Cosmetic Supplies


Contrary to common belief, the FDA defines cosmetics in a very extensive manner and it encompasses more than just make-up.  According to the FDA, cosmetics also include for example under the bath and body classification, handmade lotions, bath bombs, shampoo, bath gel, conditioner, etc.  Therefore, as you can see; Natures Garden’s wholesale cosmetic supplies include more than just ingredients that can be used to make homemade make-up.  So in this area, you will be able to find all of the excellent, great quality cosmetic supplies that you would need to enhance your skin care products.  Plus, with Natures Garden you know that you are getting some of the best waxes (both silky emulsifying and traditional emulsifying), fixed oils, natural butters, dried herbs (available in powder and cut and sifted form), as well as preservatives to ensure safety in your skin care products and extend your product’s shelf life.

fragrance oilsCosmetic Kits

Are you trying to find something fun to do that doesn’t cost an arm and leg?  Maybe you are seeking that perfect kit for a tween, teen, or for that matter anyone that can read directions.  With Natures Garden’s Cosmetic Kits, your problem is solved.  Each kit recipe has been tested and all ingredients included so from there it is pretty straight forward.  Each wonderful cosmetic kit includes all of the ingredients, recipes, instructions, and packaging needed.  So what if it is your first time; with Natures Garden kits you really cannot go wrong.  As always, with Natures Garden the price is always right.

Natural Buttersfragrance oils

Yes, it is true, natural butters can be used to make natural cosmetics!  And yes, it is true; Natures Garden carries natural butters; which are listed in the cosmetic supplies area of Natures Garden’s website.  So, you may be asking exactly what cosmetic natural butters do you carry?  Well, some of the most used natural butters that we supply at wholesale prices are Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter (available in deodorized and natural golden pressed), and of course who could forget Mango Butter.  Oh, and by the way, you can use Natures Garden’s natural butters to make natural soap bars too.  Natural never felt so good on your skin.

fragrance oilsNatural Fixed Oils

Natural fixed oils are fatty oils made from vegetables.  These oils are base ingredients for many soap, bath and body, and cosmetic recipes.  Natural Fixed Oils are also known as Carrier Oils and these fabulous oils do not evaporate.  So, needless to say; Natures Garden’s Natural Fixed Oils like Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel, and Coconut 76 are not going anywhere.

Cosmetic Colorantsfragrance oils

Wouldn’t you like to give your homemade cosmetic products that extra pop to help them get noticed?  Well, with Natures Garden’s Cosmetic Colorants, we have got you covered.  With FD&C dyes, natural colorants like powered herbs, mica, and lip tints, your handcrafted items will surely shine.  Our Cosmetic Colorants will give your products an intensity that will not be surpassed.

fragrance oilsCosmetic Waxes

If you are in the cosmetic market, then cosmetic waxes are nothing new; but if you are just starting to dabble into creating hair and skin care products then cosmetic waxes are great additions to your line.  Natures Garden’s cosmetic waxes can do many great things for your products like lip gloss, lotions, and conditioners.  They can have the capability of thickening creams and lotions, adding a soft feel to your merchandise, and can even act as oil binding agents.

Cosmetic Claysfragrance oils

Natures Garden carries some amazing cosmetic clays.  These cosmetic clays are used in natural cosmetics for their awesome benefits.  Some of these benefits include cleaning skin impurities, help in aiding oily skin, and even have deodorizing capabilities.  Cosmetic clays also have very nourishing skin elements and French Green Clay and Red Moroccan Clay even work as a natural exfoliate.

fragrance oilsBath Salts

Hello Bath Salts and Salt Scrubs!  Natures Garden carries wholesale bath salts which can be quite the multi-taskers for your skin care products.  Bath salts contain super essential minerals for your skin, can provide gentle exfoliation, and even contain properties of deodorizing and working as an antitoxin.  Besides all of the healthy skin benefits that these salts contain bath salts can also be used to decorate tops of soaps for a fascinating cosmetic appeal.

Emulsifiers and Thickenersfragrance oils

Natures Garden carries a strong line of natural emulsifiers and thickeners that can be used in your bath and body formulations.  The emulsifiers like BTMS 25, emulsifying waxes, and polysorbate 80 help to bind elements of your formulation like water and oil together where as under other circumstances they would not combine.  Natures Garden’s emulsifiers also help for an even distribution of ingredients in your products and do not allow for separation.  Thickeners allow for a more stable formulation where physically the consistency of your product is changed.  Some great Natures Garden thickeners are Arrowroot Powder and Xanthum Gum.

fragrance oilsHerbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices can be added to cosmetics in a few different ways.  Natures Garden’s Herbs and Spices can be directly added to the product for skin benefits and cosmetic appeal or they can be infused into the water or oil of the formulation.  Regardless of how you plan on fitting them into the equation, Natures Garden’s variety of over 100 herbs and spices are definitely one ingredient you do not want to miss out on.   And, do not forget herbs make a great way to naturally color your products. 

Flower and Herb Powdersfragrance oils

If you are looking to add herbal and floral powders to your cosmetic recipes, Natures Garden is a great place to start.  We offer a vast assortment of powders that will be on everyone’s wish list.  Plus, because the herbs and flowers are in powder form they are easily incorporated to your natural bath and body recipes.

fragrance oilsFruit and Veggie Powders

If you are on the hunt for the addition of fruit and vegetable powders to your bath and body recipes, Natures Garden will be your favorite supplier.  We have an ample selection of powders that will boost your cosmetic products.  Plus, just like the herbs and flowers, fruits and veggie herbs are in powder form so they are easily incorporated to your natural bath and body formulations.

Preservatives fragrance oils

Let’s face the truth; when you are crafting any homemade bath and body or cosmetic formulation that contains water or that can be contaminated by customers sticking their fingers in it; you want to preserve your end product.  Cosmetic products can be breeding grounds for bacteria and mold which can make your customers sick.  Anyone selling handcrafted cosmetic products should protect themselves and their customers by preserving the products with an approved preservative.  Natures Garden’s Optiphen preservative is paraben free, and will help to protect you and your customers from “Yuckies” growing in their cosmetics.

fragrance oilsNatural Sweeteners

Natures Garden carries a nice variety of natural sweeteners for your edible products such as lip balm, lip gloss, and edible massage oils.  And who are we to deny our products this amount of amazing sweetness!

Cosmetic Accessoriesfragrance oils

Natures Garden offers the cutest cosmetic accessories ever.  With our transfer pipettes, no more dulling out oils and liquids with a spoon, and what is more remarkable is that they are disposable pipettes, so cleaning up is a breeze.  And, when it comes to Natures Garden’s Bath Tea Bags, they can be sold to your customers already filled, or you can get creative and advertise them as empty bath tea bags where they can select the filled herbs themselves.  Either way, you know you want to put them in your shopping cart- the possibilities are endless.