchased from Natures Garden. Lye purchased from us in the store will require you sign a Hazmat Waiver. MSDS sheet is available on our website.

11. Show and Tell - We get calls all of the time from people looking to buy finished products like CP soap, Candles, and Natural Cosmetics. Natures Garden does not sell these products because we would not feel right competing with our customers. We would like to see our customers get that business instead, so...We encourage you to post your homemade products on our facebook page (now with more than 100,000 friends) at any time that you would like to, along with a link to your website. Our facebook page is located at

12. Attention: Are you looking for creative rubber molds for soap and candles? has a large variety of unique rubber molds! According to many of their customers on facebook, their customer service is outstanding! Tell them Natures Garden sent you!

13. Fragrance of the Month for the month of August is : Fresh Fallen Leaves

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Congratulations to Amber Hintz who is the Customer of the Month for July.

Every time you order, your name is entered into the "Customer of the Month" drawing. At the end of each month, we will randomly choose a new "Customer of the Month". If your name is drawn, you will receive a $20 Gift Certificate towards Natures Garden merchandise of your choice. We will post the "Customer of the Month" in the following newsletter. Good luck!

We would like to thank all our loyal Natures Garden customers through the years!

Your ideas, suggestions, and comments have helped our company grow steadily throughout the years. We are humbled that you choose Natures Garden as your candle and soap supplier. Thank you! If you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at
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