Soap Supplies


Are you in the market for soap making supplies?  Natures Garden offers wholesale soap making supplies that are high-quality and super affordable.  And, what is even better yet; as always when orders are placed before 11 am est, your order will ship out the same day.  We understand that you need your soap supplies quickly and with Natures Garden, you will receive your order with lightening speed!

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Melt and Pour Soap

Natures Garden is a key player in Melt and Pour Soaps.  Why, because we love soap making and understand what it is like to have a passion for soap making; therefore our soap bases are top notch!  We have quite a big variety of different Melt and Pour Soaps including Shea Butter, Goats Milk, and Metallic.  Maybe you are seeking melt and pour soap that is SLS FREE, well- we have that too.  Making melt and pour soap is fun, easy, and has the capabilities to really let your creative side shine.

Soap Colorants  fragrance oils

Natures Garden has a super happy rainbow of colors to offer you in your soap making venture.  We are able to provide our soap colorants in many different forms such as soap dyes, soap pigments, neon soap pigments, natural soap dyes, mica pigments, and even titanium dioxide.  If you are looking to really catch some attention, Natures Garden has the soap colorants that will get the job done in a flash!

fragrance oilsSoap Molds

Natures Garden carries a variety of soap molds in various shapes and sizes.  We have guest soap molds, tray molds, loaf molds, and even heavy duty soap molds.  There are just so many different molds going on.  Natures Garden also stocks and carries a very healthy variety of embed molds, as well as Mold Market Molds which is a very popular brand among soapers.  If you really want to take your soaps to the next level these molds are a must have in your soap making supplies!

Soap Oils Butters Waxesfragrance oils

Natures Garden has all the soap making oils, waxes, and butters needed to complete your soap making supplies shopping list.  If you are looking to make one super moisturizing, creamy, yet cleansing bar of soap; Natures Garden soap making oils, waxes, and butters are a great place to start.  Plus, with the free classes and free recipes available online, hot process and cold process soaping was never easier!

fragrance oilsSoap Natural Colors

Here is one cool little fact:  you can use herbs to color your hand crafted, made with love soap.  What a great all natural way to color you soap.  Plus, when you use herbs in your soap making supplies arsenal as a natural colorant, you are also benefiting your skin with all of the oh so good nourishing aspects that herbs provide for our skin.  Wow, look at the variety that Natures Garden carries… it’s amazingly awesome!

Soap Additivesfragrance oils

Are you looking to try some new additives to your cold process or hot process soaping recipe?  Natures Garden currently carries over 100 hundred different soap additives.  All available at wholesale pricing, these soap additives should not be overlooked.  If it is soapable, chances are Natures Garden has it in stock, or will have it shortly.   If you’re wondering what having these soaping additives added to your recipe will result in; it’s happier, healthier, oh so much more touchable skin.  When it comes to soap making supplies like soaping additives, Natures Garden is the best there is around.

fragrance oilsSoap Making Kits

So, maybe all of these fabulous wholesale soap making supplies have you thinking that this whole making soap thing is really interesting.   And, maybe from there you are thinking “wouldn’t it be great if there is a kit that would include all of the items needed to craft great handmade soap.”  Well, have no fear, Natures Garden offers amazing soap making kits that have just the right amount of intrigue to get you hooked.  Natures Garden Soap Making Kits make perfect gifts for any occasion too!

Soap Making Equipment  fragrance oils

Everybody knows that in order to get the soap making job done, you must be equipped with the right soap making tools and soap making equipment.  Don’t know where to start; well Natures Garden has your back.  We offer soap safety equipment, soap cutting equipment, and even thermometers for finding the perfect temperature when crafting cold process soap.  And since all of the equipment is offered at wholesale prices, reusing these items again and again only keeps the savings coming your way!

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Soap Making Safety Gear

Soap Making Equipment is important to soap making, but soap making safety equipment is vital.  Soap making safety gear is a fashion must have for any soap making crafters.  Whether you are gracing your work area in scrubs or everyday attire, adding Natures Garden Soap Making Safety Equipment as your accessories is all the rave.  Natures Garden’s safety glasses, safety masks, and safety gloves are one sure fire way to keep you safe while you are soaping.

Soap Making Softwarefragrance oils

Natures Garden offers free soap making recipes as well as free soap making classes.  We cover everything from melt and pour soap, cold process soap, and hot process soap.  But, maybe you are a little bit more advanced in your soap making techniques and want to make your hand crafted soap recipes your own.  For those of you that fall into this category, then Soapmaker 3 software will be your new soap making mate.  This software is super easy to use, plans, calculates, and predicts for you.  You will be amazed at the soap making powers that you will be able to unleash upon your soap making skills with this Soapmaker software!