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Blarney Stone Soap

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Blarney-Stone-SoapBlarney Stone Soap

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Do you have your green ready? Make sure you don’t get caught without it…or else you’ll be in trouble! Well, our new Blarney Stone Soap recipe is the absolute perfect recipe for this fun holiday! It has so many different shades of green, and even a splash of mica to bring out the thoughts of the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! This soap is an awesome way to celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with all your friends and family! Your customers are sure to be head over heels for it as well! These soap jewels are sure to leave your home with the feeling of little leprechauns hiding behind every corner!



Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap

Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap

Neon Green Fun Soap Colorant

Kelly Green Fun Soap Colorant

Black Oxide Fun Soap Colorant

White Tea & Ginger Type Fragrance Oil

24K Gold Mica Pigment

24/410 Black Fine Mist Sprayer

8 oz. Clear Bullet Bottle

Rubbing Alcohol

Mixing Bowls

Mixing Spoons

6 Clear Plastic Cups



Total Recipe Weights for White Layer:

585 grams Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap

29 grams White Tea & Ginger Type Fragrance Oil


Total Weights for Dark Green Layer

450 grams Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap

22 grams White Tea & Ginger Type Fragrance Oil

8 drops Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorant


Total Recipe Weights for Black Layer

213 grams Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap

10 grams White Tea and Ginger Type Fragrance Oil

5 drops Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant


Total Weights for the Light Green Layer

457 grams Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap

22 grams White Tea and Ginger Type Fragrance Oil

20 drops Neon Green Fun Soap Colorant


Total Weights for the Green Layer

473 grams Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap

23 grams White Tea & Ginger Type Fragrance Oil

20 drops Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorant


Total Weights for Clear Layer:

305 grams Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap

15 grams White Tea & Ginger Type Fragrance Oil


Total Weight for Mica Layer:

6 grams 24K Gold Mica Pigment




Start by weighing out the amounts of Diamond Clear and Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap needed for each layer and separating them into bowls. Make sure you have each plastic cup set up on angles. We set one side of the cup up on a note pad.  This allowed us to create angles with each layer.  Melt down your soaps in the microwave. Once they are completely melted down, follow the specific amounts for dye and fragrance noted above for each color. Weigh out and add the specific amounts for each color in their own separate bowls. Then mix each bowl.

blarney stone soap



blarney stone soap

blarney stone soap

Then carefully begin to layer colors inside your cups. Spray each individual layer with rubbing alcohol to get rid of air bubbles and allow each layer to form a film, but not completely setup before starting the next. Make sure to keep changing the angle of the cups so as to get different layering effects. About half way through, go ahead and add your 24 K Gold Mica Pigment, one gram per cup. Then go ahead and keep layering.

blarney stone soap

blarney stone soap




blarney stone soap

Once you have finished layering, let your soaps sit in the cup until they fully harden. We suggest putting them in the fridge or freezer for a bit to make it easier to remove the soaps from the cups.

blarney stone soap

When your soaps are completely hardened, go ahead and remove them from the cups. Then using your knife, cut each soap in the shape of rocks until you are satisfied!  We found that by cutting more angles into the soap it took on more of the shape we were looking for.

blarney stone soap

blarney stone soap

Your Blarney Stone Soap is now ready to use! Enjoy this amazing recipe and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

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How to Color Candles

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how to color candlesHow to Color Candles

Hi everyone! Are you just starting out making your own candles? Wondering how to color candles? Here at Nature’s Garden, we actually have many wonderful products that are used specifically for the candle coloring process. We offer only the best candle coloring products out there, with each item having its own vibrant personality! We offer so many different dye products, each having their own different specifications when used in your candles. We have liquid candle dye options as well as color block dye. We even have mica dust that you can sprinkle on the outside of you pillar candles to give them the effect of sparkling!

For liquid candle dyes, we offer various Spectrum Liquid Candle Dyes ranging in color. The colors of liquid dyes we offer here at Nature’s Garden are brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, burgundy, purple, and teal. (However, when using these liquid dyes, please just note that they are very concentrated!) To use the liquid dyes, just put a few drops of the liquid into your melted wax.  If you are in the mood for more of a pastel color (or if you are doing a very small batch) for your candle, all you have to do to the dye is dilute it using vegetable oil with the ratio of 1:1. Be careful with the amount of dye you use as well. When you use liquid dye, it allows you to create more consistent coloring in your candles since you count how any drops are put in. But be careful not use more than 10 drops per pound of wax, or else your candles may have a chemical smell to them.

For our color block dyes, the colors we offer are red, burgundy, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, cinnamon, teal, cranberry, and a coral/peach. To use a color block to color your candle, simply shave off the desired amount and place it into your melted wax.  One color block is actually enough to easily deeply dye 15 pounds of wax. When using color blocks, they actually do not produce colors as vibrant as the liquid dyes, so they are better when trying to attain more subtle colors. However, when using color blocks, make sure that the block is fully incorporated before pouring your candle! They can tend to produce little specks of colors on the bottoms of your candles if they are not fully melted and mixed into the wax.

Want to give your pillar some sparkle to bling it up a little bit? Use some of our Gold Pigment Mica or our Diamond Dust Mica to dust the outside of your pillars! This will give your pillars a beautiful shimmer! Have you ever thoughts of using crayons to color your candles? Well, please don’t! Using crayons for coloring can actually cause the candle to start smoking and may even clog your wicks! Crayons are not alone in this predicament. When dying your candles, be sure not to use too much color as this can cause the wick to become clogged and it may cause your candle to smoke more than it should be. It can even inhibit the throw of your chosen scent and reduce the melt pool of the candle. Candle dyes are not for cosmetic use either! Check out all of our free recipes and classes, we offer many free candle recipes, and even a Candle Coloring Class that tells all about our candle coloring products! If you click on candle supplies then candle colorants on our website, that will show you all of the candle colorants we offer. Our Candle Coloring class even tells how to mix your own colors to achieve the colors you want. Enjoy these wonderful products and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!


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Lava Lamp Lip Gloss Recipe

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Recipe makes 10+ Lava Lamp Lip Gloss Tubes
Create some groovy lip gloss that looks like a lava lamp!
What You Need:
2 drops Tomato Red Liquid FUN Soap Colorant which is clearly specified to be used for lip applications
The reason you can create a lava look in this lip gloss, is because the glycerin portion (polar portion) of the lip gloss will not mix with the oil base portion (non polar portion). When you turn the lip gloss upside down, these layers will not mix. If you will be selling this product, please label your product according to FDA regulations.
1. Prepare your lava portion of your lip gloss:
A. Measure out 1/8 cup of vegetable glycerin
B. Add 2 drops of Tomato Red Liquid Fun Soap Colorant.
C. Stir well until color is evenly dispersed.
D. Fill your roller ball bottles ¼ of the way full of this lava mixture.
2. Prepare your Clear Flavored Lip Gloss portion of your lip gloss:
A. Measure out ¼ cup of Fractionated Coconut Oil
B. Add 2 ml. of Strawberry Cheesecake Flavoring Oil
C. Pour this mixture into your roller ball bottles. Be careful not to overfill or the roller ball will not fit into the bottle.
NOTE: When using lip colorants, they need to be cosmetic safe, and approved for lip use. Only some of Our Fun Soap Colorants will work in this recipe; you must read the specifics of each colorant before using in this recipe. Our upcoming lip tints will not work in this recipe because they are castor oil based, and it will ruin the lava affect of this product. Our soap dyes are not approved for lip use, and cannot be used.