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Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden

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Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden

We at Natures Garden are happy to announce that we are officially carrying bath bomb molds! So, we were inspired to create a line of Herbal Bath Bombs from the garden. These cosmetic recipes will each be a lovely bath bomb recipe that includes herbs that both care for the skin and smell delightful. Whether you are looking for a floral bath bomb or a strong herbal bath bomb, there is sure to be a recipe for you to enjoy. Over the next couple weeks, we will post a new herbal bath bomb recipe each day.  Soon we will have all of these lovely bath bomb tutorials posted for you to enjoy. For now, take a sneak peek at all thirteen of our upcoming herbal bath bomb recipes!

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Bath Bomb MoldHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Bath Bomb Mold

We at Natures Garden are now carrying wholesale bath bomb molds! These molds can also be used to package your bath fizzies.  Each side of this mold is about 3.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches deep. These molds are great for creating bath bombs that are the perfect size and shape. Of course, we just had to use our new bath bombs molds to create some fun recipes. So, you could say we were inspired to create all kinds of lovely herbal bath bombs!

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Green Tea Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe

First, we created a lovely bath bomb recipe with our green tea herb. The green tea in this cosmetic recipe is perfect for skin care. This cosmetic herb has antioxidant and gentle exfoliation properties that are great for the skin. So, this lovely bath recipe will be useful for improving complexion and reducing signs of aging. Plus, this recipe includes the refreshing aroma of our Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis Fragrance Oil. This scent has notes of tropical citrus as well as notes of eucalyptus, cassis, green tea, and bamboo. Then, the scent is rounded by notes of cedar wood and vanilla. Plus, this bath bombs recipe includes bentonite clay, which can help to create a better glide and luscious feeling.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Lavender Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Lavender Bath Bomb Recipe

Plus, you can make a cosmetic bath bomb with skin loving lavender. The herbal lavender flowers added to this lovely recipe are perfect for enhancing the aroma of the scrumptious Floral Musk Fragrance Oil. This scented oil is a luxurious floral musk with notes of spice, lavender, citrus, and rich musk base notes. So, the added strength of these calming flowers is perfect for this recipe. Plus, this gorgeous herbal cosmetic ingredient is half purple with lavender powder and half white with whole lavender blooms. So, this bath and body recipe is both herbal and gorgeous. Further, this bath bomb recipe includes the SCI, which is fun and skin nourishing! This cosmetic ingredient provides a fun fizz to your bath products. Plus, this cosmetic ingredient will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. So, this ingredient along with the luscious oil in this recipe will pamper your body from head to toe.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Rhassoul Jasmine Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe

Also, you can create the herbal Jasmine Bath Bomb Recipe. The bath bomb supplies wholesale for this recipe includes rhassoul clay, Herbal jasmine flowers, mica dust and other wonderful cosmetic ingredients. These lovely ingredients are all fantastic for the aroma or for caring for your skin. For example, the rhassoul clay powder will perfectly care for the skin. It will help cleanse, refresh, and tone your skin. Further, this cosmetic recipe uses the scent of our Champaka Fragrance Oil. The aroma of the real jasmine herb along with the floral and earthy notes of this fragrance oil.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Mojito Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Mojito Bath Bomb Recipe

Next, you can create the lovely Mojito Bath Bomb with our refreshing spearmint herb. Plus, this recipe is scented with the Mojito Fragrance Oil. This fragrance has the aroma of juicy lime, sweet sugar, refreshing mint, and rum. The aroma of the refreshing spearmint blends perfectly for enhancing the aroma of this fragrance oil. Also, you can use both the kaolin clay powder and French green clay powder to nourish your skin. These cosmetic ingredients can be used to nourish, soften, and cleanse the skin. Not only does this bath bomb help care for your skin, but this recipe is layered and looks swirled!

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Nettle Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Nettle Bath Bomb Recipe

Additionally, you can use our lovely nettle leaf herb to create the delightful Nettle Bath Bomb Recipe. This cosmetic herb can be used to care for the skin, as nettle leaf has both anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, this bath bomb uses kaolin clay powder, which can help cleanse the skin and is sensitive enough for all skin types. Plus, this herbal bath bomb includes the scent of the Dragons Blood Fragrance Oil. This unique fragrance oil has notes that smell just like the essential oil! These fantastic bath bomb supplies are perfect for creating cosmetic recipes that are fantastic for

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Dandelion Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Dandelion Bath Bomb Recipe

Further, you can use our herbs to create the lovely Dandelion Bath Bomb Recipe. Both the dandelion root powder and dandelion leaf herb are wonderful for the skin. So, these herbs will care for the skin by helping with eczema, acne, and blemishes. Plus, this lovely herbal bath bomb includes gold mica dust and bentonite clay powder. Plus, this cosmetic recipe uses the Tiare Flowers Fragrance Oil, which is a delicate floral scent. This aroma has a blend of Tahitian gardenia, bergamot, lavender flowers, and white musk. Between the skin loving herbs and the gorgeous aroma you will love this bath bomb recipe!

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Hibiscus Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe

Next, you can try out our wonderful hibiscus flowers herb in our bath bomb recipe. This cosmetic recipe includes these flowers along with kaolin clay powder. The pretty pink herb powder is used for half the bath bomb. The other half of this recipe includes the whole hibiscus flower petals. Not only does this contain herbs that will cleanse, soothe, and soften the skin, but this recipe has a lovely scent. The aroma of our Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil is perfect for this recipe, as its tropical aroma blends well with the scent of the floral herbs. This fragrance oil has notes of tangy pineapple, fresh summer melons, and crisp apple slices. This scent has notes of iris, rose, jasmine, and cyclamen. Further, this scent has notes of vanilla and musk base notes that finish off a perfect scent.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Rosemary Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Rosemary Bath Bomb Recipe

Additionally, you can create a lovely herbal recipe with our skin loving rosemary leaf herb. This lovely herb provides our rosemary bath bomb recipe can help reduce pain, bruises, remove dead skin, and reduce wrinkles. Further, the scent of the Rosemary Fragrance Oil adds to the scent of the lovely herb. The fragrance has high levels of essential oils and has a cool, crisp scent with camphoraceous eucalyptus notes that are rounded out with lovely notes of coriander and herbal rosemary. So, this herbal bath bomb recipe has a strong, lovely scent as well as wonderful properties for your whole body.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Calendula Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Calendula Bath Bomb Recipe

Also, you can create the Calendula Bath Bomb recipe with our cosmetic herbs. This lovely floral bath recipe includes whole calendula and well as powdered herb, which includes calendula powder and bentonite clay powder. These herbs can nourish the body and help with many skin issues. So, you can use this herb to help with rashes, burns, inflammation, acne, and dermatitis. Also, this lovely herbal recipe includes the lovely scent of our Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil. This lovely scent has the unique aroma of carnation, tulips, roses, and the ozony base note of fresh greenery. So, this beautiful floral bath and body recipe is perfect for skin care and has lovely scented oil.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Elder Flowers Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Elder Flowers Bath Bomb Recipe

Another great bath bomb recipe that you can make with our herbs is the Elder Flowers Bath Bomb Recipe. The herbs and oils used in this cosmetic recipe include bentonite clay, juniper berries whole, and olive oil. The juniper berries have a menthol content that provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the clay powder and cosmetic oil are both useful for nourishing the skin and softening the bath bomb. Further, this herbal bath bomb has the scent of Wild Elderberry Fragrance Oil. This fragrance has scrumptious, fruity notes of tart, wild elderberries, huckleberries, peach, and apricot. Also, this scent has notes of violet and white floral notes that are wrapped in a sandalwood base that balances the natural, fruity goodness of this yummy scent.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Rose Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Rose Bath Bomb Recipe

Plus, our cosmetic herbs are perfect for creating bath and body recipes like the Rose Bath Bomb Recipe. The lovely rose petals are useful for relaxing, antiseptic, anti-parasitic, and anti-inflammatory properties. The bentonite clay powder and jojoba oil are perfect for moisturizing and caring for the skin. Additionally, this bath bomb recipe includes the scent of our Burgundy Rose Fragrance Oil. This scent of this romantic and luxurious with the aroma of burgundy wine, and warmed by the notes of precious musk and apple wood. This scented oil is enhanced by the true aroma of our strong, rose petal herbs.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Sandalwood Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Sandalwood Bath Bomb Recipe

Next, you can use our red sandalwood chips to create the lovely Sandalwood Bath Bombs Recipe. This herb is useful for soothing dry skin, treating acne, and providing the skin with a natural glow. Further, this wonderful bath bomb recipe uses other wholesale herbs, like kaolin clay powder and red Moroccan clay. Plus, this bath and body recipe includes the lovely scent of our Indian Sandalwood Fragrance Oil. This scent is reminiscent of the warm, sweet, rich and woodsy scent of the essential oil. So, this lovely scent blends perfectly with the beneficial properties of this bath bomb to create a fantastic cosmetic recipe.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Chamomile Bath Bomb RecipeHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Chamomile Bath Bomb Recipe

Lastly, you can make the Chamomile Bath Bomb Recipe with our cosmetic herbs. The chamomile herbs can be used to soften the skin and help you relax. Further, these relaxing properties are enhanced by the lovely feminine aroma of our Amazingly Grace Type Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has notes of Italian bergamot, sparkling lemon, and sweet citron and neroli. These notes are followed by scents of white floral jasmine, orange blossom, and rose. All of these lovely scents are blended with sheer musk and cedarwood. Not only will these bath bombs smell lovely and use fantastic herbs, but this cosmetic recipe includes both macadamia nut oil and kaolin clay powder, with will help nourish the skin.

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Drying Your Own Flowers and Herbs

Flowers and herbs are perfect for adding to natural bath and body products. Of course, you can find your favorite herbs at Natures Garden year round. But, it can be fun to grow your own herbs and flowers, too. Plus, these natural herbs are perfect for cooking, crafting, and so much more! If you want to harvest even more fun herbs, then check out How to Harvest and Dry Flowers & Herbs From Your Garden by The Nerdy Farm Wife. 

Herbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Ask Us Your QuestionsHerbal Bath Bombs from the Garden: Ask Us Your Questions

If you have any questions about these herbal bath bomb ingredients, then feel free to reach out to us. You can reach out to ask us questions at the store, on the phone, or online. One great way to reach to us online is through our social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using either our name or the handle @ngscents. Further, be sure to stay on the lookout for these bath bomb recipes. We will be sharing the complete step-by-step recipes on creating these fantastic bath bombs sometime in the near future!


Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils

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Aromatherapy Fragrance OilsAromatherapy Fragrance Oils

Say hello to Natures Garden’s best aromatherapy fragrance oils. These fragrant oils are perfect for setting the mood and making everything better. There are scents that you can use to combat stress, set a passionate mood, or just brighten your day. No matter what mood you are trying to get into or out of, we have some amazing scented oils that could be a great help! So, check out some of our most inspiring fragrance oils and begin your aromatherapy right at home.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Aromatherapy Energizing Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Aromatherapy Energizing Fragrance Oil

First, we have an energizing aroma that is lively and perfect for lifting your spirits. The Aromatherapy Energizing Fragrance Oil is an uplifting blend of fragrance oil notes and essential oils that is absolutely refreshing. The fresh airy notes bring to life the aromas of lemon, garden fresh peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen. This mint and citrus array is balanced with a breeze of floral gardenia, jasmine, and rose notes.  This fantastic scent blend is perfect for creating an energizing cold process soap recipe. The Calendula Swirl Soap Recipe takes this bright scent and creates an unforgettable bath and body product! 

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Aromatherapy Mood Enhance Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Aromatherapy Mood Enhance Fragrance Oil

Another perfect fragrance oil to set the mood is the Aromatherapy Mood Enhance Fragrance Oil. This gorgeous aroma is a combination of fragrance oil notes and essential oils. This herbal aroma is uplifting and sure to put you in a good mood. The fragrant oil starts with a blend of refreshing lime, grapefruit, lemon, and orange. Then, notes of rosemary and eucalyptus hit lavender and rose floral notes to create an exceptional scent. Finally, base notes of patchouli, cedarwood, fir, jasmine, and musk rest and balance the aroma out entirely. These notes are perfect for creating our Mood Enhance Bath Melts Recipe. Just sit back and relax in the tub and let the invigorating scent melt all your worries away as the luxurious oils in this recipe care for your skin.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Aromatherapy Passion Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Aromatherapy Passion Fragrance Oil

Another of our wonderful fragrance oils is the Aromatherapy Passion Fragrance Oil. This magnificent scent is an unforgettable arrangement of sweet florals and fresh greenery. The aroma is a  romantic combination of fragrance oils and essential oils, which blends floral notes of lilac, jasmine, lily, violet, gardenia, carnation, heliotrope,  lavender, and hyacinth on a strong bouquet of roses. These gorgeous florals intertwine with notes of English ivy and rest on soft wood and vanilla scents. This vibrant aroma was perfect for the Passion Massage Oil Recipe, which includes real roses in this stunning aroma. Get ready to intoxicate your senses.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Aromatherapy Relaxation Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Aromatherapy Relaxation Fragrance Oil

Next, we have a fragrance that is sure to help your worries melt away. The Aromatherapy Relaxation Fragrance Oil uses a calming blend of fragrance oil notes and essential oils that will carry you softly from all your troubles. This transporting fragrance has notes of freshly picked lavender flowers balanced with juicy citrus and cool camphor notes. Then, a touch a Gardenia. This all rests on a woodsy base of pine, woods, and musk. This soft, gorgeous aroma is perfect for creating the Relaxing Eye Pillows Recipe. This eye mask uses the scent of this fragrance oil to create an experience that is perfect for removing stress from your life.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Basil Sage Mint Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil

Another uplifting aroma that blends refreshing, airy scents is the Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil is a perfect blend of fresh garden scents with bright citrus and mint. The aroma begins with a refreshing blend of orange, lemon, and peppermint. Then, the scent has a  fresh medley of jasmine, lily of the valley, basil leaves, and clary sage. These bright spring scents are all sitting on soothing notes of woods and musks. We included this happy aroma in the Basil Sage Mint Bubble Bar Recipe, which includes herbal notes to really enhance this amazing fragrance. This would be the perfect scented oil for creating bath and body products that lift your mood and help you unwind.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Bedtime Baby Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Bedtime Baby Fragrance Oil

Also, we have the soothing scent of our Bedtime Baby Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil is a gorgeous blend of heliotrope, violet, and mandarin with floral notes of lavender, rose, jasmine, neroli, and lily of the valley. These gorgeous notes are rounded out by bottom notes of chamomile, hay, and musk. Such a relaxing scent that decided to add it to our Crayon Soap Recipe to provide a calming atmosphere for bath time.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Bergamot Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Bergamot Fragrance Oil

Another great scent to brighten the mood is our lovely Bergamot Fragrance Oil. This bright scent has the crisp, clean and juicy scent of true Bergamot essential oil with light floral notes that add to the lovely fragrance. This citrus aroma is a perfect scent for mood enhancing aromatherapy. Perfect to add to bath and body supplies to allow yourself to relax and enjoy this fantastically bright citrus aroma.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Blood Orange Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Blood Orange Fragrance Oil

Next, we have a juicy citrus aroma that is another great option for creating an uplifting mood. The Blood Orange Fragrance Oil uses true orange. This tangy juicy orange aroma blends with the light scent of fresh and floral thyme. Such an unforgettable fragrance oil that is perfect for bring up the mood and invigorating your senses.


Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Chubba Dubba Weight Loss Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Chubba Dubba Weight Loss Fragrance Oil

Another wonderful aromatherapy fragrance is the Chubba Dubba Weight Loss Fragrance Oil. Before we began creating this scent we researched which aromas helped to decrease appetite and asked our perfumist to create a blend using high concentrations of essential oils. While we don’t make health claims about this fragrance, we believe that you will enjoy this uplifting aroma. Our fragrance is a blend of Sicilian orange, lemongrass, lemon slices, jasmine, green tea, and Tahitian vanilla to create a scent that is sure to lift your mood!

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Eucalyptus & Spearmint Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Eucalyptus & Spearmint Fragrance Oil

Also, we have the awakening scent of our Eucalyptus & Spearmint Fragrance Oil. This herbal fragrant oil starts with bright citrus notes. Then, it moves on to herbal eucalyptus, spearmint, parsley, and lavender all resting on notes of soft woods and sage. This bright aroma is perfect for the Refreshing Foot Soak Recipe which is perfect for revitalizing sore aching feet.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Grapefruit Lemongrass Energize Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Grapefruit Lemongrass Energize Fragrance Oil

Our Grapefruit Lemongrass Energize Fragrance Oil is another wonderful citrus scent. This aroma is an eye-opening blend of grapefruit and lemongrass that is sure to awaken your senses. The high essential oil content is key to creating a bright scent for lifting your mood. We included this aroma in our Energize Cold Process Soap Recipe to harness some of this awakening scent in a perfect soap to start the day with!

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Lavender Apple Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Lavender Apple Fragrance Oil

Another calming scent is the aroma of our Lavender Apple Fragrance Oil. This scent has sweet top notes of red delicious apple, raspberries, plum, and sugar. This is followed by floral green notes, lilac, pear, and eucalyptus. This all sits on powdery, woodsy musk base notes. This blend of clean and relaxing aromas is perfect for creating our Lavender Apple Sugar Scrub Recipe, as it will help you to relax as you care for your skin.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Lavender Flowers Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Lavender Flowers Fragrance Oil

Next, we have the true, calming scent of real Lavender Flowers Fragrance Oil. This tranquil aroma is the perfect fragrant oil for winding down and centering yourself. We included this fragrance in our Natural Deodorant Recipe to provide a calming aroma that will stay with your throughout the day.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Lavender Luxury Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil

Next, we have a unique and lovely scented oil that is perfect for lavender lovers! The Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil is a relaxing combination of refreshingly herbal essential oils along with the scent of cool camphor. This fragrance was perfect for creating a relaxing bath and body recipe, like our Lavender Luxury Cold Process Soap Recipe, that is perfect for unwinding and getting clean after a long day.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Lavender Sage Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Lavender Sage Fragrance Oil

Also, you can experience the complex and herbal scent of our Lavender Sage Fragrance Oil. This aroma oil blends top notes of French lavender, lime, sage, and fern leaves with middle notes of dill, pepper, moss, and ginger. Then, the scent finishes with notes of pine, musk, and patchouli. This perfectly unique aroma is just what our Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe needs to

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Mandarin Lime Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Mandarin Lime Fragrance Oil

Next, we have a scent that will wake you right up! The aroma of our Mandarin Lime Fragrance Oil is a simple pairing of fresh mandarin oranges with fresh lime that makes all the difference. Together these true scents will energize you and brighten your day. Such a perfect pick-me-up fragrance oil!

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: NG Vanilla Lavender Type Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: NG Vanilla Lavender Type Fragrance Oil

The NG Vanilla Lavender Type Fragrance Oil is another lovely fresh lavender aroma that is sure to relax you. This tranquil aroma combines notes of lavender and soft vanilla with orange zests and herbal patchouli to create a unique and unforgettable fragrance! Of course, we had to add this delightfully calming scent to our Delicate Laundry Soap Recipe to provide the perfect aroma for fresh, clean clothes.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Orange Blossom Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Orange Blossom Fragrance Oil

Next, we have the passionate aroma of the Orange Blossom Fragrance Oil. This aroma is used, like it is in fine fragrances, to provide a robust, sensual aroma to our unique aroma. The orange blossom essential oil is rounded out with fragrance notes of sweet, juicy mandarin oranges, muguet lily, fresh greenery notes, and a touch of amber to create a truly exquisite aroma.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Peace Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Peace Fragrance Oil

Next, we have a wonderful blend of gorgeous natural oils and fragrance oils. This fantastic scent is Peace Fragrance Oil and was created to be similar to Pacifica’s Tibetian Mountain Temple. Plus, this inspiring blend of ginger, carnation, orange, vetiver, and musk creates a perfect aroma for cp soap, like in our World Peace Cold Process Soap Recipe!

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Rosemary Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Rosemary Fragrance Oil

Another great fragrance with high levels of essential oil is the Rosemary Fragrance Oil. This gorgeous scent blends cool and crisp herbal scents to create an aroma that is hard to pass up. The aroma contains camphoraceous eucalyptus notes that are complimented with the aroma of coriander and rosemary.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Rosemary Mint Type Fragrance OilAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Rosemary Mint Type Fragrance Oil

If you are looking for a rosemary scent that is equal herbal to the last with a bit more complexity, then the Rosemary Mint Type Fragrance Oil is perfect for you! This fragrance blends notes of rosemary with cool peppermint and spearmint leaves. This blend creates an awakening aroma of herbal mint that can be compared to the aroma of Aveda’s Rosemary and Mint. We included this fantastic aroma in our Natural Salve Recipe to add a touch of herbal love to this natural recipe. Its perfect for caring for your skin as well as awakening your senses.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: What is Aromatherapy?

Basically, it means that you are using a scent treatment for issues like anxiety, mood, stress, alleviate fatigue, or other similar issues. The natural oils stimulate the olfactory nerves and enhance your mood. If you’d like to read a bit more about this, then check out What is Aromatherapy? by Holistic Online

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Talk to UsAromatherapy Fragrance Oils: Talk to Us

We hope that you have found some fantastic aromatherapy fragrance oils that you can enjoy in your homemade recipes. If you would like to share with us what your favorite scents are, then feel free to find us on social media! We are willing to take any questions on these platforms, too. You can find us on the Natures Garden Facebook page, on Twitter (@ngscents), or on Instagram (@ngscents). Can’t wait to hear from you!


Rosemary Uses

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rosemary usesRosemary Uses

Hello everybody! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! Let’s talk about a different herb for a minute, shall we? Let’s talk about rosemary. You wouldn’t believe how many different products can include this great herb, and I’m sure it’s probably one of your favorites, just as it is mine! While it is best known for its culinary purposes, it can also be used for skin care, medicinal purposes, hair care, bath and body products, and even for soaping! Common products that can include rosemary are bath teas, potpourri, natural mineral waters, soaps, lotions, creams, ointments, shampoos and conditioners, face masks, scrubs, bath bombs, bath salts, bath teas, and eye pillows.

There are such wonderful benefits to rosemary uses. When you use this herb for bath and body products, it can greatly benefit your skin and especially your hair. When you use rosemary as an ingredient for the soap making process, it gives the soap a wonderful aroma and is also a beautiful decorative element. When you use this amazing product on your skin, it helps to treat acne, dermatitis, oily skin, psoriasis, eczema, burns, and it also reduces swelling and puffiness of the skin. It works to rejuvenate the skin, and reduces any fine lines, wrinkles, or bags.  If you would like to use rosemary on your hair it is awesome with helping to strengthen the follicles and promote thickness and hair growth. Rosemary can even be used as a natural hair dye and makes the hair darker while also treating dandruff, and dry and itchy scalp. It even helps to prevent premature baldness!

There are many wonderful medicinal benefits to rosemary as well! Rosemary actually contains many nutrients important to the body such as manganese, magnesium, vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, iron, and sodium. Rosemary has been used to treat toothaches, muscle pain, high blood pressure, joint pain, headaches, heart burn, flatulence, arthritis, gout, coughing, and even loss of appetite. It is also a mood enhancer and helps to boost the immune system, which helps to treat and combat heart disease and cancer. Pregnant women are recommended to stay away from rosemary as it can cause a miscarriage, however it does help to increase menstrual flow for women. Rosemary contains carnosic acid which actually protects the eyes from many diseases like macular degeneration. Carnosic acid even helps to protect from brain damage.

Rosemary is such a wonderful herb, make sure to tell all your friends about it as well! I’m sure each of them would love to hear all this great information about such an awesome herb. Just type “rose leaf” into the search bar on our website and that will take you directly to our Whole Rosemary Leaves. While you’re browsing the site, make sure to check out all of our awesome free recipes and classes as well, especially our Natural Salve! It is actually made with our Rosemary Mint Type Fragrance Oil!

Nature’s Garden sells rosemary for external use only. We do not sell it as a food item. The information above talks about how rosemary is for many industries, however we only sell them for external use. We provide this data for educational purposes only. Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before using this product or any of this information for treatment purposes.

Please contact us here at Nature’s Garden if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns about any of our wonderful products and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!

rosemary leaves

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