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How to Manage Your Time

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manly man fargarnce oil

Alright Ladies, now that I have your attention! 

I think it is safe to say that every woman wants their ideal Manly Man.  We dream of our knight in shining armor that will sweep us off our feet and make all of our fantasies reality, or at least I do.  But, I often wonder if this Perfect Man even exists?

Well, he has to.  My reasoning-Taoism, just like yin and yang, good and evil, opposite factors must exist.  I know for a fact that Womenly Women inhibit the earth.  They are everywhere.  If you need to see proof, just look in the mirror.

We are women; irreplaceable, affectionate, perfect, sexy beings who can do it all.  In today’s society, it has almost become the norm that we are expected to be everyone’s everything; the “Jack-of- all-trades” so to speak.  We’re unpaid CEO’s of the house, chiefs, chauffeurs, maids, doctors, accountants, therapists, landscapers, personal assistants, referees, coordinators, the list is endless.  And I am not even talking about our full time careers in the workforce, this all takes place afterhours.   What a reality check for any woman.  I know in my life, if my days are not filled with a million things to do, then I must still be sleeping.

Honestly, it did take some adjustment in accepting all of these roles as I am sure it does for any woman.  I can look back now, and say as a young girl, playing house with my Cabbage Patch Dolls and cooking desserts in my Easy Bake oven can’t even hold a candle to what is expected of women today.  Well, the blunt truth as painful as it sounds is we have no choice.  I can tell you that at first, I did not lovingly accept my responsibilities.  I did it kicking and screaming, complaining and whining, fighting them tooth and nail all the way.  There was even a short period of time when I went on strike.  The result of all this pouting; double the work load, because no one else was stepping in.  It was at this point that I realized fine, I am going to take these crappy lemons and make the best hot pink lemonade anyone has ever tasted.

I had to be realistic.  There was no way I was going to get everything done I needed to each day without going into overdrive and burning myself out.  Then I realized the secret to success is time management.  My plan of attack was a spiral notebook in which I wrote everything I needed to do down.  I updated it as needed.  No smoke screens here: it is very overwhelming, but with a positive attitude, very attainable.

Once I had my master to do list written down, the next step was to prioritize it.  This involved breaking the list up into three categories: a daily, weekly, and monthly agenda.  From this point, it was easier to breathe.  I also felt more organized and energized to tackle my daily duties.

In fact, the feeling was so inspirational that I thought there has to be others out there that share my main pain as a 2011 Womanly Woman. So, hence this blog and the free super cute to do lists that are also available to help anyone that wants to harmonize their lives too.  We women need to stick together!

super mom to do list




Brief pause for the roaring applause for Womenly Women around the World!

Here are some key tips to remember:

  • Be flexible- you have to readjust matters if need be.  Agendas are not concrete, they’re just guidelines.
  • Work your to do list, don’t let it work you- prioritizing is key, hit the hardest most important items first, then the rest
    is easy breezy and you can go from there.
  • Celebrate when you get to highlight something off your list.  Choose a really fun color highlighter too.
  • Know which days are your power house days.  These are the days that nothing holds you back.  These are also great days to try to get ahead.
  • ***Most Important*** Set aside time everyday just for you.  Call it “My Me Time”.  Do NOT sacrifice this time either.  It is Mandatory!  Spend the time focused on yourself.  Do things that make you happy like crafting and creating your product line!  One of my favorite me time projects is swirly soap.  It is a blast in a bar!

swirl soap


The proverbial Great Wall of China was not built overnight, so stay focused, work hard and celebrate the small stuff.  So what if your overall to do list contains 15 pages and is still a work in progress, as long as you can highlight one thing every day, you can chalk it up as a Win.

Hungry for more…

There are some really smart tips out there that help you save time around the house too.
Suggestions are things like:

  • When you put your children’s clothes away, to fold them in outfits.
  • Shop for holiday and birthday gifts year-round. Whenever you see a great gift for someone you love, buy it and set it aside for giving later.
  • Keep disinfecting and glass wipes in the bathroom for quick cleanups around toilets, sinks, and mirrors. You could even do a speedy wipe-down while you bathe the kids.
  • Get rid of one bag of clothes, toys, and books for every bag that comes into the house. It means less stuff to clean up.

To see the list of all 50 ways to save time around the house click on the link below:


Fragrance & Fun for Everyone

Inspire, Create, and Dominate!

Sparkles!!!  Nicole (Corporate Manager of
Natures Garden Candle Supplies)


The Importance of Social Media for Your Candle or Soap Business

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We asked you…

How important is social media for promoting your products?

“Extemely!!! But word of mouth from loyal customers cant be beat!!!!”
Patti Ann


“It will be the biggest promoting concept there could be. I am not up and running yet but I am making contacts already.”


“EXTREMELY! The best word of mouth possible because it spreads across the nation, world and not just locally.”


“Extremely. Word of mouth and posted recommendations help a lot as well since they help populate your company in different ways and broadly.”


“I agree that it is a part of our culture now and we truly do need it.”


“It’s everything for me right now other than word of mouth which is always best.”


“In 2011…VEEERRRYYYY! It opens up your market in such a vast way, it’s almost unfathomable. When you promote your business via social networking you go from hometown to international.”


Super duper important!!!! would have never made sales in Sweden, Canada and Australia without it, I am pretty sure!”
Lather Soap Co


“In a time of instant gratification, connecting to clients and customers on Facebook/Twitter/Websites is vital. Nearly the first question I get with customers, if not about my products is “Do you have a website?” and then it becomes “Can I find you on Facebook?” soon after. They want to get sales/deals quick, which is why I don’t bother with an email list, they just check Facebook for sales. It also allows the customer to feel more connected to me with fast replies.”




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Our theme this week is BEVERAGES!

Anything that smells like a beverage or looks like a beverage. You are always welcome to post homemade products that are not theme-related.

Visit our Facebook Page and post photos of your products and any links on the wall tonight at 9:30pm EST.



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It’s Monday! Let’s get the week started with two awesome NEW recipes

Pumpkin Delight Clamshell Tarts




A triple layer of fragrance fun that is super easy to make!

[Download Recipe]



Monkey Farts Lip Balm




With a name like this, who could HELP but try it!!

[Download Recipe]



Every Monday we’ll post two new recipes in the Recipe Box on our Facebook Fan Page (where over 20,000 friends have joined us!). Check out our pages for tips, testimonials, helpful questions answered and lots more. For more recipe ideas, including candles, soaps, air fresheners, bath & body, and visit our website.


– Deborah


Selling Your Candle & Soap Creations Online

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Some of our customers make candles and soaps simply as a hobby, and others do it for a living.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you might be wondering what the best way is to sell your amazing creations over the Internet.

We’ve outlined below a few websites many of our customers use to retail their products online. If you’re eager to start listing and selling your products, you may want to check them out and see which site is the best fit for you.

The world’s most popular online auction and shopping website is a great spot to buy and sell many things, including candles and soap products. Signing up for eBay is easy, and the site also helps you register your business online. Once you figure out what you’re going to sell, you can list your products on eBay and set up a Paypal account, which facilitates online payments.

This e-commerce website has become very popular over the past few years, particularly with art, vintage items and homemade crafts. It is a great spot to retail candle and soap products! Etsy requires an account, but it offers excellent support along the way if you have questions. Don’t forget to include excellent photos and descriptions of your products to make them appealing to potential customers!

A smaller website, but focuses specifically on handmade products, fine art, design and supplies from all over the world. Artfire allows you to create a virtual studio, list your items online and ship them around the world. The website also offers a 30-day risk free trial.

A fairly new site that offers a unique way of buying and selling products online. The site links to your social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, and allows you to join “blocks” of people with similar interests. Yardsellr allows you to use Paypal and major credit cards, and best of all, costs nothing to list or sell! (note: instead, the buyer pays a small fee when they checkout).

Your Own Self-Hosted Site
This is for the advanced customers that want their own website to retail their products. It is possible to host your own website with shopping cart capabilities, but this option is often more expensive to set-up and maintain. We encourage you to do lots of research before deciding on a service, but this is a great option for the serious sellers.

If making candles and soaps is something you love (like us), you might consider turning it into your very own business! Do what you love, right? YEAH!! If you have any questions, just let us know on our Facebook page! Good luck to all of you!

– Deborah



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It’s Monday! That means we’ve got two brand-new recipes for you. Let’s get right to it!!

Candy Corn Clamshell Tarts




A triple layer of fragrance fun that is super easy to make!

[Download the recipe]



Raspberry Cream Cupcake Wax Tarts




Try this sweet gourmand treat for your tart burner!

[Download the recipe]



Remember – these recipes and several others are featured on our Facebook Fan Page (where over 20,000 friends have joined us!) and it’s a great spot to meet new friends and ask questions. For more recipe ideas, including candles, soaps, air fresheners, bath & body, and visit our website.

Hope your week is off to an AMAZING start! Smiles!!

– Deborah


NG Around the World!

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As we celebrate reaching over 20,000 Facebook fans this week, we’ve decided to stop for a moment and try to comprehend it all. All we can say is… THANK YOU!!

While Natures Garden is based in Ohio, we actually have customers that find and order from us from all over the US and all over the world… literally!  How EXCITING!!

Here’s a look at where our customers come to us from in the United States:

And here’s a look at where our customers are around the world! Can you find yourself?

We are so thrilled that Natures Garden has grown over the past decade, and we are SO HAPPY to have you as part of our community. As Natures Garden continues to grow as a company and as your #1 resource for your candle, soap and other creations, we promise to continue providing you with the best individualized service that no one can beat!!

We are honored to be your supplier of choice!


– Deborah


Cupcake Soap Recipes

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buttercream cupcake soapLooking for some creative melt and pour soap recipes? 

How about Cupcake Soaps!

Over the years, customers have asked us to provide them with creative, free recipes for candles, soaps, bath products, and air fresheners.  We are listening!  Recently, we launched our new Recipe Box section on the website.  Each day we are adding more creative and fun recipes for hobbyists and business owners. 

Take a look at all of the FUN cupcake soap recipes we just posted and MORE,  or Simply Click on the cupcake soap pictures below for recipes! 



neapolitan cupcake soapcarrot cupcake soapgerman chocolate cupcake soaporange cream cupcake soap


Open House At Natures Garden

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building We’re Planning an Open House at Natures Garden! 

Where:  Natures Garden Candle Supplies

Address:  42109 State Route 18  Wellington, OH  44090

When:  Saturday, May 21, 2011 (Our Anniversary Date)

Time:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm (We understand that 8 hours is a long time to attend an event, so you are welcome to visit us anytime during these hours the day of the Open House).

What:  We will be having an Open House for our wonderful customers!  We can’t wait to meet you!!  There will be sales, games, prizes, and food.  This event is FREE to our registered customers.  We are determined to make this event very special for you!  Don’t miss it!!

Can you attend?  Please fill out the Contact Us form located on our website: .   Fill this form out completely, and send it back to us.  We will confirm that you are a registered customer of Natures Garden, and provide you with an official Open House Invitation.   Present the invitation at the door the day of the Open House.  It’s that easy!! 

Please let us know if you plan to attend before May 5th.  That will help us plan the amount of food and prizes we will need for the Open House.

Thank you for your support and patronage over the past 12 years!! 

Deborah Ward
CEO Natures Garden Candle Supplies

Meet a few of Natures Garden Staff Members Below:  On the day of the Open House, all of our staff will be there to meet you! 






building natures garden


February Newsletter Natures Garden

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Fragrance Oil of the Month

Fragrance Oil of the Month

February 2011 Natures Garden Newsletter

Happy Groundhog Day!  From all of your friends at Natures Garden

Natures Garden’s Fragrance of the Month for February is Wild Elderberry Fragrance Oil

To celebrate Groundhog Day, Natures Garden created our own groundhog for the event. Introducing…Glitter Glamhog!
Glitter GlamHog has chosen fragrances specifically for this occasion, and she has her very personal favorite fragrance oil named Hot Pink Pomegranate Fragrance Oil!    Take a look at our Glamhog Day Promo. 

Glitter Glamhog Banner

Our Top Selling Wholesale Fragrance Oils for the Month of January were:         enji natures garden mascot

Pink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil
NG Aqua di Gio Type Fragrance Oil
Butt Naked Fragrance Oil
Autumn Magic Fragrance Oil
Cinnamon Sticks Fragrance Oil
Lick Me All Over Fragrance Oil
Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil
Australian Bamboo Grass Fragrance Oil
Loving Spell Fragrance Oil
Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil
Apple Cinnamon Fragrance Oil

Important Natures Garden News:

1. Fragrance Oils by Color: Many of your customers will purchase candles and decor to match the colors of their homes, or to promote a certain “mood” in their homes. In order to help you choose fragrances that compliment specific color schemes, we have categorized all of our fragrance oils into specific color categories for you.

2. Natures Garden has a new Mascot named “Enji”. You will see her on the website soon! She’s waving to all of you!! Don’t you just love her!!  enji waving

3.  Visit our new Spotlight Creations Page – Look at some of the creative projects that are being posted during our Thursday Night Show and Tells! It has been reported to us that some customers are seeing a 65% increase in website traffic since they were showcased on our new Show and Tell Spotlight Page. We have also been told that customers are selling products during actual Show and Tell! How could you lose? If you would like to be included on our Show and Tell Spotlight Page, this is what you need to do:

  1. “LIKE” Natures Garden’s Facebook Business Page.
  2. Attend Show and Tell on Thursday Night at 9:30 pm est.
  3. Post a picture of at least one of your homemade products made with Natures Garden ingredients.
  4. Contact us at [email protected] and provide us with the following information so that we can create your own spotlight page on our website:
    • The name of your company.
    • Your contact information (website address).
    • A write up about yourself and your company.
    • A picture that is at least 300 X 300 pixels of a homemade product that you personally made using Natures Garden ingredients. Attach this to your email.
    • Complete description of which Natures Garden ingredients were used in the picture you sent us via email.
    • A testimonial of your business relationship with Natures Garden. How do you like doing business with us?
  5. Once your spotlight page is created, you will see a Spotlight Award Seal on your page. You need to right click and save this award to your website. A link to your spotlight page on Natures Garden’s website should be associated with this Spotlight Award.
  6. It is taking time to get all of your pages done. If you have not yet sent your info to us, or your site has not yet been posted, please send your information to our email address: [email protected] My goal is to have all of your pages added by the middle of February.

4.  We get many calls asking about FDA Regulations and Labeling requirements for cosmetic products. To read all about all of the FDA regulations and labeling requirements, please visit the FDA’s website:

5.  Everyone is welcome to join our Show and Tell every Thursday Night at 9:30 pm est on Natures Garden’s Facebook Page. Get some creative ideas, meet many fun and exciting people!

6.  Attention Soapers and Customers who make soap and toiletries:  We have gone through all of our wholesale fragrance oils and have noted the words “NOT BODY SAFE” in the description area of each fragrance that is not considered body safe by our standards.  We would like to mention that you will notice that a few of the fragrances that we have listed as NOT BODY SAFE are considered body safe on the specific IFRA statement for those fragrances, but since these fragrance contain cinnamon content, and can cause skin irritation, we decided to list them as NOT BODY SAFE.  All fragrances that we carry have MSDS sheets and IFRA sheets posted on our website for your review.

not body safe


7. Attention Soapers:  In the description area of each fragrance, you will notice that we have begun to list our CP Soap Testing Results.  We do not have CP testing results for every fragrance that we carry yet, but we are working on getting you this important data!