Candle Supplies

Are you interested in candle making supplies, but not really sure where to start?  No matter what the reason; whether you are just looking to make some extra income, looking to make some fabulous home crafted candles for gifts, or maybe just bored and looking for a creative outlet; Natures Garden sells the best wholesale candle making supplies, both individually and in kits.  Additionally with all the great candle supplies available, Natures Garden also offers free classes and recipes to aid you along the way.
Candle packaging

Candle Packaging

Are you on the hunt for wholesale candle packaging supplies? Natures Garden has some of the finest, high quality plastic tea light cups, candle wax tart clamshells, and other packaging supplies for all types of candle makers. Whether you are a hobbyist or a small business owner, Natures Garden has what you are looking for!


Candle WaxesCandle Waxes

Welcome to your candle wax superstore! Everyone knows that in order to craft a superior candle, you need to start with superior ingredients. Natures Garden Candle Supply houses several different candle waxes, and even better yet, these waxes are available at wholesale prices. Cha-Ching… you just saved a whole lot of money shopping with Natures Garden. We offer the variety of wax supplies that you need including: the famous Joy Wax, paraffin waxes, Pillar of Bliss (named this for a reason), granulated waxes, palm waxes, Golden Food’s Brand Soy Waxes, Penreco’s gel wax, beeswax, and veggie/paraffin blend waxes.


Candle Colorants Candle Colorants

Are you seeking candle colorants that are so bright, so bold, and oh so colorful? Well, look no further, with Natures Garden Candle Colorants you will get such vibrant hues, your neighbors will have to ask you to turn it down! We offer many different varieties of concentrated candle dyes in both block and liquid forms. We also have mica pigments and powdered dyes to make sure we have something for everyone!

Candle Additives

Candle Additive

Okay, sure your candles are amazing; but are you ready to kick it up an extra notch? Natures Garden offers additives for candles too. We have 2 different types of vybar (both 260 and 103), stearic acid (vegetable), UV light protector,  and beeswax. With the addition of these additives you are now capable of improving your scent throw and even preventing the dreaded sun bleaching from UV rays- Hello window candle display!

Candle Molds
Candle Molds

It has long been believed that once you seen one mold you have seen them all, but this is not true with Natures Garden candle molds.  Our candle molds are uniformly top notch.  But that is not even the best part.  Because these candle molds are very adorable and oh so durable, you will get many pours and repours out of them.

Candle Glass

Candle Glassware

Oh, look how cute Natures Garden’s Glassware is.  Our glassware category currently has 2 different sizes and varies in 2 different shapes.  These jars are exactly what you are looking for.  They are fashionable, trendy,  and hot- and not just after you had a lit candle in them!  Don’t you just love them.

Candle Equipment

Candle Making Equipment

Are you currently seeking out quality candle making equipment to make your candle crafting job easier?  Well, Natures Garden has candle making equipment.  It is now okay to get excited!  Our candle making equipment will help you get your job done.  We sell durable pouring pots, awesome rubber plugs for your candle making molds, and we even carry candle thermometers guaranteeing you will hit just the right temp!  Are those tears of joy we see?

warning labels

Candle Warning Labels

Warning Labels, warning labels, where fore out thou warning labels?  Natures Garden has warning labels, and we have them in the thousands or hundreds if that is more up your alley.  These warning labels cover all warnings that pertain to candles while they are lit.  These labels are a must have in your inventory.

Candle Making Kits

Candle Making Kits

These kits are just too cool to not share with everyone you know.  Natures Garden’s Candle Making Kits are perfect to give candle making a try, or maybe even a great gift for that special someone.  Either way you look at it, with these candle making kits you cannot go wrong. Available in Joy wax, Soy wax, and clamshell tarts!