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Soy Candles with Fragrance Oils

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Lance1.  What’s your name & Your Company Name?  Lance Smith-Lantzwicks

2.  Why did you decide to go into business?  What was your motivation?  How long have you been in business?  To be able to make creations with my own standards.  Seeing some possibility the more I was creating.  1 Year.

3.  What products do you make and sell?  Scented soy candles at the moment.  Looking forward to trying some Pillar of Bliss sometime!

4.  What are your business goals?  To make a great product that people love!  Also have a real shop sometime!

5.  What are some products you use from Natures Garden; what are your favorite products from Natures Garden?  The 6.5 oz. hex jars I’ve used, and Fragrance Oils.  Burning an “English Ivy” soy candle right now! 🙂 I think 7-8 oils I’ve used and cant say I have favorite one.

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