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Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe

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Peeps Cold Process Soap RecipePeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe

This recipe is a great one for soap lovers and peep lovers alike! The Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe combines the likeness of delicious peep bunnies, the simple fun of melt and pour soap, and the best parts of cold process soap to create a great recipe. The base and topping of this recipe is created from a homemade cold process soap recipe, while the cute peeps bunny embeds were created with simple melt and pour soap instructions. Overall, the recipe is a cute way to ring in the spring and definitely worth a try.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Ingredients From Natures Garden

Sweet Almond Oil
Coconut Oil 76
Grapeseed Oil
Shea Butter
Castor Oil
Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil
Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap
Neon Pink – FUN Soap Colorant
Deep Purple – FUN Soap Colorant
Neon Yellow – FUN Soap Colorant
Titanium Dioxide Oil Dispersible
Neon Blue – FUN Soap Colorant
Vegetable Glycerin
Peep Bunny 12 Cavity Silicone Mold
Square Loaf Mold
Cutter for Mitre Box – Stainless Steel
Safety Glasses for Soap Making
Mitre Box – Stainless Steel
Safety MASK for Soap Making- 2 count
Safety GLOVES for Soap Making- 1 pair
8 oz Bullet Bottle
24/410 Fine Mist Sprayer

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Other Ingredients and Equipment

Distilled Water
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Stick Blender
Rubber Spatula
Granulated Sugar
Rubbing Alcohol (in a spray bottle)

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Weights for CP Soap

517 grams Water 

188 grams Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

136 grams Sweet Almond Oil

340 grams Coconut Oil 76

163 grams Grapeseed Oil

340 grams Shea Butter

372 grams Palm Oil

109 grams Castor Oil

84 grams Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil

43 grams Sodium Lactate

5 grams Neon Yellow FUN Soap Colorant

5 grams Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant

4 grams Deep Purple FUN Soap Colorant

4 grams Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant

15 grams Titanium Dioxide

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Weights for MP Soap

320 grams Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap

2 grams Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant

16 grams Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil

2 grams Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant

1 gram Neon Yellow FUN Soap Colorant

2 grams Deep Purple FUN Soap Colorant

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Clean and Sanitize

Before you begin, make sure that your area and supplies are ready to use. First, make sure that you have a well ventilated area available to create your cp soap that is far away from children and pets. Also, have the appropriate safety attire ready for your own use. Next, clean up the areas that you intend to use for creating this soap. Finally, sanitize the equipment that you will be working with for this recipe. These steps will make this process easier for you and safer for everyone.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Creating the PeepsPeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Creating the Peeps

First, you are going to create the melt and pout peep bunny soaps. These will be used to top the cold process soap that you will be making some later steps. So, before you begin the portion of the recipe that deals with the cold process soap you will be creating eight bunny peeps with melt and pour soap. When the time comes, you can choose to have two of each color or have a different color combination off peep bunny soaps. But, we will provide the amounts needed to achieve the correct colors. So, lets start with the melt and pour.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Melting the Soap

Now, you are going to melt the soap needed to create the bunny peep soaps. Since each peep will require 40 grams of melt and pour soap and we are creating two at a time, we will begin by melting 80 grams of the Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap. Melt this in 30 second increments. After you color this portion of your soap, you will melt three additional portions in their own bowls to be colored.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Scenting and Coloring the SoapPeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Scenting and Coloring the Soap

Next, you can add the color and scent to your melted soap. Take the melted 80 grams of Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap from the previous step. Add 4 grams of the Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil and the colorant of your choice. Depending on you decision, you will use 2 grams of Neon Pink, 2 grams of Deep Purple, 2 grams of Neon Blue, or 1 gram of Neon Yellow. You can either do a set of each color, or pick your favorites.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Pouring the Soap into the MoldPeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Pouring the Soap into the Mold

Then, you can fill the bunny peeps silicone soap mold. After you color your melt and pour soap, you can pour it into the molds. This should fill two bunny molds. Also, make sure you spray the top of the soap before you move on to you next batch of melt and pour. Once you have repeated these steps to get eight filled bunnies, then its time to move on to the next step.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Sugar Coating the Peep Bunnies (2)Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Sugar Coating the Peep Bunnies

Finally, the last step of the melt and pour process is to cover the bunny peeps in sugar. Once the soap is set up, remove them from the mold. Next, spray the peep bunny soaps with rubbing alcohol to get the sugar to adhere. After, cover the peeps in sugar and be sure to remember the sides as well. Next, let them dry before spraying and coating the backs of your bunny soaps.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Creating the Cold Process Soap

Second, we are going to create the cold process soap portion of this recipe. Set your sugar coated peep bunny soaps aside. After the cp soap is set up in the mold, these will be used in decorate the top of the loaf. Until then, we will use the same four different colors along with white to create a swirled cp soap. Thus, we will be using an in the pot swirl technique.  So, lets get the cold process soap started.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Preparing the LyePeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Preparing the Lye

Now, you are going to prepare you lye solution. Be sure that you are now working in a ventilated and safe area. First, you will weight out 517 grams of distilled water. Next, slowly mix 188 grams of lye into the previously weighed water. Make sure you add the lye to the water. Move on to the next step, but be sure to stir in 43 grams of sodium lactate after this solution has cooled to room temperature.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Preparing the Butters and Oils

Then, we can get the butters and oils ready for later. Take a scale and tare out a new bowl. Weigh 136 grams of Sweet Almond Oil, 340 grams Coconut Oil 76, 163 grams Grapeseed Oil, 340 grams Shea Butter, 372 grams Palm Oil, and 109 grams Castor Oil into the bowl. Once melted let them cool to room temperature

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Preparing the ColorantsPeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Preparing the Colorants 

Next, we are going to get some medium mixing bowls ready with colorants. While we will only have four colors, you will need to have five bowls. Also, we will be adding 225 grams of soap to each so make sure the bowls are big enough.

So, in each of the bowls we will add one color or titanium dioxide. You will put 5 grams of Neon Yellow FUN Soap Colorant in the first bowl and in the second you will put 5 grams of Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant. The third will have you put in 4 grams of Deep Purple FUN Soap Colorant and the fourth will have 4 grams of Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant. In the last bowl you will put 15 grams of Titanium dioxide with a small amount of your melted oils to create a smooth paste.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Mixing at Room TemperaturePeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Mixing at Room Temperature

Now, we can mix the lye solution and the oils together. After both your mixtures have gotten to about room temperature, you can pour the lye solution into the bowl with the oils. Then, add 84 grams of Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil to the mixture. Blend all these ingredients until you get to the emulsification stage.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Coloring the CP SoapPeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Coloring the CP Soap

After, we are going to separate the soap into the different bowls with colors. The four bowls that contain FUN Soap Colorant will each get 225 grams of your soap batter added to them. Now, the bowl of titanium dioxide will be added to the original bowl after all the colors have been given the right amount of soap. Stick blend the titanium dioxide into the batter. Also, mix your colors starting with the lightest color and try to quickly wipe your blender between.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Separating Soap for the Top

Next, we are going to set some of our white soap aside for later use. Take the bowl containing the Titanium dioxide with soap and separate 225 grams of the batter. Your smaller portion will be used with the colors to swirl the soap. The larger portion will be used in a later step to top the loaf.

Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Doing the Pot SwirlPeeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Doing the Pot Swirl

Now, we are going to swirl the soap colors to get ready for pouring. Find a large bowl that will be able to hold all this soap. Add the white soap the the large bowl first. Then, pour each of the colors into the bowl, right on top of each other. After, use a spatula to swirl, which can be done by placing your spatula in the center of the bowl and moving in a clockwise manner. Next, pour your batter in the soap mold.

IMG_20170307_142214385_HDR-2Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe Finishing off the CP Soap

Finally, we are going to do the last few things to finish off this recipe. First, add the remaining portion of white soap to the top of your loaf. Do your best to make this resemble marshmallow fluff. Then, place the peeps bunny soap that were made previously on top of the white soap. After 24 hours you can remove the cold process soap from the loaf mold and when its hard you can cut the soap. Then, once it has fully cured your soap will be ready to use!


Lavender Soap

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lavender scent Making Lavender Soap

For us, making cold process soap is almost a daily occurrence.  With all of the fragrance oils that are tested, new samples that are tested, and fun recipes that are made, the creative team at Natures Garden is always busy doing something.

A few days ago, we wanted to make a Lavender Soap Recipe (with cold process).  Through our brainstorming, we created a great recipe, with a cool design concept that even included sprinkling a small amount of lavender flowers to the top of the soap.

Seeing that Lavender Martini Fragrance Oil was not yet used for a recipe, we thought it would be the perfect fit.  The soaping results showed that it was a “Perfect Pour.  No ricing, no acceleration.  Very great unique scent.  No discoloration.  Scent is clean.”  So, soaping with this oil was not going to pose any issues.

To use one word to describe working with this fragrance oil, it would be flawless.  The color design for our recipe contained 4 colors including: a light purple, medium purple, dark purple, and finally white.  Not only did the fragrance allow for ample time to get these colors achieved, but we were also able to accomplish a gorgeous in the pot swirl too.

So now, since we are on the topic of how wonderful this fragrance oil was to work with, it should also be mentioned how fabulously strong and amazing this scent smells.  Once the Lavender Martini scent was in the soap batter, it seemed to fill the work area instantaneously.  The lavender martini aroma was strong!  We were all super excited as to how this soap loaf recipe was going to turn out.  Even just walking past the loaf as it set up was a foreshadow of just how aromatic the scent was.

The next day, we unmolded and braced ourselves for the soap slicing.  As we sliced the soap loaf, it seemed that with each slice the smell of lavender martini was more intense in the air.  This recipe was just an overall win in every category!

So, if you are looking for a great cold process soap scent, and your interest is peaked in giving this fragrance oil a try in cold process soap, we highly suggest you do.  Like we mentioned earlier, we soap a lot of fragrances, but this one was definitely eye opening.

lavender soap recipeTo view the Lavender Cold Process Soap in its entirety, please click on this link.  It will provide you with the recipe weights, and step by step instruction.  But, this fragrance will work for your own recipe too if you wanted to go that route.

Happy Lavender Soaping!


MP Embed CP Recipe

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mp embed cpMP Embed CP Recipe

There have been a few times that we have made a recipe that involved both melt and pour soap and cold process soap.  The first was Baileys Spotlight Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap and the second time was Cindy’s Blackberry Sage Soap.  However, both times the melt and pour soap was placed on top of the cold process soap.  This time, we wanted to create a recipe using melt and pour soap inside of cold process soap.

The theme of this mp embed cp recipe was centered around Natures Garden’s Bubble Luscious Fragrance Oil.  With summer time quickly approaching, we thought this would be a wonderful fragrance oil to spotlight in a fun recipe.

Now since Bubble Luscious Fragrance Oil is a childhood memory scent, we wanted to visually capture the essence of fun, carefree, summertime memories.  Plus, Bubble Luscious scent is loved by children and adults alike, so we wanted a soap recipe that would appeal to all ages.

Once we figured out what we wanted the soap to look like, it was then time to figure out the specifics.  We knew that we would have a creamy look from the cold process soap. This would be the perfect look for the main portion of the loaf, including the creamy, whipped looking top.  But, in order to accomplish a transparent look in the soap curls, we needed to use the Melt and Pour Soap.SLS Free Clear .  You can also use our diamond clear melt and pour soap (however, we are currently waiting for a shipment of it to arrive).

Now, these transparent curls would be used both in the cold process soap and also for a decorative topping to the soap.  However, since we also wanted to include a white swirl in the soap, Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Soap  was also included in the mp embed cp portion.  We felt that through the combination of both soap mediums (cp and mp), we would be able to present a really fun project to match this really fun scent and quite the playful and swirly design too.

So, if you are interested in making your very own homemade MP embed CP recipe like this which makes a total of about 4.5 pounds of soap; here are all of the ingredients and supplies that you will need:

For the Cold Process Portion of the Soap, you will need:
Avocado Oil 
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
CASTOR Oil- 16 oz.
Sodium Lactate 
Bubble Luscious Fragrance Oil

To achieve your bubble gum colors for the cold process soap, you will need:
Fun Soap Colorant Neon Pink
Titanium Dioxide (for the white whipped topping)

As for the other supplies and soaping utensils, you will need:
Safety Gear:  Safety GlassesSafety GLOVESSafety MASK
Square Loaf Mold
Stick Blender
Mixing Bowl

For the Melt and Pour Portion of the Soap, you will need:
SLS Free Clear Melt and Pour Soap
Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Soap
Bubble Luscious Fragrance Oil

To achieve your colored curls here are the Fun Soap Colorants you will need:
Fun Soap Colorant Deep Purple
Fun Soap Colorant Tomato Red

Other utensils you will need for the melt and pour soap portion will be:
Cutting Board
Microwave safe glass container
Mixing Spoon (wood or stainless steel)
Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle- to eliminate any bubbles in your soap
Wax Paper

Now, here is the step by step instruction with pictures included:

lay out your wax paper
Step 1:
  On a flat surface, cut and lay down 3 larger pieces of wax paper.

preparing the purple swirls

Step 2:  Prepare the Purple Swirls:  Weigh out and melt 200 grams of Clear M&P Soap.  Stir gently.  Once your soap is melted, add 35 drops of fun soap colorant deep purple and 10 grams of bubble luscious fragrance oil.  Stir well.

pouring the purple soap

Step 3:  Next, pour all of the purple soap unto one sheet of wax paper.  If you have any air bubbles, spritz the soap with alcohol. 

preparing the red soap
Step 4:  Prepare the Red Swirls:  Again weigh out and melt 200 grams of  Clear M&P Soap.  When melted, this time add 10 drops of fun soap colorant tomato red and 10 grams of Bubble Luscious fragrance oil.  Stir.

pouring the red soap
Step 5:  Once scented and colored, pour the red soap onto another piece of wax paper.  Spritz with alcohol if needed.

preparing the white soap
Step 6:  Prepare the White Swirls:  Weigh out and melt 200 grams of Goats Milk M&P Soap in the microwave.  Once melted, add 10 grams of  bubble luscious fragrance oil.  Stir well.

pouring the white soap

Step 7:  Finally, pour the white soap unto the last sheet of wax paper.  If necessary spritz with alcohol.

For now, this is all the melt and pour steps you can do.  It is now time to start the cold process steps.

Here is the cold process soap amounts:
431 grams of Water
154 grams of Lye
238 grams of Avocado Oil
238 grams of COCONUT Oil-76
295 grams of Shea Butter
283 grams of Cocoa Butter
79 grams of CASTOR Oil- 16 oz.
40 grams of Sodium Lactate 
71 grams of Bubble Luscious Fragrance Oil

safety gear
Step 1: 
Put on your safety gear.

adding titanium dioxide to soaping oils

Step 2:  First, make your lye solution.  Then, weigh out and melt the soaping ingredients.  Once melted, separate out 30 grams and place it in one of your mixing bowls.  To this add 7 grams of titanium dioxide.  Stir well.  Completing this step will help you smoothly incorporate the titanium dioxide in the soap batter.  Set this bowl aside.

adding the sodium lactate

Step 3:  Once the lye solution has cooled, stir in the 40 grams of sodium lactate.

the melt and pour embeds

Step 4:  Back to the Melt and Pour Soap:  Remove the purple, red, and white soap from the wax paper.  Then, trim off any jagged edges.  Next, cut 3 x 3 inch squares out of each color.  Make as many 3 x 3 squares as possible until all of the soap has been used.  Then, gently curl the soap in a loose fashion.  The one thing we can not stress enough is loose.  This will help the soap batter fill the embeds so that you do not have air pockets. Once all of the soap has been loosely curled, place all 3 colored curls into your square loaf mold.  With the jagged leftovers of the soap, make as many curls as you can.  These will be used to decorate the whipped topping.

adding the fragrance oil
Step 5: 
When both the soaping oils and the lye solution are ready, combine them together.  Then, using your stick blender, emulsify.  Next, add your fragrance oil.  Stick blend again to light trace.

coloring the soap

Step 6:  When your soap batter is at light trace, get your bowl with the titanium dioxide.  Now, place 400 grams of soap batter into it.  Then, to the remaining soap batter, add the 10 grams of fun soap colorant neon pink.  Use your stick blender to incorporate, but do not mix too long; you still want your soap batter to be on the thin side.

pouring the soap into the mold

Step 7:  Slowly pour the soap batter into the mold.  This will also help to eliminate air pockets in your soap.  When the mold is filled, gently tap it to release any air pockets.

placing the whipped topping

Step 8:  Next, stick blend the white soap bowl.  Then, set aside.  Once the pink soap has thickened enough, start to carefully heap the white soap on top to resemble whipped topping.

decorate the whipped topping
Step 9: 
Finally, place some of the m& p curls (red and purple) on top.

Step 10:  After 48 hours, place the soap into the freezer for about 4 hours.  Then, remove the soap from the mold and let it reach room temperature.  When ready, cut the soap into slices.  Allow them to further cure before using.

That is it.  Although this post may seem daunting, it really is not that bad, especially if you have soaped before.  In the end, this homemade project is totally worth it.  You will love how delicious your soap looks and smells!



Argan Soap

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argan soap Hello everyone, today I made Argan Soap!

I am here to share my recent adventure in the world of soap making.  Today I made CP soap.  For those of you that are new at this, CP means cold process.  This is soaping without adding any additional heat.

I made this soap by creating my own recipe using the soapcalc.  This wonderful soaping tool was able to help me find ingredients and exact percentages for my homemade soaping recipe.  All of this information assisted me in producing my latest project.

For this soap cleverly named “Argan Soap”, I used Mango butter, Avocado oil, Coconut oil 76, Argan oil, and Sunflower oil.  To add a vibrant and tropical look to my soap, I selected Fun Colorants:  Neon orange and Neon blue.  I thought that these colors would look nice in combination with white.  So, I decided to also use titanium dioxide to get a nice bright white soap color.  I really felt that these colors captured the tone of the scent Kulu Bay, which I was using to fragrance my soap.

Due to the fact that I am SO over winter (clearing throat); I decided to try a soap with a summery feel.  Sorry, was venting (smiley face).   Also, I was going to try something new with this soap recipe.  For my very first time, I was doing the “in the pot swirl” technique using 3 colors.  I do have to say, I was beyond excited to get this going since I created this soap from beginning to end all by myself.

That is the moment I quickly became aware that I was DOING THIS BY MYSELF….Oh boy I thought.  No supervision, no guidance, nobody standing next to me for support, only my directions.

Ok, so, after getting all of my supplies, I put on my safety gear and began the first step.  Lye and water.  I want to caution any new soapers reading this:  Please remember to wear your gloves, mask, and safety glasses when handling the Lye and lye solution.  It is also just as important to have vinegar by your side (as your best friend) throughout your whole soaping process.  Vinegar is used in case the Lye or soap batter gets on your skin.

Once I melted all of my oils and butter, I waited for my Lye solution and oils to reach their desired temperature.  I then proceeded to put it all together and stick blended quickly to emulsification.

Being it was an in the pot swirl soap, I did have to put some of my soap batter into 2 smaller bowls and mix my colors really good.  That way I was ready to accomplish the swirl.

Moving quickly, I “plopped” globs of the orange and blue soap batter into the white batter.  I did this until it was all gone.  And, let me just tell you how fast you have to move to color, mix, and plop when using more than one color…holy cow!  You need to fly!  At this point, I was wondering why I used 3 colors….what was I thinking?  Creativity, that’s what!  Now not all recipes will do this, but it seems the one I chose was just that…FAST!

I did however get everything together and really enjoyed seeing my white, neon blue, and neon orange soap come together as I “swirled” around and through my colors.  After using my spatula to make this pretty cool design, I poured it into my silicone mold.  But, I poured it slowly back and forth from end to end.  I was mesmerized at how cool the colors were as they moved about inside the mold.

After the soap  in the mold had set up enough, I used the remaining batter to get an awesome heaping loaf of soap.  When I was done, I was happy with what I created.  A little stressed but only because I wanted it to be perfect.  I strive for perfection and unfortunately for me, I will fail at this (and have) a few times before I perfect it.  I am glad that I will fail however, only because it will make me a better soaper.  This is how you will learn, right?

When I tell my friends what I do here at Natures Garden, they are like, “wow, that sounds like so much fun”, and it is, creating and making your own stuff, heck ya!  Sometimes these recipes may seem a bit intimidating, but, be aware of your ingredients, and know their personalities and how they work together.  We have “fool” proof instructions, we HAVE failed too.  This is the best ways to become experts on what works.  When it comes to the free recipes that Natures Garden provides, what we present to you, is easily understood with virtually no guess work needed.

If you would like to see the full Argan Soap Recipe, please click on this link.

In closing, I can still say, it was a lot of fun making this soap; even if I did stress myself out.

We kids, until my next adventure, have a FABULOUS day!



Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap Recipe

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Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap Recipe by Bailey…

The staff members at Natures Garden are having a challenge!  Each staff member has to come up with their own recipe using various Natures Garden supplies.  The project has to be made with one of their favorite Natures Garden fragrance oils, and they are encouraged to be as creative as possible.  Bailey was the first staff member to partake in the challenge, and her recipe is what she calls: Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap.  girl-copy2

When asked why she chose to make lemonade soap, Bailey replied, “Lemonade reminds me of summertime; sitting on a porch and drinking an ice-cold glass of lemonade”.

Why did she decide to make soap as her project?  Bailey said that since she has experience working with both cold process and melt and pour soap, she wanted to create a recipe that involved the usage of both.  The base of her lemonade soap is made of cold process soap, while the top portion of her soap is made with melt and pour soap.  Bailey used the soap calculator to create her very own cold process soap recipe, checking the values to ensure she was within the range for a typical bar of soap.  She also incorporated beeswax in her soap to make the soap a little bit harder.  To give her soap more bubbles, she added castor oil to her recipe.  Bailey is a big fan of cocoa butter, so she added that to provide the skin with conditioning aspects.

How would Bailey describe herself?  Bailey says she is the type of person who loves to make people laugh. Bailey said, “Wherever Bailey goes, the fiesta follows her”.    What a FUN person to work with!

If you are interested in making this recipe, please click Here To see Bailey’s Cold Fashioned Lemonade Soap Recipe.