Fragrance Oils

fragrance oil trendsAttention Candle Makers!  Attention Soap Makers! 

Give Natures Garden wholesale fragrance oils a try!  You will never believe how much money you can save on exceptional, unique, concentrated fragrance oils!!  Plus, our fragrance oils are formulated to be used for candles, soaps, bath and body products, pet products, air fresheners, incense, and cosmetics.frag-floral

Natures Garden Offers Wholesale fragrance oils- 100% concentrated,  almost 800 unique varieties! 

Why are you paying retail prices for fragrance oils when you don’t have to?  Did you know that Natures Garden is the largest distributor of fragrance oils in the USA?  Plus, we sell all of our 100% concentrated fragrance oils at wholesale prices!  That’s right!  We offer almost 800 unique, concentrated wholesale fragrance oils to anyone who would rather pay wholesale prices; no vendor’s license required!  Over the past 15 years, Natures Garden has established solid relationships with several perfumists.  Our purchasing power allows us to have fragrance oils manufactured at a lower rate than the other fragrance oil suppliers on the market, and we pass our savings along to our customers.  Unlike many companies on the market, Natures Garden charges wholesale prices for our fragrance oils.    Just because a company tells you that they are wholesale, does not make their prices truly wholesale!  When you hear the phrase, “You get what you pay for”, question it next time!citrus fragrance oils




Wholesale Fragrance Oils


ESSENTIAL OILSessential oils

Natures Garden offers a line of 100% pure, all-natural, wholesale-priced essential oils.  Unlike many essential oils on the market, our oils are unadulterated and uncut.  Over the years, we have received amazing reviews on our essential oils from our customers.  We think you will find our essential oils to be superior quality to what you find on the market.  Give us a try!