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Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe

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Bamboo Hemp Soap RecipeBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe

Check out a melt and pour soap recipe that is decorative and simple to create! There are so many reasons why this handmade soap recipe is a great choice. The first great part of this handmade soap recipe is that it uses Natures Garden’s melt and pour soap base. So, this layered soap is easy to create and you don’t have to deal with lye. Plus, the whole star anise provides a simple way to decorate your lovely soaps. Together you have a perfect method for creating adorable soaps. Furthermore, the soap smells fantastic! This recipe uses our Bamboo Hemp Fragrance, which is a well-balanced blend of bamboo stalks, vetiver, and patchouli, with undertones of hemp seed and oakmoss. The Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe will also show you how to layer melt and pour soap and add herbal embeds. So, this is wonderful melt and pour soap recipe for homemade soap makers!

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Star Anise and Potential Skin Benefits

Whole star anise is a great cosmetic herb for nourishing your skin. There are many that have found that star anise is great for keeping your skin healthy and glowing, as it is known to soften and nourish your skin. This makes this herb perfect for the addition of melt and pour soap. Plus, this cosmetic herb has been said to be wonderful for reducing wrinkles. Also, some have found that this wonderful herb is great for reducing acne or dry skin related issues. So, this ingredient may be as beneficial to your skin as it is pretty for the top layer of your soap!

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Ingredients Available at Natures Garden

Bamboo Hemp Fragrance Oil
Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap
Hemp Oil Melt and Pour Soap
Star Anise Whole
Small Square Tray Mold
Cutter for Mitre Box
Natures Garden Soap Apron
1 oz. Black Bullet Bottles
Black Fine Mist Sprayer 20/410

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Other Necessary Ingredients and Equipment You Will Need

Two Microwave Safe Mixing Bowls 
Mixing Spoons
Rubbing Alcohol
Cutting Board

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Weights and Amounts of Your Ingredients

400 grams Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap
590 grams Hemp Oil Melt and Pour Soap
29 grams Bamboo Hemp Fragrance Oil
16 Whole Star Anise

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Necessary Preparations Prior to Starting

First of all, you are going to want to clean all of your equipment and your work station. This will make sure that your finished product is clean and free of contaminants. This process isn’t difficult and will absolutely benefit your homemade products. So, sanitize the counter top or the table that you are going to work on. In addition, clean and sanitize all of the equipment you will be using.

Also, you may want to get all of your supplies together and within reach of your work space. This way you will have all the equipment ready to use for creating the melt and pour soap. You will also want to fill your spray bottle with rubbing alcohol so that you can spray the freshly poured melt and pour soap quickly. This will release any air bubble that pop up when pouring your mp soap base.  In addition, rubbing alcohol will help the layers adhere to each other.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Getting the Whole Star Anise ReadyBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Getting the Whole Star Anise Ready

First, you are going to get your whole star anise herb ready for later use in the homemade soap recipe. Since you are going to need this cosmetic herb for your clear layer of melt and pour, it will help to have the stars ready. Since it will save you time to get this herb ready, you should pick out your Star Anise before you begin the recipe. So, look through your bag of Whole Star Anise to find some whole pieces of the Star Anise that you would like to use in the soap. Although you can use broken pieces as long as you don’t mind that ascetic in your final bars of soap. Regardless of your preference, you will need to get together 16 individual whole star anise pieces for this melt and pour soap recipe.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Preparing the Clear Layer of SoapBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Preparing the Clear Layer of Soap

Next, you are going to get the clear melt and pour soap ready to use for your first layer. So, grab your scale and weigh out 200 grams of your Natures Garden Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap into a microwave safe bowl. After, you will need to use your microwave to melt your clear soap base. Melting your soap base should be done in short bursts. You want to use thirty second busts in the microwave until all of the soap is completely melted. This method of melting your soap will prevent you from accidentally over heating your mp soap base.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe After the Soap has Melted

Now, that your melt and pour soap has finished melting you are going to be ready to pour the soap into your mold. You don’t need to add any color to this layer because you will need to see the Star Anise Whole through the melt and pour soap. Further, we don’t need to add fragrance oil to this layer. But, don’t worry about your soap because the bottom layer will be scented. We just can’t scent this clear layer or the fragrance would add a yellow tint to the layer. This is because the soap doesn’t have a color and the Bamboo Hemp Fragrance Oil has a slight yellow tint. So, this layer of your soap should remain unscented and uncolored.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Pouring Your First Soap LayerBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Pouring Your First Soap Layer

After your clear, unscented melt and pour soap has entirely melted, you are ready to pour your melted soap. Be sure to move quickly as you pour your soap as you are going to need to place in the herbs before your soap sets up. So, retrieve the soap mold and the star anise that you have chosen for the top layer of your melt and pour soap. Now, pour your melt and pour soap into your soap mold.

Next, take your whole star anise and place each individual star anise into the center of each cavity in the soap mold. After all of the star anise has been placed, spray the top of your soap layer with the rubbing alcohol. This will release bubbles in the melted soap and help your layers to stick together better. Now, make sure that your layer is completely set up before moving on to the next step.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe After the Clear Soap Layer is Completely Set UpBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Pouring the Second Clear Soap Layer

Now, you will see that your first clear layer has not completely covered the entire whole star anise. This amount of melt and pour soap was intentional, as it will help with the placement of the star anise. Next, we will be pouring the second half of the clear layer to completely cover the star anise whole. The thought process behind this method of embedding the herb was that this will help to hold the herb in place. So, this means that your stars will be less likely to be crooked or start to float. So, your star anise will be better at staying where you put it, in the center and top of your bars of soap.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Pouring the Second Clear LayerBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Pouring the Second Clear Layer

Next, you are going to pour the second half of the clear melt and pour soap layer. So, melt another portion of 200 grams of clear melt and pour soap. You are going to want to melt this batch the same way that you did before to prevent burning the soap. So, use your microwave in 30 second increments. Before you pour this portion of clear melt and pour soap make sure to spray the previous layer with rubbing alcohol. After, pour the second clear layer onto your previously set up soap layer. Then, spray the top of the melt and pour soap layer with the rubbing alcohol.  Allow the final clear layer to completely setup before moving to the next step.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Preparing the Second Layer of Your SoapBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Preparing the White Layer of Your Soap

Next, you are going to be preparing the white layer of your melt and pour soap bars. So, grab your scale and weigh out 590 grams of the Natures Garden’s Hemp Oil Melt and Pour Soap Base. Next, you will need to melt your soap base with a microwave. Again, we recommend that you use 30 second increments until the soap is entirely liquid. After your soap is entirely melted you are ready to add the fragrance oil. So, weigh out 29 grams of Natures Garden’s Bamboo Hemp Fragrance Oil. Then, you are going to add this refreshing fragrance oil to your melted soap base. Stir in the fragrance evenly to make sure that all of the scent has been incorporated. After, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Pouring the White Layer of Your SoapBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Pouring the White Layer of Your Soap

Now, you are ready to pour your white layer of Hemp Oil Melt and Pour Soap Base into your soap mold. This white melt and pour soap will be the bottom layer for your finished soap bars. After this final layer is poured, you will want to spray the top with some of the rubbing alcohol. This will help to remove the air bubbles that may be trapped under the surface of this soap layer. Once you spray the soap, wait for this layer to entirely set up. After this white soap layer is entirely hardened, you will be ready for the next step in this process.

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Slice Your Finished SoapBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Slice Your Finished Soap

Next, you are going to want to slice your finished slab of soap into individual bars. First, remove the melt and pour soap from your mold. Place the mold on the table or counter top, flip it over, and gently press to release the bamboo hemp soap from the mold. Then, turn the soap over so you can see the top clear layer. You will notice, the mold that you have used will provide you with a single slab of soap, but there are indented portions that are designed for easy cutting. Before you cut, you are going to want to set your slab of layered soap onto the cutting board. Now, you can cut your soap using a knife, or the soap cutter typically used with a mitre box for soap making. So, use your chosen cutting implement to slice along the lower sections of the melt and pour soap slab. Once you cut along each line you will end up with 16 individual soap bars that each soap embedded with a whole star anise. Now, you have completed your melt and pour soaps and are ready to use your finished soap!

Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Share Your CreationsBamboo Hemp Soap Recipe Share Your Creations

Finally, your melt and pour soap creation is ready for you to use. We hope that you enjoy your finished products! This finished soap is great for use as lovely decoration or a wonderful skin loving soap recipe. If you would love to share your experience, we would love to see your finished products! If you would like to share pictures, share stories of your experience, or even ask some questions, then you can find us on our Instagram and Twitter @ngscents or you can follow us on our Facebook page! Also, you can easily find our Facebook page by clicking here. We would love to hear from you and see your handmade candle, soap, and cosmetic creations!


Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes that are provided on our website. Testing is your own responsibility. If you plan to resell any recipes that we provide, it is your responsibility to adhere to all FDA regulations if applicable. If there are ingredients listed in a recipe that Natures Garden does not sell, we cannot offer any advice on where to purchase those ingredients. We also do not offer any advice on formulating or altering recipes.


Carnation Fragrance

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Carnation FragranceCarnation Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Carnations have been admired throughout time by many individuals. In ancient Rome and Greece these elegant flowers were cultivated for their aesthetic and aromatic qualities. Christianity considers the first carnation to have bloomed from Mary’s tears when Jesus carried his cross. Signifying that carnations are worthy to symbolize love. The 25th president of the United States, William McKinley, would wear a carnation on his lapel for good luck. Today, carnations are included in many anniversary bouquets as symbols of love and long lasting commitment. Regardless of the significance, these delicate flowers have continued to entice individuals for centuries due to their long-lasting freshness, appearance, and delicate fragrance. Why not capture the appeal of this flower with Natures Garden’s carnation fragrance oil.

What Does Carnation Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a crisp, clean aroma of freshly picked carnation flowers with bottom notes of fresh greenery. Wonderful fresh floral fragrance to add to your line!

How Do Our Customers Use Carnation Fragrance Oil?

There are a wide variety of different applications for a Nature’s Garden fragrance oil. Whether you’re a well versed crafter or just starting out you have the potential to create worthwhile products with fantastic scents. These products can include homemade soap, candles, lotions, perfumes, room scents and cleansers.

For candle making this fragrance can be used at a maximum of 10% in vegetable waxes and paraffin wax. The performance in joy wax and wow wax is perfect. Also, this fragrance performs nice and strong in soy wax. We advise customers to either use two drops of red liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax or shred a small amount of a red color block into your melted wax. Although color blocks may seem similar to crayons, you should never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

Homemade bath and body products can be created using 5% Carnation Fragrance Oil. Soap makers can use the Carnation Fragrance Oil at a maximum of 5% in cold process, hot process, and melt and pour soaps. Our cold process soap testing results for this fragrance have shown no ricing, no separation, no discoloration, and good scent retention. There is slight acceleration for this fragrance, but this is typical for floral scents. It is recommended to soap at cooler temperatures and stick blend to counteract the issues caused by acceleration. We at Natures Garden suggest the use of Pink soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you for various bath and body products. Just remember to never use candle dye in any bath and body products.

Both body scents and room scents can be created using the carnation fragrance oil at a maximum usage of 5%. Potpourri and incense can be created using a maximum of 50%. Further, this fragrance performs nice and strong in aroma beads. Lotions and perfumes can be used at a maximum of 5%. Perfumes containing Carnation Fragrance Oil perform well. Cleaning products can use this fragrance oil at a maximum of 5%.


Shea Melt and Pour Soap

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shea butter melt and pour soap It is really easy to make Shea melt and pour soap!

Melt and Pour Soap is one of the easiest and most fun ways to make a homemade product.  This type of soap making is an ideal venture for many reasons.

Melt and Pour soap projects are a great family activity to do with children; creating an enjoyable family time crafting together.
These soaps are a remarkable and memorable treat to give out as party favors, or gifts for loved ones and friends.
And, the fact that melt and pour soap is so easy to work with; no matter what your skill level you can create extraordinary works of art that are fun to wash with too.

So, regardless of the reason for making Melt and Pour Soap, one thing is for sure; you will love how the finished product leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and supple.

Shea melt and pour soap differs from store bought brands in that it is not drying or harsh on your skin.  This soap base is detergent free, SLS free, and gluten free.  The Shea Butter melt and pour soap base is filled with superb skin loving agents like:

  • Shea butter which is ultra conditioning and nourishing.
  • Coconut oil which provides a wonderful bubble filled lather.
  • Sunflower oil, which acts as an amazing moisturizing agent for your skin.  In fact, sunflower oil also adds an even bigger element of a rich, creamy, and bubbly lather.
  • Glycerin, which works as an astonishing cleansing emulsifier.  It helps to lift dirt, oil, and impurities up and away from your skin.  This allows the everyday dirt and grime to easily be whisked away.  Plus, glycerin is also a humectant.  This means that it can actually drawl moisture from the air and pull it to the skin.

Besides all of the healthy and nourishing aspects to Shea melt and pour soap; there is also a beautiful artistic side to it too.  The adventure as to where you take your soaps is defined only by you; the crafter.  Shea melt and pour soap is fool proof.  It can be heated time and time again, without losing its integrity.

You can cater your soap to your specific like through shape, color, and scent.  You can even take your soap making skill to the next level by the addition of other skin loving attributes or additives.  Natures Garden carries all of the ingredients you need to add luxurious elements like rich cocoa butter or antioxidant packed vitamin E.  Through the addition of herbs like oatmeal, calendula flowers, rose petals, lavender flowers, paprika powder, or poppy seed, you can provide natural exfoliation.  Not only will your soap bar benefits exceed expectations, but you will also be adding a unique look, feel, and dimension to your soaps.

If we have you super excited about the possibility of making Shea soap or possibly other body products; but you still have unanswered questions, Natures Garden is here to help.  You can visit our website for free creative recipes and tips that have been tried and tested.  We also have in depth classes with step by step instruction for beginner soap makers.  And, you can always contact us via email, or connect with us on Facebook.


Floating Noah’s Ark Soap Recipe

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We are having a staff challenge here at Natures Garden.  For this challenge, we have asked each staff member to choose one of their favorite Natures Garden’s fragrance oils and create a project pertaining to that fragrance.  Creativity is highly encouraged, using the knowledge they have learned while working at Natures Garden.  This week’s staff challenge was done by Marsha!  Marsha has only worked at Natures Garden for a few months, and her project this week was heaven sent.

If there is one thing that Marsha is extremely proud of, it is her family.  Marsha says she “has the greatest kids ever!”  But, besides being a mom, she especially loves being a Grammy.  Currently, Marsha is a Grammy to one special little guy, but is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the two little ones on the way.  Both babies are due before the end of this year.  Needless to say, she is bursting with excitement at their quickly approaching arrival dates.

One of the most interesting things about Marsha is the fact that she met her husband in prison.  She opens her interview with that line, and you look at her, eyes widened at that statement, and think what did she go to prison for?  But, don’t worry, she spent 30 years working for the prisons in administration.  She and her husband both are love birds, not jail birds.  noahs-ark-soap1

marsha1When it comes to free time, Marsha had more than she could handle after retiring from the prison scene.  Although she spends as much time with her family and grandchild as possible, she was seeking a fun company to work for.  That is how she came to be working for Natures Garden.  And, we at Natures Garden love having her as apart of our crew.

For her words of wisdom, Marsha says she has learned a lot over the years.  The one thing she would like to share is, “Let problems roll off your back.”  She advices that keeping things in, weighs your down, and you miss out of so much in life.”

When it came time for Marsha’s Spotlight Creation, Marsha wanted to make something for her grandson to use in the bath.  She also knew she wanted something to do with  Noah’s Ark.  She loved the concept of a Floating Noah’s Ark Soap and used her creativity to make it happen.  She can’t wait until he sees it.