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US Army Wife uses NG Fragrance Oils

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wholesale fragrance oils1.  What’s your name & Your Company Name:  Potting Shed Candle Co.

2.  Why did you decide to go into business? What was your motivation? How long have you been in business?  I started my candle business just last April. It’s been a long time dream of mine to start a line of good quality candles. My husband is in the military and we got orders to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2011 and I thought this was the perfect time to start, considering there isn’t much here for entertainment. It has given me plenty of time to get it all up and running. So far it has taken off great! What’s even better is I get to supply a product to my military community wherever we go.

3. What products do you make and sell?  I make soy blend candles in all different sizes and also specialize in making candles in unique containers. We offer a huge variety of wax melts and room sprays. I use high quality oils to give you the best possible scent to fill your home. I hope to offer a much bigger variety once we make it back to the good ole USA this summer.

4. What are your business goals?  This is just the start for me, I have created my candle line to sell online and at festivals and craft fairs but I am on my way to my own shop located in my hometown of Saint Mary’s West Virginia once my husband has retired from the US ARMY.

5.  What are some products you use from Natures Garden; what are your favorite products from Natures Garden?   I use all of my waxes and oils strictly from Nature’s Garden. They were the first ones I tried and I thought I would have to try many different ones to find a great quality but I haven’t even considered anything else. I love them! I would say my absolute favorite item would be the Blueberry Muffin fragrance oil. It continues to be a best seller of mine.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pottingshedcandleco