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Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair

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Hair Conditioner for Black HairHair Conditioner for Dark Hair

Today we will talk about conditioner for those with dark hair.  We have talked about a daily conditioner for blonde hair and even a hibiscus conditioner for red heads but for those with black hair or even a very dark brown hair, have you ever added black walnut hulls to your hair care recipes? Black walnut hulls are used in natural dark brown and black hair colorants. This handmade hair conditioner for dark hair is made with black walnut hulls to help enhance your natural black and dark brown hair color. In addition, we added meadowfoam seed oil. Meadowfoam seed oil will help add moisture and shine when added to your hair care recipes.  However, the best thing about making your own products is being able to customize and control the ingredients.  This will allow you to customize your conditioner to both your customer’s needs, as well as your own.


Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Ingredients Available at Natures Garden


BTMS 25 Emulsifier

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Black Cherry Fragrance Oil

OPTIPHEN – Preservative

VITAMIN E OIL (Tocopherol T-50) Natural

8 oz. Clear Boston Round Bottles

Black Walnut Hulls Powder

White Lotion Pumps

Disposable Pipettes


Fillable Tea Bags

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Other Materials You Will Need

2 Small Pots
Large Pot
Large Mixing Bowl
Stick Blender
Rubber Spatula
Distilled Water
Ziploc Bag (gallon size)

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Total Recipe Weights

425 grams Distilled Water
25 grams Vegetable Glycerin
25 grams BTMS 25
20 grams Meadowfoam Seed Oil
26 grams Black Cherry Fragrance Oil
5 grams Optiphen Preservative
5 grams Vitamin E Oil
27 grams Black Walnut Hulls Powder


Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Preparations

First, prepare your area. You will want to clean your work area along. In addition, clean and sanitize the packaging supplies that you will be using. We also suggest wearing gloves, an apron, and a hair net while preparing your hair conditioner.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Achieving the Proper Emulsion

At this time, we should talk about the importance of temperature when preparing this recipe. There are a few reasons why temperature is important.  I would like to point this out to those that have never made this type of recipe. It is important to know this before you begin so that you are properly prepared.  First, your temperature is important in order to create a proper emulsion. You want to make sure the temperature of both your black walnut tea and your oil blend are around 140 degrees Fahrenheit when you blend them. If they are not at the correct temperature, your conditioner can completely separate.

In addition, your temperature is important when adding your preservative. If you add your preservative when your conditioner is too hot, your preservative will burn off.  If your emulsion is too cool the preservative will separate out of conditioner. So, you want to add your preservative at a temperature below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but you do not want it to get below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Black Walnut Hulls Information

In this hair conditioner recipe, we used black walnut hulls. Black walnut hulls are often used in both dark brown and black hair dyes.  In addition, they are used in a wide variety of cosmetic recipe.  Next, we will talk a little bit about black walnuts hulls. However, you can learn even more about this wonderful cosmetic powder in our free black walnut hulls class.

When used in soap making, black walnut hulls is used to achieve a dark brown color for soap.  However, it can also be used in bath bombs, lotions, and other cosmetic recipes. It is also often used in natural hair colorants as well.  In fact, with that in mind, we created this hair conditioner for dark hair.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Preparing your Black Walnut Hulls Powder

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Preparing your Black Walnut Hulls Powder


Next, prepare your teabag that you will be using in your herbal infusion.  You will create an herbal tea with the black walnut hulls powder for this recipe.  Black walnut hulls will help intensify your natural black hair or even someone with a very dark brown hair color. So, in your fillable tea bag, add your black walnut hulls powder. You will need to add 27 grams of the black walnut hulls powder.  Then, tie the tea bag closed.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Preparing Your Water

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Preparing Your Water


Now, on your stove, heat your distilled water. You want to heat the water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  While you will only need 425 grams of water, make sure you add plenty of water. You will need to hold the temperature at this temperature for 20 minutes.  Some of your water will evaporate during this time. However, it is important that you heat for twenty minutes to destroy any bacteria.



Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Adding Your Tea Bag


Add your tea bag to your water. Allow the tea bag to steep to create a very dark tea. This black walnut tea will be used in your conditioner.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Preparing Your Oils

Now, we will also be preparing the oils portion of this recipe. The Natures Garden staff used meadowfoam seed oil for our conditioner.  We customized our conditioner specifically for the hair needs of employees here at Natures Garden. Meadowfoam seed oil is wonderful for dry hair.  It also is great for a little extra shine.  While we used meadowfoam seed oil, you can customize this conditioner for your hair needs. Just use a total of 20 grams of oil in any combination you choose. It will require testing of course to perfect the conditioner to your needs. You can read about the oils for various hair types here.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Preparing Your Oils


Now, you will need to prepare the oil portion of this recipe. This portion will be melted on your stove using a double boiler. So, first get your large pot and add a few inches of water. Heat the water over medium heat.  You can allow it to heat while you are preparing your oils.

Next, you will need a small pot. In this pot, weigh out and add 25 grams Vegetable Glycerin, 25 grams BTMS 25, and 20 grams Meadowfoam Seed Oil. Then, place the small pot inside the larger pot of water on your stove.  Allow your oils to melt, stirring occasionally.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Mixing Your Oils and Herbal Tea Together

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Mixing Your Oils and Herbal Tea Together


You want to move quickly through the next couple of steps as this is where the temperatures are very important in order to achieve a proper emulsion. So, get a deep mixing bowl.  Then, weigh out 425 grams of the herbal tea you created.



Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Mixing Your Oils and Herbal Tea Together

In addition, remove your melted oils from the heat.  Then, allow the temperature of both the oils and herbal tea to drop to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  At this time go ahead and slowly add your oils to your herbal tea. Finally, use your stick blender to emulsify your ingredients.  You will notice the color of your mixture will begin to change.  Continue to mix, ensuring that your conditioner is fully blended. However, be careful not to allow the temperature to drop below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Adding the Final Conditioner Ingredients

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Adding the Final Conditioner Ingredients

Finally, we will be adding just a few more ingredients.  As we talked about earlier, all three of these ingredients need to be added at a temperature no cooler than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, add 26 grams of your Black Cherry Fragrance Oil, 5 grams Optiphen Preservative, and 5 grams Vitamin E Oil. Then, once again use your stick blender to incorporate all of the ingredients. Continue to stick blend the ingredients until you are sure everything is mixed.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Cooling the Conditioner

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Cooling the Conditioner


Once you have stick blended your conditioner fully and completely, the only thing left to do is wait.  You want your conditioner’s temperature to drop to room temperature.  You will notice that your conditioner is still very thin.  As the conditioner cools, it becomes thicker.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Packaging Your Conditioner

Now, once your conditioner has reached room temperature, you are ready to package your conditioner.  We chose to package our conditioner in the 8 ounce Boston Round Bottles.  If you choose these same bottles, you will need two of them.  However, we have a variety of bottles and lids available to package your conditioner. Get your bottles out at this time and set them in front of you.

Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Packaging Your Conditioner


First, you will need your gallon sized Ziploc bag.  Next, place your conditioner in the bag.  You will notice that I placed my bag inside a small bowl.  This made it easier to put my conditioner into the bag.  I place the opening of the bag around the bowl.  This kept the bag open as I filled it. Once you have filled your bag, remove as much air as possible and close the bag.




Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Packaging Your Conditioner


Next, we will cut the corner of the bag.  You just need to cut the corner a bit to create a hole.  All we are doing is basically creating a decorating bag.  We will line the hole in the bag up with the opening of our bottle to fill it.  Go ahead and fill your bottle with the conditioner.



Hair Conditioner for Dark Hair: Packaging Your Conditioner

Once your bottle is full, place a lid on top.  We used the white pump tops. Once you have placed a lid on top you are finished. Your conditioner for dark hair is now ready to use!  Simply wash your hair then use the conditioner as you would your normal hair conditioner.  We have found that the longer you leave it on before rinsing, the better results you will see.


We hope that you have enjoyed creating this hair conditioner for dark hair. Did you know that we have a wide variety of candle making, soap making, and cosmetics making recipes found in our free classes and recipes box? We would love to see all of the wonderful creation you have been working on.  Tag us on Instagram or Twitter @ngscents.  You can also post pictures of your finished handcrafted candles, soaps and cosmetics on our Facebook page.  Be sure to follow us as well.



Patchouli Fragrance Oil

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Patchouli Fragrance OilPatchouli Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Patchouli Fragrance Oil is a true and earthy scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a beautiful and natural scent of patchouli. This fragrance oil is very true to its name with this fresh and earthy scent.

What Does Patchouli Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is an earthy aroma of true herbal patchouli.

How Do Our Customers Use Patchouli Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Our customers can create all sorts of homemade room scenting products with this earthy patchouli fragrance oil. Recipes of potpourri, incense, and reed diffusers can include a fragrance concentration of up to 50% for this herbal scent. Homemade cleaning products homemade can potentially be scented with up to 3.4% of this fragrance oil. Also, aroma beads that use this scent will have a nice, strong scent retained.

Patchouli Fragrance Oil Candle Color SuggestionMoreover, candles and wax tarts can both be created using our patchouli fragrance. These wax products made of either paraffin wax or vegetable waxes and can include up to 10% of patchouli scent. If you are thinking about which color would be best in your wax products for this scent, then we would like to suggest for you to use either 2 drops brown candle colorant and 3 drops orange liquid candle dye per every four pounds of wax that is used or a small amount of shredded brown and orange color blocks into your melted wax. Just as long as you aren’t crayons as a substitute for coloring your candle products, as they have been known to clog wicks.

How Do Our Customers Use Patchouli Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

All kinds of different bath and body creations can be made with this fresh herbal fragrance oil. This includes bath gels, bath oils, lotions, bath bombs, perfumes, various soaps, and many other related products, which can all include a maximum of 5% for this fragrance oil.

Patchouli Fragrance Oil Cold Process Soap ResultsCold process soaps that adhere to the body safe fragrance maximum will perform well for this fragrance oil. Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that this patchouli fragrance oil is pretty good for making soap from scratch. A batch of soap that uses this scent will have no acceleration, no ricing, and no separation. Also, the soaps will not have any discoloration and the scent retained after the soaps cure will be good. If you are still looking for a good color to pair with this earthy fragrance oil, then we would suggest using brown soap dye and orange soap colorant. However, you can use any shade of liquid soap dye in the amount that makes you happy. Just remember to never use candle dye in any of your soaps.

Patchouli Fragrance Oil RecipeFinally, are you ready to use Patchouli Fragrance Oil in your own homemade cosmetic recipes? If you enjoy natural products and herbal scents, then you’re going to love our Patchouli Infused Hair Conditioner Recipe! This homemade conditioner recipe is a refreshing and herbal treat for your hair!