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Fragrance Oils for Independence Day

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Fragrance Oils for Independence DayFragrance Oils for Independence Day

We at Natures Garden have the perfect fragrance oils for Independence Day! Of course, we have some truly patriotic scents that are all in celebration of this fine country. Not only do we have traditional American scents, but we have scented oils that were formulated to match the political parties. So, we thought about some of the important overall traits for the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Independents. Then, we ask our perfumist to translate these characteristics into real scents. So, we believe that these political scents are perfect for celebrating how far our country has come and looking forward to will happen next.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Hot Baked Apple Pie Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Hot Baked Apple Pie Fragrance Oil

Of course, a list of patriotic fragrance oils wouldn’t be perfect without the aroma of a freshly baked apple pie! Our Hot Baked Apple Pie Fragrance Oil is a scrumptious scent that is delicious and true. The scent starts with notes of freshly sliced granny smith apples. This juicy scent is then smothered in butter, cream, and cinnamon. Finally, the aroma finished with the scent of a baked pie crust that is fresh from the oven. Such a delicious and iconic aroma for the 4th of July that is perfect for creating an apple pie scented candle.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Boston Tea Party Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Boston Tea Party Fragrance Oil

It’s important to remember where you came from and how you got there. On December 16, 1773, colonists began throwing shipments of tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the British Government for taxation without representation. This led to the American Revolution and ultimately our independence from Great Britain. So, we decided to create the Boston Tea Party Fragrance Oil to remind us of the important history that led to Independence Day. This wonderful scent starts with freshly brewed tea leaves and juicy lemon. Then, the scent has middle notes of rose hips, chai spice, and jasmine. Finally, the scent finishes with notes of refreshing musk.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Watermelon Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Watermelon Fragrance Oil

Another fantastic fragrance for the upcoming festivities for the Fourth of July is our Watermelon Fragrance Oil. This juicy fruit aroma is beloved by many and for good reason! The fruit is a tasty treat that is sweet relief from summer heat, as it is just so delicious and refreshing. So, this scent would be a great aroma for your summer line. Our watermelon inspired scent has a light blend of fruity melon, peach, and strawberry along with a touch of vanilla fragrance that really enhance the true scent.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Watermelon Emulsified Sugar Scrub RecipeFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Watermelon Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe

Also, we included this fragrance oil in our Watermelon Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe, which uses natural colors to create a scrub that looks just like a watermelon! Plus, this recipe is full of oils that are perfect for moisturizing your skin. This is such a wonderful scrub recipe for summertime skin care!

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Pink Watermelon Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Pink Watermelon Fragrance Oil

If you like the watermelon scented oil and are looking for something a bit more feminine, then this scent is perfect for you! Our Pink Watermelon Fragrance Oil has the aroma of a freshly cut watermelon with a unique, feminine twist. The scent begins with scrumptious fruity notes of strawberry and watermelon. These notes are followed by scents of jasmine, rose, and green notes. This is all sitting on base notes of cassis, oakmoss, white woods, and vanilla that perfectly complete this complex aroma. This scented oil is a perfect blend of refreshing fruit and gorgeous florals that create a wonderfully feminine fragrance for summer.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Pink Watermelon Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Pink Watermelon Fragrance Oil

Also, we included this gorgeous aroma in our homemade Watermelon Soap Recipe. This scented soap recipe uses melt and pour soap base to create soaps that look just like slices of watermelon!

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Independent Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Independent Fragrance Oil

We believe that the aroma of our Independent Fragrance Oil truly captures the essence of Independent voters in America. These are people that are for free-thinking and are definitely self-reliant individuals that have a desire to preserve the quality of our environment. Provided with these characteristics, our perfumist created a marvelous aroma that unique and refreshing. This scent begins with crisp citrus notes of fresh orange, lime, and lemon. Then, middle notes of tulip and daffodil give a refreshing breath of flowers to the scent. This is followed with a base of musky notes that perfectly round out the notes in this original fragrance oil by Natures Garden.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Republican Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Republican Fragrance Oil

Next, we used some similar personality traits of Republicans to capture the essence of these Americans in our Republican Fragrance Oil. We can see that this party stands for strong, conservative values, a deep love of this country, and a healthy family unit. So, we asked our perfumist to create a scent based on these traits and they provided us with a gorgeous and down-to-earth aroma, This scent starts with well-grounded, earthy tones of bright citrus top notes of tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, and orange. Then, the scent indulges in lovely notes of lily of the valley, rose, and apple blossoms. Finally, the scent uses the aromas of fresh sage and McIntosh apple to create an unforgettable fragrance that is strong and grounded.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Democrat Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Democrat Fragrance Oil

Also, we have the perfect scent for the Democratic party. Our Democrat Fragrance Oil is based on some of the traits of the American people that make up this political party. So, this fragrance oil is based on individuals that have a free spirit. They have a general love for mankind as well as the environment, as there is a desire to conserve and protect. These traits were brought to our perfumist to create an exciting and unique fragrance oil. This aroma has uplifting top notes of grapefruit, tangerine, orange that flow perfectly into the middle aroma of persimmon. Finally, the scent is rounded out with refreshing scents of clover, ivy, and aloe that create an enlightened aroma that is attuned to both the senses and nature.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Democratic Candle RecipeFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Democratic Candle Recipe

We’ve been inspired by the upstanding aroma of the Democratic Fragrance Oil to create a patriotic scented candle. So, we used this aroma in the Democratic Candle Recipe. Further, we used pillar of bliss wax to create patriotic red and white stripes and beeswax to create a lovely wax embed star.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Madam President Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Madam President Fragrance Oil

Amazing things can begin to grow out of positive thinking, so we at Natures Garden have decided to envision what they expect our first female president to be. Then, they captured their vision in a fragrance oil to live on and inspire. This wonderful aroma is based on the determination, innovation, confidence, and enthusiasm of a woman courageous and passionate enough to become our leader.

These characteristics shine through in the aroma of our Madam President Fragrance Oil. This fragrance combines fresh citrus notes full of charisma and charm. These notes are balanced by lovely feminine florals of jasmine, white rose, and freesia. Then, the brilliant musks and ozonic notes that are backed by a respected and humble hint of sweet vanilla. Finally, the scent ends with a kind hearted, warm amber base that is at the center of this aroma. Such an inspiring scent that is full of integrity and truth.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Money Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Money Fragrance Oil

Money makes the world go ’round. Plus, it smells pretty great too. For Money Fragrance Oil, we wanted to recreate the aroma of fresh, new money. Surprisingly, it was actually really hard to get a hold of money that still had the perfect aroma of freshly printed money. You can smell the cotton as well as the fresh ink top notes. It is a fun and unique scent that is perfect for creating homemade bath and body products or even scented candles.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Blueberry Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Blueberry Fragrance Oil

Another great scent that you can include in your Independence Day crafts is the Blueberry Fragrance Oil. You can often find blueberries at a Fourth of July party due to their rich, blue color. Not only are they pretty, but they are delicious berries that are perfect for a summer. This fragrance is a true fruit scent of a pure blueberry. This scent is perfect is it can be used alone or mixed with other scents.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Fourth of July Triple Layer Candle Recipe Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Fourth of July Triple Layer Candle Recipe

We used this sweet berry scent along with vanilla and apple fragrances to create the Fourth of July Triple Layer Candle Recipe. This candle recipe is both simple and adorable. Plus, it reminds me of those red white and blue Popsicles that look like firecrackers!

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Apple Butter Pie Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Apple Butter Pie Fragrance Oil

The Apple Butter Pie Fragrance Oil captures the scrumptious aroma of down home southern baking. You will have a hard time passing up on an apple pie scent this true and delicious. We took a family favorite recipe and created a scent that is just as wonderful. This fragrance has top notes of fresh, tart apples. Then, the aroma blends in middle notes of evaporated milk, cinnamon, and clove. The base of this yummy pie scent are notes of churned butter and pie crust that perfectly complete this fragrance. Not only is this scent good enough to make your mouth water, but the aroma is perfect for creating scented soaps and candles.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Denim Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Denim Fragrance Oil

Our Denim Fragrance Oil was designed to capture the essences of the everyday American. Further, we wanted a scent that stood for hard work, integrity, determination, morality, and standing together. This aroma is a blend of lemon, lime, cyclamen, and water lily with a fresh breeze of soft woods, sweet amber, and sheer musk.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Apple Pie Fragrance Oil (Our Old Version)Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Apple Pie Fragrance Oil (Our Old Version)

Our last apple pie fragrance oil is the same apple pie scent that we used in the very beginning. Since we first started creating homemade scented candles, we’ve been using this fantastic candle fragrance. While we adapted this aroma to be more body safe in our Hot Baked Apple Pie Scent, we couldn’t give up this amazing fragrance! The Apple Pie Fragrance Oil (Our Old Version) has more of a cinnamon “kick” that is unforgettable in this apple pie fragrance oil. So, this fragrance oil is perfect for creating traditional patriotic scented candles.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Independence Day Candle RecipeFragrance Oils for Independence Day: Independence Day Candle Recipe

Our traditional apple pie aroma is fantastic for creating homemade candles. It is a strong bakery scent that has been impossible to replace. We used this aroma is our Independence Day Candle Recipe to create candles that are perfect for celebrating the stars and stripes.

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day:  Crafts for Independence Day

Fireworks aren’t the only way to celebrate the 4th of July! There are many more fun ideas for you to try, too. My favorites are the Confetti Popper and the Independence Day themed treats. If you want to see some of these fun ideas, check out Crafts by Parents for great ideas for this holiday. Whether you have a barbecue, see a parade, create some patriotic crafts, or see some fireworks. you are sure to have a wonderful holiday with the freedom to celebrate however you want!

Fragrance Oils for Independence Day: Reach Out to Us

We hope that you enjoyed these fragrance oils for fourth of July! We would love to hear about your favorite scents and any festive recipes you are making for the upcoming celebration. If you have any questions or comments about making your scented crafts, then reach out to us. You can find us at the Natures Garden store by stopping by or giving the store a call. Also, you can easily find us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter (@ngscents, and Intsagram (@ngscents). Best of luck with your homemade soaps and candles and we hope you Happy Fourth of July!


Funny Candle Scents

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Funny Candle ScentsFunny Candle Scents

What’s better than a great scented candle? A great scented candle with a name that makes you laugh! At Nature’s Garden we have quite a few of funny candle scents. Whether you are looking for a funny name, unique scents, or prank candles we have a little something for everyone. Some of our fragrance oils have funny or bizarre names, but smell absolutely perfect. Just a typical, great fragrance oil. However, some of our fragrance oils are more unique. These fragrance oils are perfect for creating candles that are sure to stand out. Plus, you may even get a laugh. Whether your candles are enjoyed for humor or its amazing scent your creations will still be loved!

Funny Candles Scent Funny Fragrance Oil NamesFunny Candles Scent Funny Fragrance Oil Names

First, we have a few of our fragrance oils that have entertaining names. These scents have been given some silly and maybe even slightly disturbing names. However, each one of these fragrance oils has the amazing, high quality Natures Garden aroma. It is a perfect combination of absurdity and addicting fragrances that will have everyone interested!

Funny Candle Scents Monkey Farts Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil

Our first candle scent is Monkey Farts! Now, you may be thinking, “I’m lighting candles to cover up the fart smell. I’m not about to fill my house with it.”. But, this fragrance oil is totally not what you’d expect it to be! This scent begins with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note.

Funny Candle Scents Love Juice Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Love Juice Fragrance Oil

Next, you could try a whiff of our Love Juice Fragrance Oil. This scent is certainly pleasing and we’re pretty sure that you’d enjoy it as much as we do! This fragrance oil is a flirtatious fragrance that is reminiscent of a couple that is in love and having fun. Of course, the aroma is an orange bouquet with the nectar of juicy peaches and soft musk with notes of orange, peach, apricot, gardenia, jasmine, and dry musk.

 Funny Candle Scents Beach Bum Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Beach Bum Fragrance Oil

If you are curious, then chance a sniff on our Beach Bum Fragrance Oil! This scent perfectly captures the free summertime spirit of a real beach bum. While you may not want to run up and sniff anybody just yet, we can guarantee that we display the soul of this experience. Our fragrance oil captures this perfectly with the essence of summer days at the beach. This aroma has a combination of juicy mandarin, sand jasmine, and refreshing oceanic mist.

Funny Candle Scents Jamaica Me Crazy Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Jamaica Me Crazy Fragrance Oil

Girl, you Jamaica Me Crazy and so does this scent! Cheesy pick up line aside, this tropical aroma is pretty great for making candles. This fragrance oil is a tropical paradise in a bottle that you will adore in your homemade candles. This intoxicating tropical aroma begins with top notes of mandarin, Mexican lime, tangerine, and kumquat; middle and base notes of watermelon, tart green apples, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon.

Funny Candle Scents Snowman Balls Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil

We all know that snow men have balls, they are men after all, but what do snowman balls smell like? Well quit sniffing snowballs and gather around because we found something even better for a sexy, magical snowman. Our  Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil is a sexy, spicy blend of peppercorns, nutmeg, and fresh clove; embodied with notes of elderberries, blackberries, plums, and fresh green oakmoss; with magical, effervescent top notes of carbonated fizzy pop and just a hint of cool mint.

Funny Candle Scents Sun Your Buns Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Sun Your Buns Fragrance Oil

Sun Your Buns captures the essence of a tropical vacation. Imagine the cool breeze off the water and the warm sun on your buns. This Natures Garden fragrance oil is a twist on a tropical treat. This scent has an amazing aroma of bananas with tangy pineapple, juicy peaches and sweet coconut milk infused with vanilla. So, no need to move those buns. Just sit back and enjoy this lovely candle.

Funny Candle Scents Butt Naked Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Butt Naked Fragrance Oil

If going out to sun your buns isn’t exactly what you are needing, then get butt naked! Fully immerse yourself in this perfect summer experience. Seriously though, this amazing fragrance oil is a tantalizing medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, strawberries, and pears, with hints of spice. This best selling scent is truly hard to resist.

Funny Candle Scents Hillbilly Homebrew Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Hillbilly Homebrew Fragrance Oil

While trying just any Hillbilly Homebrew can be taking a chance, ours captures the essence of the best out there. Any backwoods country boy can tell you when the moonshine is good. This fragrance has certainly got it! Our fragrance oil is the aroma of mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark, and cloves, with hints of wild berries. This scent is a fresh, true rendition of a well loved rural pastime.

Funny Candle Scents Lick Me All Over Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Lick Me All Over Fragrance Oil

Of course, the Lick Me All Over Fragrance Oil is an exotic and scrumptious temptation. This scent is a wonderful fragrance with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat. While you may be tempted to lick your candle creations, we ask you to refrain. I swear that this scent doesn’t taste nearly as delicious as it smells!

Funny Candle Scents Goldie Dreadlocks Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Goldie Dreadlocks Fragrance Oil

Goldilocks has got a new hair do and a new attitude. Goldie Dreadlocks is still just as sweet as ever with a whole new style. Forget what you used to know because this chic is reinventing herself! This scent is a blend of  fruity florals, while sitting on sweet vanilla bean and a faint woodsy patchouli base.

Funny Candle Scents Sherlock Homie Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Sherlock Homie Fragrance Oil

Introducing, the fabulous Sherlock Homie! He is just as smart and sophisticated as the original, but this homie is a bit more down to earth. This aroma is a mysterious blend of watery notes with secret spices surrounded by precious woods.

Funny Candle Scents Elf Sweat Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Elf Sweat Fragrance Oil

Yeah, you heard us right Elf Sweat. This holiday aroma is here to remind you just how hard these sweet little fellas actually work. Luckily, elves are happy and sweet to the core. So, it’s safe to say this wouldn’t be your typical body odor. In fact, this aroma is a bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup, with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles to provide a unique, magical top note.

Funny Candle Scents Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin Fragrance Oil

Obviously, this fragrance oil was inspired by the hilarious Christmas movie, Elf. After Buddy says, “I’m a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins!”, we got to thinking what this would smell like. So, we came up with the perfect fragrance oil for this cheerful holiday name. Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin Fragrance Oil begins with sweet, buttery, creamy coconut and vanilla frosting; leading to middle notes of powdery heliotrope and spicy hints; and sits on a powerful vanilla base.

Funny Candle Scents Reindeer Poo Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil

With Santa flying his reindeer all over, there is bound to be some Reindeer Poo!  This holiday scent is perfect for making candles. Our Reindeer Poo Candle Recipe perfectly includes this scent into a wonderful product. Plus, this magical scent has bubbly top notes that coincide with the feeling children have when they see Santa’s reindeer magically flying through the sky. With top notes of apples and pears; followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium; and well-balanced with base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli, this fragrance oil is not only a Natures Garden original fragrance oil, it’s also a best-seller.

Funny Candle Scents Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil

Another wonderful holiday scent is the aroma of  Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil! You bet that this magical creature is sweet all the way through. Even his burps smell great! This vibrant blend of shimmering garden greens is highlighted with a hint of mint for a fresh sensation. This fragrance is a blend of spring flowers is tucked away among the green tones for added texture, while sandalwood creates glowing warmth for the blend. Hints of musk finish the fragrance.

Funny Candles Scent Unique Fragrance OilsFunny Candle Scents Unique Fragrance Oils

Next, we have our some of our more distinct and exceptional scents. These fragrance oils are not inherently funny but could be used to make some pretty great candles. If you aren’t making your candles funny, then these creations will at least have some entertaining scents! It will be hard to pass up sniffing these interesting candle scents. So, try creating some unique scented candles with our great fragrance oils!

Funny Candles Scent Bacon Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Bacon Fragrance Oil

Bacon is a widely loved food. In fact, some people are down right obsessed. We can’t really blame them though, bacon is pretty delicious. So, we decided to share our most accurate Bacon Fragrance Oil that we could get our hands on! This aroma is perfect for bacon lovers! In fact, you can use this scent to create the awesome Bacon Candle Recipe. This candle uses this scent to create a unique candle that looks like layered bacon!

Funny Candles Scent Beer Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Beer Fragrance Oil

Also, you may want to check out our beer scent!  This aroma is perfect for making non traditional candles that will be well loved. What beer drinker wouldn’t enjoy a fun beer scented candle in an actual mug? You will definitely want to try out our Beer Candle Recipe as it almost looks real! Plus, this scent is truly unique among all the beer aromas, as it is a true malt liquor aroma with a fruity twist. Our perfumist has creatively combined notes of malt liquor and hops with fruity notes of strawberry, pineapple, apple, and raspberry.

Funny Candles Scent Leather Jacket Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Leather Jacket Fragrance Oil

Who doesn’t enjoy the fresh aroma of new leather? Whether it reminds you of a new car, leather handbag, or a leather jacket this scent is exact to real life! We have found this fragrance oil to have the strong and true aroma of a brand new leather jacket. This scent is perfect for making your own handcrafted candles that will bring back the aroma of brand new leather whenever you need it!

Funny Candles Scent Garden Dirt Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Garden Dirt Fragrance Oil

Next, try creating some Garden Dirt candles! Guaranteed, this scent that will make you convinced we shoved potting soil in a fragrance oil bottle. Whether you enjoy the scent of garden fresh dirt or want to create a funny candle this is a great option for making candles! We used this aroma in our In the Garden Candle Recipe and it was perfect. We scented the flowers on top, sweet grass in the middle, and a true, fresh dirt scent at the bottom.

Funny Candles Scent Dill Pickle Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Dill Pickle Fragrance Oil

Just when you think you have smelled every fragrance oil on earth, Natures Garden presents our Dill Pickle Fragrance Oil! This scent is perfect for those looking for a new scent that is creative and fun. Plus, this scent is perfect for those that may be craving pickles, as this fragrance brings back precious memories of pickle cravings during pregnancy for some reason. Regardless, this aroma is a truly creative scent that will get your customers talking!

Funny Candles Scent Money Fragrance OilFunny Candle Scents Money Fragrance Oil

Our Money scent will have you smell like you’re loaded, even when you are flat out broke. Regardless of the situation, the scent of our Money Fragrance Oil won’t let you down. Make some rich scented candles and enjoy the feeling of having money to burn. This aroma smells just like fresh, new money. You can actually smell the cotton of the money, as well as the fresh ink top notes.

Funny Candle Scents Still Debating About Making Funny Candles

If you are used to making the typical candles, then trying out something more out there may seem frightening. But, you can say that you are more curious about a candle with an odd name. Whenever I hear an interesting candle name I just have to smell! So, it’s obvious that any candle made with one of the fragrance oils mentioned above are sure to be a great conversation piece!


Weird Scents and Unique Fragrances

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natures garden, weird scentsWeird Scents and Unique Fragrances: Katie Smells

We’ve got weird scents to smell and fun fragrances to sniff as far as the eye can see (as far as the nose can.. breathe..?). As you may remember from a previous post, I have smelled them all. I already told you about my top ten favorite scents (more or less) and now I bring to you some of the Weird Scents and Unique Fragrances of Nature’s Garden.

weird scents, dill pickleDill Pickle – An NG Original!

Smells just like a pickle. I’m particular to the sweet variety of pickles myself- sweet on sweet pickles- but I cannot deny that this smells just like a dill pickle. Fun fact, I did not learn until embarrassingly late in life that pickles are just pickled cucumbers. We’ve got all kinds of cucumber fragrances if you’re interested in the lil green things BEFORE they’re pickled. I’m really not sure what else to say about this fragrance. Buy it for the dill pickle enthusiast in your life!

weird scents, garden dirtGarden Dirt – An NG Original!

Why you would want to smell like garden dirt is beyond me, but this fragrance oil smells exactly like that. Maybe you’re a gardener and you want to come in from gardening and wash your hands of the dirt, but retain the smell..? Maybe you want to make a candle that smells like garden dirt so your whole house can smell like your garage or a home improvement store? Or trick outdoor plants into growing inside your house? Cover yourself in the smell of garden dirt to more easily make friends with wild plants? Eh????

weird scents, hayrideHayride

Does not smell like horse poop! When I initially saw the bottle for hayride, I was nervous because I generally associate horses with a stinky smell. But here’s the thing- on a hayride- the horses just keep walking- so you don’t have to smell any droppings they may leave behind! Just stay away from the horse. Compare this fragrance to a horse-drawn hayride through the crisp fall air and you won’t even be able to tell the difference. You can smell the fresh hay.

weird scents, leather jacketLeather Jacket

It really does smell like a brand new leather jacket. I’ve never owned a brand new leather jacket- I got my mom’s hand-me-down from when she was Sandy in Grease in her high school production- but I’ve walked into stores where they are selling new leather and stuck my face in to smell that smell. Smells good. Makes me wanna join a greaser gang and sing “Summer Lovin’.” (Those dudes were crazy to wear leather jackets in the summer; get the smell without the unnecessary extra body heat!)

weird scents, moneyMoney – An NG Original!

Money can’t buy happiness, but you can use your money to buy our Money Fragrance Oil. Insert lyrics to your favorite song about money here. My personal favorite is Say Anything’s Punk Goes Crunk cover of ODB’s “Baby, I Got Your Money.” Most of the lyrics are explicit but I can say “Baby, I got your money; don’t you worry.” And we do! We’ve got the fragrance oil you need to make your house/hands/body smell like you’re made of money. Spend a little money now and you’ll be able to trick people into thinking you have all the money in the world! (Or that you’re a banker! Or that you work at a mint!)

weird scents, new carNew Car Scent

Don’t you wish you could bottle that new car smell? Here it is- another one of those fragrances where you spend a lil money on a bottle of oil to feel rich beyond your wildest dreams! (That may be an overreaction but I’m 23 and I’ve never had a new car in my life. This is my first ‘real job,’ and I am smelling the heck out of it.) And guess what? We’ve got a recipe for a room spray that you can use to freshen your car and make it smell like new! Trick the dealership into thinking you’re still under warranty!

weird scents, peanut butter cookiePeanut Butter Cookie

What’s weird about a peanut butter cookieI don’t know, dear reader, but something about this scent just really pulled me in. We’ve got plenty of other bakery fragrances, but this is our only fragrance with peanut butter. And it really smells just like a peanut butter cookie. Boring, I know, I say that for every entry, but that’s why they’re on this list. You walk up to our fragrance bar, see the name of a scent, go “whaa?” pick it up, and it smells just like the real thing. It’s weird. Peanut butter cookie!

weird scents, colaweird scents, buttered popcornButtered Popcorn and Cola

These are actually two separate fragrance oils: Buttered Popcorn and Cola. I put them together because they emulate the experience of going to the movies. You can’t really have popcorn without a drink–your mouth would get all dry and salty. Yuck. How can you enjoy the movie when you’re thirsty? Plus, you get the sweet taste of the cola and the salty, buttery taste of the popcorn. What a great combination! (I personally prefer rootbeer, but cola seems to have more appeal to a mass audience.) Don’t eat fragrance oil; make your home smell like a concession stand!

weird scents, whole wheat breadWhole Wheat Bread

Trying to smell like you’re eating healthier? Then our Whole Wheat Bread Fragrance Oil is for you!  Or maybe you wanna combine fragrances to create a sandwich scent. Here you go; here’s the bread. We’ve got five other breadrelated fragrances (including Gingerbread if you count that as a bread), but this one takes the cake.. er.. loaf. The others are sweet, fruity* breads and this is just straight up whole wheat. (*Zucchini is a fruit- I looked it up.)

weird scents, baconBacon

That’s right, I’m putting it in another list; bacon. Sweet, savory bacon. Did you really think I could make it through talking about interesting, unique, smells-like-the-real-thing fragrances without mentioning my beloved bacon? We’ve got a tomato leaf corriander fragrance, if you want to use it with bacon and whole wheat bread fragrances to make a BLT fragrance. Oh, bacon. You understand me. And ya smell so good! We’ve got an awesome recipe for bacon candles. BACON!

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You really didn’t have to, but I appreciate it immensely. Weird scents is subjective- maybe your idea of weird is different. Come smell with us if you feel so inclined; we’ve got over 800 fragrances!

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Smells Like Money

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smells like moneyMoney Fragrance Oil Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Money scent quite literally smells just like freshly printed cold hard cash!  For anyone that ever wanted a scent that smells like Money, this is it!  Money Fragrance Oil has such a clean, fresh, and crisp aroma to it, you will want to use it in everything.  Plus, with a unique scent that smells like money, the marketing possibilities are endless.  In fact, many of our customers state that Money Fragrance Oil is definitely a top seller with both men and women.

What does Money Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

We actually had our perfumist chemically analyze fresh money in order to create Natures Garden’s Money Fragrance Oil.  You wouldn’t believe how long it took to get our hands on fresh, new money!  You can actually smell the cotton of the money, as well as the fresh ink top notes. It smells wonderful in candles, and you would not believe how good it smells in bath products and cologne! This is a unisex fragrance all the way!  NG Original Fragrance!

How Do Our Customers Use Money Fragrance Oil?

For candle crafters using this scent in candles will literally allow you to say you have money to burn LOL.  Many of our clients use this fragrance oil in their soy, Palm, parasoy blends, Joy, WOW, gel, and Pillar of Bliss waxes.  But, not only is this scent fresh and clean, customers attest this green scent has phenomenal scent throw!  As for the home scenting realm, this aroma is terrific.  Money’s scent performance is remarkable in aroma beads, diffusers, oil burners, and incense.

On the bath and body end of products, celebrate because this unisex scent is one great seller!  With a recommended usage of 5%, this fabulous fragrance is used to create:  lotions, perfume oils, foaming body butters, melt and pour soaps, body scrubs, and body sprays.  And, our customers just love the fresh, clean scent this fragrance gives their products.  Finally, for those of you that are cold process soapers, this fragrance is great.  Here are the official results:  Slight acceleration, but nothing major.  No ricing.  Discolors to a very slight beige.  Scent is super strong, nice, and clean!